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Digi­tal tra­vel­ling: dis­co­ver the world without lea­ving your home

It's summertime and we are all day dreaming of holidays and romantic getaways.

Whe­ther your funds are flowing or they are on the down low — we put tog­e­ther our favo­ri­te tra­vel Insta­gram accounts all wan­der­lust fans will love. Take a moment and get away with the­se won­der­ful blog­gers to fara­way desti­na­ti­ons, breath­ta­king land­s­capes and exo­tic foods.

Sam Hori­ne

Our first inspi­ra­tio­nal tra­vel Insta­gram is that of Sam Hori­ne. Hori­ne is known for his adven­tur­ous, raw off beat loca­ti­ons and stun­ning image­ry. This adven­tu­rer does not sit still for when he is not on the road he tea­ches at New York Uni­ver­si­ty as well as con­tri­bu­tes pho­tos to New York maga­zi­ne, Time Out New York, and The Vil­la­ge Voice. A New Yor­ker through and through his Insta­gram account was named the best of the city by the vil­la­ge voice.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout Sam Horine

Expert Vag­abond

Expert Vag­abond or also known as Mat­thew Kars­ten has been tra­vel­ling the world for over 4 years now. What star­ted out as a post break-up get-away to Gua­te­ma­la has tur­ned into a fan­tastic tra­vel blog that is cen­te­red around hitch­hi­king, vag­abon­d­ing and living cheap. Came­ra in hand Kars­ten shows us parts of the world and sides of peop­le we never knew existed.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout2 Matthew Karsten


Gma­teus is the Ins­ta account of Gabrie­la, a girl who tra­vels the world and docu­ments her tra­vels in a uni­que way. Alt­hough it may be argued Gabriela’s sub­ject mat­ter is some­what cli­ché, we think her per­spec­ti­ve and eye for archi­tec­tu­re and sym­me­try is a must see tra­vel blog!

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout3 Gabriela

The Blon­de Abroad

The Blon­de Abroad or Kiers­ten Rich is the clas­sic tale of a per­son who fol­lo­wed life’s rules and found out that thro­wing the rule book out the win­dow is way more fun! She quit her job and set to dis­co­ver the world. Let­ting us dis­co­ver it with her, this Insta­gram is all about tra­ve­ling in style and the dis­co­very of happiness.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout4 Kiersten Rich


Mark Wiens, the foo­die of all foo­dies, star­ted his Insta­gram Migra­ti­o­no­lo­gy in pur­su­it of fol­lowing his pas­si­on. His pas­si­on for food brings him all around the glo­be and in par­ti­cu­lar Asia. We know for a fact that all you fel­low food fana­tics are going to love Mark’s delec­ta­ble feed.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout5 Mark Wiens


Clint Johns­ton, the tri­phackr, is the go-to tra­vel blog if you are on a bud­get. This man will teach you how to save money and still take beau­ti­ful trips. What we like best about Mr. Johns­ton is that he replies to his comments and boosts all you bro­ke tra­velers’ morals with word of encou­ra­ge­ment and unmis­s­able tips’n’tricks.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout Clint Johnston

Micha­el Chris­to­pher Brown

Brown is a pho­to jour­na­list that tra­vels all around the world cap­tu­ring news on assign­ment. During his tra­vels he turns out some ama­zin­gly power­ful pho­tos which we have the plea­su­re to view on both his Insta­gram account and Magnum Pho­tos, the agen­cy he works with. This Insta­gram is a refres­hing pho­to­gra­phi­cal twist on the usu­al” tra­vel blogs.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout Michael Christopher Brown

Dani­el Kordan

Having one of tho­se days when you just want to dream off and float into a fan­ta­sy sta­te. Dani­el Kor­dans Insta­gram is what you are loo­king for. Dani­el takes ama­zing shots of land­s­capes all around the world. Fre­quent­ly adding new images to his feed he keeps us in a con­stant faze of ama­ze­ment, beau­ty and a litt­le envy too.

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout Daniel Kordan

Fos­ter Hunting

The all Ame­ri­can alter­na­ti­ve dream comes to life on Hun­tings Insta­gram. He shows us the kind of feed that makes us want to quit our job and try out the simp­le life. He surfs, he camps, he dri­ves pick up trucks and oh yeah, he is an ama­zing pho­to­gra­pher. Do we need to say more?

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout Foster Huntington 1

Girl Eat World

Girl Eat World is a cute and fun Insta­gram account that takes us all over the glo­be on a foo­die jour­ney. This girl isn’t the first to start a food-jour­nal-like blog but she is one of the few we can think of that crea­tes such a char­ming and visual­ly appe­aling feed. Food in one hand and came­ra in the other Melis­sa Hie takes a pho­to with local deli­caci­es and we can’t wait to see whe­re she turns up next!

Blog 1607 Neubau Top 10 Travel Layout Girleatworld

All pho­tos via Instagram

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