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Fire is arguably the strongest and at the same time the most destructive element - it is capable of generating vast amounts of energy, deforming the hardest metals, making food edible and enabling us to live even in the coldest regions. For NEUBAU EYEWEAR, it is a valuable resource on the way to sustainable manufacturing that enables us to process premium materials. The sun fuels our factory and its green plant dress, which makes urban gardening on our properties possible, and fire forms steel and titanium for our frames. For us, the element is a resource to reach the premium in design, sustainability and responsibility.

We are burning for a mission. And while others fear the flames, we stand the heat.

True sustainability needs transparency. This is why we clearly measure, monitor and report on the impacts of our processes and products and hold ourselves to account every step of the way. It’s important that we do more than just talk about good intentions. We make sure that we use our hands, our hearts and our minds to apply these noble objectives to everything we do, whether it’s the way we power our machinery, source our raw materials or package our products. We say it’s time for premium fashion which does not harm the planet and uses its natural resources - fire, earth, wind and water. Because it is possible to create luxurious products without using more than the planet can restore, while treating nature and people with respect. Our self-set goals? Local production, 100% renewable energy and zero emissions!

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We installed state-of-the-art solar panel “Smartflowers” on our company campus in Linz. Smartflowers are an Austrian-made solar panel system that produces up to 40% more energy than conventional solar panels. The Smartflowers feature a unique, smart design which makes them self-maintaining. Just like a real flower, they fold themselves up each evening at sunset. This initiates a self-cleaning process to ensure optimal power generation the next day.


Our focus is on protecting the planet at every stage of our production process, whether it’s using alternative energy to power our production plants, filtering pollutants out of the exhaust air we produce, or carefully managing our resources to avoid waste and recycle materials wherever possible. The exhaust gas purification at our headquarters far exceeds the legal requirements for emissions reduction, resulting in nearly zero emissions!

The processes involved in the extraction of castor oil, which are the main ingredient to our naturalPX and natural3D glasses, do not demand high levels of energy, which means carbon dioxide emissions are very low. Our customers can therefore purchase our eyewear safely in the knowledge that we are doing everything possible to minimize our company’s carbon footprint.


Just like our eyewear, the buildings on our company campus in Linz are designed to combine striking aesthetics with eco-friendly technologies. Powered by renewable energy, and designed to optimize natural climate control and daylight, they offer our employees one of the greenest working environments in Austria.

And where others just see ashes, we see a new beginning. Cause we just have to change our perspective. To change the world.


For NEUBAU EYEWEAR, the year 2021 is all about “Changing the Perspective”. The clear attitude and mission of bringing together excellent design with sustainable and technological innovation have made the brand a trailblazer. With a focus on respect for nature and its resources, this year's collections have been inspired by the four elements, utilizing the paradox of nature’s resilience and fragility to create expressive eyewear styles for 2021.

Our collection based on the element of fire features high-quality eyewear using sustainable materials, including titanium and stainless steel. Stainless steel is used mainly in the food industry and for medical purposes due to its durability, surface finish and corrosion resistance. It is an environmentally friendly option in the choice of materials, as it can be recycled infinitely without loss of quality. 65% of the stainless steel we use in our products is recycled.

Find out more about our FIRE collection here.

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