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Top ten rea­sons why you should visit Cuba

Cuba, the revolutionary country that given its historical past and current political situation still remains to be one of the most inspiring and breath taking countries in the Caribbean, let alone the rest of world.

We recent­ly had the chan­ce to visit this island that we can only descri­be as asto­nis­hing, we tal­ked to the nati­ves who are of all races, dan­ced the sal­sa and indul­ged in not­hing but the best. We’­ve gathe­red the only ten rea­sons you’ll need to con­vin­ce you to book tho­se flights and see it all for yourself.

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Genui­ne smi­les and good con­ver­sa­ti­on, the peop­le.
Pro­bab­ly the most important rea­son to visit Cuba are the peop­le. The nati­ves may live a very very poor life and only make around the equi­va­lent to 20 € a mon­th howe­ver that will never be a rea­son to stop smi­ling. They’­ve learnt to live hap­pi­ly with what they have, knowing that they will pro­bab­ly never see anything else bes­i­des the island of Cuba, as pass­ports and flights are out of bud­get and tra­ve­ling will only be seen on tele­vi­si­on. It’s a very sad thought that in com­pa­ri­son to us the­se peop­le who have so litt­le can mana­ge to stay so proud and so hap­py with what they have in front of them.

Don’t be sur­pri­sed when the citi­zens approach you on the street, it’s not a hass­le it’s them sim­ply showing and inte­rest and wan­ting to know more about your cul­tu­re, while they share theirs. When in Hava­na, we were lucky to meet nati­ves at Hava­nas famous Malecón, they show­ed us the real Hava­na, took us to their homes and shared how they live which many tou­rists will never see. It was rough, beau­ti­ful and eye ope­ning, we sug­gest to always stay friend­ly and let them tell you how it real­ly is.

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Green in the distance…
This coun­try holds a lush and cap­ti­vat­ing natu­ral envi­ron­ment, it’s ter­restri­al and under­wa­ter land­s­capes make the ide­al com­bi­na­ti­ons of beau­ty, varia­ti­on and qua­li­ty. Making eco-tou­rism and diving ever so popu­lar. Be pre­pa­red to be asto­un­ded as you dri­ve through the lush countryside.

Carib­be­an beaches
Being the lar­gest island in the Carib­be­an, it’s desti­ned you’ll see tho­se tur­quoi­se beaches you’­ve seen on desk­tops, the only hard part is fin­ding which one. The coun­try has an array of over 300 meters of desti­na­ti­ons to ful­fill your sal­ty sea water needs. Vara­de­ro, is a popu­lar choice loca­ted only 2.5 hours east of Hava­na, best known for it’s white sand and acti­ve sea life. For tho­se of you loo­king to avoid many tou­rists other desti­na­ti­ons inclu­de Cayos Cocos, Sant­ia­go de Cuba, Pinar del Rio and La Boca to name a few…

Take a tra­vel through time
Upon arri­val in Hava­na we were picked up in a baby blue and yel­low 1950’s Che­vro­lee, ever­ything still inta­ct resemb­ling some­thing out of an old film. Cub­ans held on to tho­se Ame­ri­can cars in the pre-revo­lu­ti­on era, many are used for city tours, show cars and just good ol’ taxis. It’s not only a thing of Hava­na though, you will see the beau­ti­ful cars all throughout the country.

South- East of Hava­na is the colo­ni­al city of Tri­ni­dad in the pro­vin­ce of Sanc­ti Spi­ri­tus, a color­ful small old town whe­re cow­boys still exist, you’­re bound to see more hor­ses than cars trek­king through the cob­ble­stone vil­la­ge like city.

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Safe­ty First
If the­re is one posi­ti­ve thing that com­mu­nism brought Cuba it is the lack of the con­cept of crime. Even in the major cities, the thoughts of pick pocke­ting is very unhe­ard of. Peop­le live a very care­ful life and tend to be honest, you can go swim­ming in the water and fall asleep in the park without having to con­stant­ly hold onto your belon­gings. Dreamy.

Wal­let friend­ly
The­re is one gua­ran­tee and that is you won’t break your bank when visi­t­ing this island, you’ll find that the­re are two cur­ren­ci­es, one for main­ly tou­rists and one for the cub­ans them­sel­ves CUP, and CUC. The exchan­ge rate is fare and if you’­re smart about not fal­ling into tou­rist traps you’­re bound to do just fine.

La Musi­ca
The cul­tu­ral heri­ta­ge of Cuba is enor­mous and varied, and perhaps one could say that the coun­try was born to the sound of music and the rhythm of dance. Music in all its forms, from cham­ber pie­ces to the most con­ta­gious dan­ce­ab­le rhyth­ms or the idio­syn­cra­tic tra­di­tio­nal dance such as the Sal­sa, it’s quint­essen­ti­al to the life and cha­rac­ter of the inha­bi­tants of this har­mo­nious island. When wan­de­ring the streets you’ll see and hear rhythm and dance oozing all around you.

Indul­ge in the best
Whe­ther you are a fan of rum or not, you will be once you come to Cuba. The selec­tions are high and qua­li­ty is top notch. Ever­y­whe­re you go you’ll find Moji­tos and fresh Piña Cola­das ran­ging from 1 – 5 € now tha­t’s a pri­ce not to be beat. Bot­t­les of rum are found in every local super­mar­ket ran­ging from 2- 12 € depen­ding on size and brand such as Sant­ia­go Rum and Hava­na Club which also makes for the per­fect gift.

Cigars or Cohi­bas in espa­ñol. The nati­ves say them­sel­ves you haven’t tru­ly visi­ted Cuba if you haven’t bought yourself or your friends and fami­ly a box of Cohi­bas, which is one of the coun­tries most popu­lar and exclu­si­ve exports. You’ll get them for almost 70% of the pri­ce we would pay in Euro­pe or The United Sta­tes. So do yourself a favor and tre­at yourself.

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This is a coun­try that is rapidly chan­ging day to day. The com­mu­nist coun­try of Cuba is slow­ly beco­m­ing more of capi­ta­list socie­ty, which many don’t know. It’s only less than two years ago that the embar­go for tra­de with The United Sta­tes was loo­se­ned, brin­ging in a new natio­na­li­ty of tou­rists. Let’s not for­get to men­ti­on the decaying buil­dings that are still stan­ding and most likely will be or deca­des lon­ger. It’s incredi­b­ly inspi­ring to walk the streets that hold such his­to­ri­cal value, the coun­try brea­thes a remem­be­rable past, an ico­nic pre­sent and a bright future.

Tra­vel for thought
With all the said abo­ve, we belie­ve that when you depart from this magi­cal island you will find that the peop­le and the coun­try of Cuba its­elf have tru­ly touched your soul and will lea­ve you with some­thing to hold on to for the rest of your life. Whe­ther you’­ve picked up words of Spa­nish, magi­cal pho­to­gra­phy or sim­ply les­sons on life, we’­re con­vin­ced you’ll be say­ing good­bye with a smi­le and posi­ti­ve thoughts for the future.

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