Docu­men­ting and deli­ba­re­ting rea­li­ty with pho­to­gra­pher Bru­na Kazinoti

There seems to be a shift in image-making right now. After years of digital manipulation photographers started drifting away from the artificial and focusing on the reality happening in front of their cameras again. One of those visionary back thinkers is Bruna Kazinoti, a true photographer by heart and moment capturer by head.

Becau­se for Bru­na, free­zing moments into rect­an­gu­lar pic­tures is a no brai­ner. I got my first came­ra, a Zenit, from my grand­mo­ther when I was 14”, she exp­lains, I just put in film and star­ted to shoot things that I feel and see. I did­n’t real­ly think about it that much.”

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This kind of open min­ded approach pro­ved to beco­me a man­tra for the crea­ti­ve head throughout her who­le care­er. From her pic­tures­que child­hood in Croa­tia and her Pho­to­gra­phy stu­dies at The Roy­al Aca­de­my of Fine Arts in Ant­werp to the shoo­ting of neu­bau­’s Spring / Sum­mer 2017 Loo­k­book at various tro­pi­cal loca­ti­ons in Ber­lin, Bru­na always seems to cover her images with a lay­er of sen­si­bi­li­ty and warm glow.

My pic­tures seem so real becau­se I just shoot real sto­ries, real peop­le”, she says, I try and make the peop­le in front of my came­ra feel as com­for­ta­ble as pos­si­ble and let them be their true sel­ves. Alt­hough I often do have a visi­on of the sto­ry I want to shoot in my head, it’s gre­at to also obser­ve and be spon­ta­ne­ous from time to time.” With that said, one might think Bru­n­a’s aes­the­tic alrea­dy kind of exp­lains its­elf. Well, the­re’s more to this visu­al sto­ry than just this side of her visi­on. Rather, Bru­na Kazi­no­ti also loo­ks to sub­cul­tures and under­ground move­ments as influ­en­ces, mixing them with the high-end feel of her pho­tos. An inte­rest lin­king back to her stu­dies in Ant­werp, whe­re she was expo­sed to a varie­ty of crea­ti­ve fiel­ds. The city com­ple­te­ly chan­ged my view on things, cul­tures, art, music… Even today a lot of my work is still focu­sed on sub­cul­tures, I feel they bring ener­gy and a sen­se of sexi­ness. I still get the most inspi­red when I see shaved heads.” Or glas­ses, our Spring / Sum­mer Loo­k­book seems to prove.

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10 Apr. 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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