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This eco-vil­la­ge in Pana­ma con­structs houses out of plastic bottles

The Plastic Bottle Village is an innovative idea that might eventually save the Earth from drowning in our over-consumption of plastic. It’s a planned 83-acre community in Panama that, as the name suggests, is going to be entirely built out of discarded plastic bottles.

Loca­ted on Isla Colón in Pana­ma’s Bocas del Toro pro­vin­ce, The Plastic Bot­t­le Vil­la­ge will inclu­de appro­xi­mate­ly 120 homes all of which will be vary­ing sizes and will use plastic bot­t­les as its main insu­la­ti­on. The design pro­cess will begin with buil­ding frames of rebar and steel mesh are then fil­led with used plastic bot­t­les. After various electri­cal and plum­ping lines are inser­ted the plastic walls are cove­r­ed by con­cre­te, both insi­de and out. In the end, the finis­hed homes will look just like con­ven­tio­nal ones, without any plastic expo­sed. The homes also come equip­ped with a sep­tic tank sys­tem, stan­dard win­dows, doors, and an exte­rior sidewalk.

The Plastic Bot­t­le Vil­la­ge was foun­ded by Robert Bezeau, who moved to Bocas from Cana­da 7 years ago to set up several envi­ron­men­tal pro­jects. Having foun­ded a recy­cling pro­gram in 2012, he star­ted to think of how they could be put to use. Soon enough, he deci­ded to use them to build houses, and came up with a basic idea for the con­struc­tion process.

Accord­ing to the pro­jec­t’s web­site, more than 10,000 plastic bot­t­les were used in the first buil­ding, which was con­struc­ted last year and the next home which is alrea­dy under con­struc­tion will use even more. The site con­ti­nues to say that on average we con­su­me up to 15 or more plastic bot­t­les per mon­th and will go through some 14,000+ bot­t­les in their life­time — and by buil­ding a two-sto­ry plastic bot­t­le house, that same amount of bot­t­les could be remo­ved from the envi­ron­ment and put into ser­vice as insu­la­ti­on, effec­tively neu­tra­li­zing that plastic foot­print. Obvious­ly, not using tho­se tens of thousands of plastic bot­t­les in the first place would be a much bet­ter choice, but con­si­de­ring how plastic bot­t­les are still high­ly con­su­med, using some of them in this way might be a decent solu­ti­on, espe­cial­ly in are­as without ade­qua­te faci­li­ties or with high remo­val cos­ts and addi­tio­nal recy­cling challenges.

Find out more about the pro­ject visit their web­site Plastic Bot­t­le Vil­la­ge.

13 Juni 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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