Still in Berlin’s Top 5 Picks for Restau­rants with Local­ly Sourced Ingredients

You can’t men­ti­on foo­die adven­tures in Ber­lin without men­tio­ning Mary Scher­pe, best known (and loved) by her Insta­gram hand­le @stillinberlin. From far­mer’s mar­kets and fala­fels to vegan tre­ats and Viet­na­me­se food, Still in Ber­lin is still one of the best resour­ces for all gourmands. 

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When she’s not on the hunt for the best bites in Ber­lin and bey­ond, Mary is also the co-foun­der of the Femi­nist Food Club, which admi­ra­b­ly seeks to sup­port equa­li­ty in the food world with the hopes of achie­ving a more inclu­si­ve, diver­se and sus­tainab­le indus­try for all. 

Sharing our visi­on for a gree­ner future whe­re sus­taina­bi­li­ty is second natu­re, Mary has exclu­si­ve­ly shared her top 5 picks for restau­rants with local­ly sourced ingre­dients.

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