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Pho­to­gra­pher Peter Gio­da­ni explo­res Moscow in a way that you’­ve never seen before

The Victory Day is one of the biggest holidays in Russia. A surreal parallel universe full of parades, flowers and veterans. Slovenian photographer Peter Giodani explored this special surrounding to give us a unique glimpse of what was happening in Moscow.

The 33-year-old stu­di­ed socio­lo­gy to under­stand the world that he cap­tures in his pho­to­graphs. His field of inte­rest is wide: fashion meets art meets archi­tec­tu­re. A mix that his cli­ents like ELLE che­rish. In all fiel­ds of pho­to­gra­phy I try to fol­low a clean and mini­ma­listic approach. Sear­ching for a moment of calm­ness in hyped or boring moments”, tells Peter about his approach to work — a stra­te­gy that can also be seen in his latest docu­men­ta­ry pro­ject. Peter Gio­da­ni exp­lains his thoughts, his life in Slo­ve­nia and shows us some of his favo­ri­te pictures.

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Moscow Vic­to­ry day is a con­ti­nua­tion of pho­to seri­es with a broad defi­ni­ti­on of urban land­s­capes. In search for moments of com­po­si­ti­on, star­ring eit­her ever­y­day habi­tat in all its weird shapes and sizes, to extra­va­gant pie­ces of archi­tec­tu­re por­tray­ed in their shar­pest moods. Search for a clean moment, with help or against the will of the moti­ve. Peop­le are also a sub­ject but most of the time employ­ed as an object in space.”

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Moscow was dif­fe­rent. It was visi­ted in a fes­ti­ve peri­od from 1st and 9th of May – from Labour Day to Vic­to­ry Day. Peop­le clea­ning streets in pre­pa­ra­ti­on, repain­ting fen­ces, hel­lo-kit­ty teen­agers stop­ping on a street to shake hands and give flowers to a WW2 vete­ran. Street/​loud spea­kers in parks, metro sta­ti­ons, parks play­ing orches­tral music, red flags fil­ling the ave­nues. Abso­lu­tis­tic archi­tec­tu­re of soviet past forming a mes­me­ri­zing back­ground for the display.”

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I am a paci­fist from birth. Was brought up to love the world and stu­di­ed socio­lo­gy to com­pre­hend it.”

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I am cur­r­ent­ly based in Slo­ve­nia – a place which offers a sere­ni­ty of Euro­pe’s perife­ry and is at the same time clo­se enough to keep cen­ters of pro­gres­si­on and crea­ti­vi­ty on visi­ble part of hori­zon. It’s a small place, whe­re you can know ever­y­bo­dy on the sce­ne by name and it is not so com­pli­ca­ted to get clo­se to ama­zing indi­vi­du­als, share thoughts, expe­ri­en­ces, to col­la­bo­ra­te and crea­te. You just have to pre­dict the moment, when the small sca­le of com­mu­ni­ty and mar­ket starts to nega­tively reflect on your pro­gress. Then you get out from the comfy chair and go to Ber­lin for a coffee.”

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