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Sus­tainab­le Coo­king with the Coo­ke­ry School London

Ear­lier this mon­th, we had invi­ted various media edi­tors to come tog­e­ther for sus­tainab­le lear­ning in the kit­chen with the Coo­ke­ry School in Lon­don! The Coo­ke­ry School is well renow­ned for their endea­vor to demys­ti­fy coo­king through a focus on edu­ca­ti­on and sus­taina­bi­li­ty. A com­mon bar­ri­er pre­ven­ting peop­le from coo­king more thought­ful­ly is com­pli­ca­ted jar­gon, and that is what the Coo­ke­ry School would like us to re-learn! Using pri­ma­ry orga­nic, high qua­li­ty and sus­tainab­le pro­ducts is easier than we thought — and the result? A deli­cious Aus­tri­an clas­sic: pota­to dum­plings and a sand tor­te for desert! 

Sin­ce we’re all cur­r­ent­ly working from home and stay­ing iso­la­ted, we sud­den­ly find we have a lot more time to focus on our ingre­dients, coo­king methods and real­ly nou­ris­hing our­sel­ves in a slow, who­le­so­me man­ner that has the side effect of being kin­der to our pla­net. To help your crea­ti­ve juices flow in the kit­chen, the Coo­ke­ry School was kind enough to share their reci­pe, which means you have no excu­se not to try this abso­lu­te favou­rite dish of ours! 

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Fol­low the reci­pe clo­se­ly and we trust that you’ll have a warm bowl of pota­to dum­plings to keep you com­pa­ny through the­se days at home. 


4 lar­ge potatoes

14 cup butter 

1.5 cups (210g) flour 

salt to tas­te (12 teas­poon salt)

1 egg

12 cup fine bre­ad­crumbs cris­ped in 1 tablespoon­ful of butter 


  1. Boil the pota­toes, peel and rice them.
  2. When coo­ked, add flour to them as well as the egg that has been beaten
  3. Using your hands, light­ly work the mix­tu­re into a dough. If the mix­tu­re is too sti­cky, add a litt­le more flour
  4. Shape the dough into balls, a litt­le smal­ler than golf balls. Again, be gent­le when doing this and keep them light rather than com­pres­sing the ball.
  5. Drop the balls into a lar­ge sau­ce­pan of boi­ling, sal­ter water and boil them for 15 minu­tes. If the boi­ling is very fier­ce, you may want to turn the heat down a little.
  6. Skim the dum­plings from the water
  7. Using two forks, split them in two and arran­ge on a hot platter.
  8. Whilst the dum­plings are boi­ling pre­pa­re the bre­ad­crumbs by brow­ning them in but­ter until they are crisp.
  9. Then make a sau­ce by mel­ting and brow­ning the but­ter. Salt is necessary.
  10. Pour the brow­ned but­ter sau­ce over the split dum­plings and scat­ter over a small amount of crisp breadcrumbs.

1 lar­ge pot yoghurt (about 400g) — fat free if desired 

6 spring oni­ons­Lar­ge hand­ful fresh parsley

Lar­ge hand­ful fresh mint

2 cloves gar­lic­salt and pep­per to taste

A hand­ful of water­cress can be added if desired 

Gra­ted rind of 12 lemon if desired

For a richer dres­sing add 14 cup oli­ve and blend with the herbs 


  1. In a food pro­ces­sor, chop all the herbs and gar­lic tog­e­ther until well blended
  2. Add a few tablespoons of yoghurt to the chop­ped herbs and blend so that a smooth puree is obtained
  3. Mix this puree into the remai­ning yoghurt and tas­te for sea­so­ning. I pre­fer not to blend all the yoghurt as I find that the dres­sing can beco­me rather thin. By mixing into sme of the more solid yoghurt, the dres­sing has bet­ter texture.
  4. Ser­ve over hot pota­toes as a salad dres­sing or ser­ve along­side salad or poa­ched poul­try or fish.

1 34 cups (395g) butter

1 34 cups (340g) sugar

9 eggs separated

1 34 cups (245g) flour

1 34 cups (245g) cornflour

2 teas­poons baking powder

Juice and gra­ted rind of 12 lemon 

2 tablespoons rum or brandy 


  1. Cream the but­ter until very light
  2. Add the sugar and con­ti­nue to cream well.
  3. Then add the egg yolks one at a time and mix them in very well.
  4. Add the lemon juice and rind as well as the bran­dy or rum into the mixture
  5. Sift tog­e­ther the flour, corn­flour and baking powder
  6. Fold the flour mix­tu­re into the crea­med egg and but­ter mix­tu­re. Be care­ful not to over mix or the cake will beco­me very heavy.
  7. Beat the egg white until stiff and fold tho­se into the cake mixture.
  8. Pour into a 9” cake tin or a 10” tube pan and bake in an oven 175C for 45 minu­tes to an hour. 
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