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Inspired by the element of water and driven by the necessary changes in dealing with the environment, we are not afraid to shake up calm lakes and break through the surface.

To achie­ve our sus­taina­bi­li­ty goals, we take every mea­su­re pos­si­ble to redu­ce the envi­ron­men­tal impact of our pro­duc­tion prac­ti­ces. This means using ener­gy from clean sources only, fil­te­ring air pol­lut­ants and con­ser­ving water. Every effort that is made to mini­mi­ze was­te, con­ser­ve ener­gy and safe­guard water sup­plies hel­ps us to live up to our green objec­ti­ves. We take over social and eco­lo­gi­cal respon­si­bi­li­ty: it impro­ves how we live tog­e­ther today and will lea­ve the next genera­ti­on a more liv­a­ble place. At NEU­BAU EYE­WE­AR, we don’t just talk the talk, but actual­ly walk the walk when it comes to sus­tainab­le production.


We are gra­te­ful to ever­yo­ne from the NEU­BAU fami­ly for their com­mit­ment, their ener­gy and their crea­ti­vi­ty. Tog­e­ther we advan­ce our tech­ni­cal inno­va­tions, manu­fac­tu­ring pro­ces­ses and pro­ce­du­res — be it by clo­sing the loop in our 3D prin­ting pro­cess or the pro­duc­tion of glas­ses clea­ning cloths from recy­cled PET bot­t­les. In order to achie­ve our envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion goals, we exhaust every pos­si­bi­li­ty to mini­mi­ze the amount of was­te and to save ener­gy and water.

We are a brand that manu­fac­tures its glas­ses in the heart of Euro­pe. This gives us full con­trol over our manu­fac­tu­ring pro­ces­ses and can rest assu­red that they have a mini­mal impact on the envi­ron­ment. Aus­tria’s envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion laws are among the stric­test in the world, so the­re is hard­ly a bet­ter place to imple­ment our sus­tainab­le pro­duc­tion processes.

And so we flow and so we rise. To rea­li­ze: even the smal­lest act can beco­me a wave that chan­ges the way we see the earth.

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Our Linz head­quar­ters is loca­ted wit­hin a natio­nal water con­ser­va­ti­on area. Every day, the was­te­wa­ter from our pro­duc­tion is care­ful­ly ana­ly­zed. The pH value, tem­pe­ra­tu­re and volu­me of was­te­wa­ter out­put are all con­ti­nu­al­ly monitored.


The 10 – 20% of our was­te­wa­ter that exceeds Aus­tri­an legal pol­lu­ti­on limits is trea­ted in-house to fil­ter out pol­lut­ants and make it safe for water treatment.

104,000 LITERS

… of water are repro­ces­sed each day insi­de the water con­ser­va­ti­on area whe­re we are located.


… have been recy­cled into NEU­BAU EYE­WE­AR clea­ning cloths sin­ce 2017. The 12 grams of plastic deri­ved from a sin­gle half-liter bot­t­le is enough to make two cloths.


Sus­tainab­le pro­duc­tion starts with emis­si­on-free, sus­tainab­le and ful­ly rene­wa­ble electri­ci­ty. Our pro­duc­tion faci­li­ty in Aus­tria draws electri­ci­ty from 100% rene­wa­ble sources such as sun, wind, water, bio­mass and biogas.

Dive in deep and unknown waters — the new move­ment is on its way. Unstopp­a­ble and power­ful as the sea.

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