Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind Bali 2

Tra­vel the world with pho­to­gra­pher and blog­ger Olja Ryzevski

In case you ever want to define the word cosmopolite, we make your life easier: only quote Olja Ryzevski’s CV and your counterpart will quickly understand.

The Rus­si­an-Ger­man pho­to­gra­pher and blog­ger was born in Sibe­ria, has spent her child­hood in Cri­mea, befo­re moving to South Ger­ma­ny with her fami­ly. After her degree in Eco­no­mics, she worked in Switz­er­land and Ger­ma­ny – only to deci­de to live out her pas­si­on for pho­to­gra­phy. That’s why she came to Ber­lin, stu­dy­ing a second degree in Pho­to­gra­phy at the Ber­li­ner Tech­ni­sche Kunst­hoch­schu­le (short: BTK) whe­re Olja spe­cia­li­zed in fashion and por­trait pho­to­gra­phy, always try­ing to keep her work as mini­ma­listic, clean and natu­ral as pos­si­ble. Howe­ver, her stu­dies weren’t only gre­at for lear­ning new stuff, but espe­cial­ly for tra­ve­ling the world to par­ti­ci­pa­te work­shops (Viet­nam, New York,…), living in South Korea for an exchan­ge semes­ter and see­ing pla­ces like Thai­land and Indo­ne­sia. Olja, who­se Insta­gram is collec­ting new fol­lo­wers like Daph­ne Guin­ness Cou­ture pie­ces, is now final­ly back in Ger­ma­ny and shares her favo­ri­te tra­vel desti­na­ti­ons with us.


I lived on this beau­ti­ful Island, which is near Afri­ca for six mon­ths and it was such a gre­at fee­ling to be so clo­se to natu­re every day. Tene­ri­fe has so much to offer — beau­ti­ful beaches with black sand, moun­tains, vol­ca­noes and of cour­se sun­ny wea­ther all year round.”

Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind Tenerife 2
Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind Tenerife

South Korea

To live in a coun­try like South Korea has been an ama­zing expe­ri­ence. I real­ly love Seo­ul, it’s a big modern city which is clo­se to the sea and sur­roun­ded by hills. It’s a metro­po­lis with magni­ficent pala­ces, modern archi­tec­tu­re and sky­s­cra­pers, busy streets, green roof­tops, very cozy and modern cafes, plastic sur­ge­ry cli­nics and hel­pful, generous and very friend­ly people.”

Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind South Korea 2
Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind South Korea 1


I spent only two weeks in Bali during my time in Asia, but I defi­ni­te­ly will come back some day. I was ama­zed by the colour of the oce­an! I could have spent hours just sit­ting the­re watching the waves.”

Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind Bali 2
Blog 1605 Olja Ryzevski Frame Of Mind Bali 1

Java Island

The most extra­or­di­na­ry trip was the trip to Java Island. With a popu­la­ti­on of over 141 mil­li­on, Java is the most popu­lous island in the world and home to some of the most breath-taking loca­ti­ons my eyes had ever seen. During my trip through this beau­ti­ful Indo­ne­si­an island, I saw acti­ve vol­ca­noes in mid-erup­ti­on, an ama­zing water­fall and the world’s lar­gest acid lake which is loca­ted insi­de the Ijen Crater.”

Pho­tos by Olja Ryzevski

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