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Tas­te­ful in every way: a talk with the minds behind orga­nic drink pona

What we put into our bodies is at least as important as what we put onto our bodies. The last years have seen superfoods, veganism, and a healthy and balanced diet rapidly gain popularity – and not without reason.

A hap­py mind and body liter­al­ly make for a hap­py life, as food direct­ly affects how we feel and how our body ope­ra­tes. A brand that has more than unders­tood this approach is Pona, dis­tri­bu­ting healt­hy and orga­nic drinks made in Aus­tria. Named after Pomo­na, the God­dess of Fruit herself, and avid sup­por­ters of the Kin­der­hilfs­werk in Aus­tria Pona’s phi­lo­so­phy could­n’t be more fit­ting – for a thought­ful life­style as well as the neu­bau eye­we­ar uni­ver­se. So, without fur­ther ado, why not let Anna, one of the foun­ders of Pona, herself talk us through Pona’s impres­si­ve work – and get a glim­pse of how the drink is sourced and made.

Why does the world need Pona? How did you come up with the idea?
The world needs Pona becau­se we want to show and offer what real and genui­ne tas­te is without aro­mas, added sugar, addi­ti­ves etc. Pona offers genui­ne tas­te from pure and ripe fruits without any addi­ti­ves or added sugar.

We have been to San Fran­cis­co on a fact-fin­ding mis­si­on and dis­co­ve­r­ed a simi­lar pro­duct in an orga­nic deli. Sin­ce the pro­du­cers of this drink had no inte­rest in expor­ting to Aus­tria, we deci­ded to pro­du­ce the pro­duct ourself – and the­re­fo­re even better.

What makes Aus­tria the per­fect place to pro­du­ce Pona?
Well, we live here. Apart from that, we are qui­te lucky and the qua­li­ty of water espe­cial­ly the one we use for Pona, which is a moun­tain spring water from Carin­thia whe­re Pona is bot­t­led, is very high. Addi­tio­nal­ly, we are clo­se to Ita­ly from whe­re we get our fresh juices in the hig­hest and best qua­li­ty. Our pro­du­cer is a small fami­ly busi­ness spe­cia­li­zed in bott­ling fruit juices. All in all, ever­ything came tog­e­ther qui­te well, so for us the­re is no rea­son not to pro­du­ce here.

What fasci­na­tes you about your work?
I like the fact, that it is so divers. On the one hand you deal with fresh pro­ducts, far­mers and enjoy a very much down to earth envi­ron­ment in which natu­re its­elf is the big­gest fac­tor and can­not be con­trol­led. On the other hand, you deal with dis­tri­bu­tors, small café owners and super­mar­kets, pro­duc­tion sca­les, pri­cing and mar­ke­ting. So, you are facing a lot of dif­fe­rent needs and deman­ds that have to go tog­e­ther somehow. But what fasci­na­tes me repeated­ly is how good Pona tas­tes – alt­hough it tas­tes dif­fe­rent every year depen­ding on the cli­ma­te. It’s the same as wine, you have good years and bet­ter ones. And even though our tas­te buds are so cor­rup­ted by the amounts of hid­den sugar, salt and arti­fi­cial fla­vors, we get so much feed­back on how good Pona tastes.

What would god­dess Pomo­na say about your drinks?
I think she would be sin­ce­rely proud. Becau­se in the end we show that if you use fruits from a regi­on whe­re they grow natu­ral­ly the best due to cli­ma­te and soil and add far­mers who give them the time and the right tre­at­ment (or basi­cal­ly no non-natu­ral tre­at­ment), you don’t need arti­fi­cial tas­te or added sugar. Not­hing men inven­ted or pro­du­ced has excee­ded what natu­re has been com­ing up with, ever. No sug­a­red or fla­vo­r­ed drink tas­tes as good as fresh juice from ripe fruits and it never will.

Living sus­tainab­le, healt­hy, and orga­nic might seem like an impos­si­ble effort to many peop­le – what are your tips and tricks for begin­ners?
I think we must get rid of the assump­ti­on to do ever­ything at once and per­fect. If just one decisi­on of your day is done in favor of an orga­nic, sus­tainab­le and healt­hy life­style, it has been a good decisi­on. We don’t need to be dog­ma­tic about the­se things and more import­ant­ly we should­n’t be. Ever­yo­ne should try and see how they can fit a sus­tainab­le and orga­nic life­style in his/​her life without making it dif­fi­cult. It shouldn’t be dif­fi­cult. It should be easy. You are doing it for yourself. Your health, your envi­ron­ment, your ethics, and your satis­fac­tion. Every small step towards an orga­nic and sus­tainab­le life­style is the right direction.

What’s next?
A lot! Pona has just been the begin­ning. We are alrea­dy plan­ning fur­ther pro­ducts, all of them fol­lowing one major princip­le: genui­ne food and drinks with real tas­te from real peop­le. Working with what natu­re gives you and try­ing not to make it worse, sin­ce most of the time it’s the best you can get. Working with real people/​far­mers who know their pro­ducts and pro­du­ce them up to the best stan­dards hand in hand with natu­re rather than against it.

Blog 1803 Pona Drink Neubau Eyewear
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