Get to know visu­al thin­ker Jeis­son Martin

From Adidas, Beats by Dre, Nike and Reebok to Universal, photographer and graphic designer Jeisson Martin’s client list reads like the ultimate rapt sheet for any content creator.

The Ber­lin based crea­ti­ve has craf­ted a name for hims­elf amongst some of the big­gest brands in the world, suc­cess­ful­ly mar­ke­ting his crisp and clean images into a via­ble free­lan­ce busi­ness. As newest Artist of the Mon­th, Jeis­son was han­ded crea­ti­ve con­trol of neu­bau eyewear’s frames and pro­du­ced some incredi­ble images. We sat down to get to know the geni­us behind the lens and under­stand how he came to create.

How do you crea­te? Wha­t’s your pro­cess?
I would love to tell you that I have a rule I fol­low to get crea­ti­ve,” but it’s real­ly not like that; it’s more like I have ide­as in my head, whe­ther it is gra­phic design or pho­to­gra­phy, and then it’s just a mat­ter of let­ting them out.

In school we’­re given a limi­ted view into care­ers, at what point did you rea­li­ze con­tent creator” was the per­fect job for you?
In my school it actual­ly never was like that, both my tea­chers and my par­ents saw that I had a huge pas­si­on for expres­sing some­thing crea­tively. As of now, I am in a place that is per­fect for me, but I don’t mind chan­ge, I think if you chan­ge your field from time to time it only lets you grow!

How old were you when you first began shoo­ting?
I remem­ber back when I was around 15 years old in my home­town of Frei­burg, we were ska­ting and I shot my friends on my par­ents’ VHS. But it took me six years to actual­ly pick up a came­ra again as a tool for my work.

How did you deci­de which friends you wan­ted to shoot for this seri­es?
I always have some peop­le in mind that I want to work with becau­se they inspi­re me, I find them inte­res­ting or I think they would sim­ply fit well for the pro­ject. For the neu­bau eye­we­ar seri­es I picked them becau­se I think their look fits well for the images I was aiming to shoot.

Does your crea­ti­ve pro­cess dif­fer when working with friends?
If I am shoo­ting with peop­le I have never met befo­re I like to have a chat befo­re we begin to get on a cer­tain level of empathy.

How do you begin your day?
With a strong cof­fee and some Rol­ling Stones.

What has been the har­dest aspect of beco­m­ing a con­tent creator?
I just star­ted to beco­me a free­lan­cer, and in the begin­ning it was hard to accept that it is nor­mal to not have jobs regu­lar­ly, but to keep crea­ting anyways.

What does your ide­al Sunday invol­ve?
It has beco­me a sort of a tra­di­ti­on late­ly that some friends and I meet up and go boul­de­ring at Son­nen­al­lee for 2 – 3 hours, then eat some­thing and go for a small walk to Lai­ka whe­re we watch Tat­ort. That has beco­me a pret­ty per­fect Sunday for me!

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If you had 12 hours to show someo­ne your city whe­re would you take them?
I would bring them to my favo­ri­te pla­ces: Kör­ner­park, Admi­rals­brü­cke (whe­re we would have the best Piz­za), Son­nen­al­lee for gre­at Kufta and Bakla­va, lovely Rix­dorf, and of cour­se to my favo­ri­te Pub Spe­lun­ke, whe­re we would play pool and Darts for free.

Who’s your glas­ses wea­ring icon?
That has to be Andy Warhol!

Wha­t’s the next big thing you’­re working on?
I am foun­ding a collec­ti­ve with four friends. We alrea­dy found a gre­at loft space and hope to put a stu­dio in the­re. The orga­niz­a­ti­on and the reno­va­ti­on will be a lot of work for us though.

Models: Mari­am, Richard, Maya, Simon

30 Okt. 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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