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We tea­med up with the Aus­tri­an artist Peter Olschin­sky to crea­te a limi­ted collection

We teamed up with the Austrian artist Peter Olschinsky to create a strongly limited range of sunglasses. For the launch we talked to him about his work.

He desi­gned a gra­phic image of the Vien­nese district Neu­bau, that is home to many crea­ti­ves and the inspi­ra­ti­on behind neu­bau eye­we­ar — the limi­ted collec­tion is from now on avail­ab­le. For the launch of the collec­tion we tal­ked to the Gra­phic Desi­gner Olschin­sky about his work!

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Peter, how do you start your mornings? 

It´s basi­cal­ly the same rou­ti­ne ever­y­day: get up, walk the dog, have bre­ak­fast, go to work. On wee­kends I try to run befo­re breakfast.

Tell us a litt­le bit about yourself. How is your ever­y­day work struc­tu­red and how did ever­ything start?

I star­ted as an illus­tra­tor around 20 years ago, then I shifted more towards gra­phic design, which is now most of what I do. The struc­tu­re of my ever­y­day work is based on the pro­jects we are working on – but usual­ly it starts with che­cking e‑mails, wri­ting a to-do list, and then get­ting things done. We work hard, and usual­ly don´t have a lunch break, but we try to lea­ve the stu­dio at around 5.

You’re an artist and work in dif­fe­rent fiel­ds such as gra­phic design, illus­tra­ti­on, pho­to­gra­phy and art direc­tion. Is the­re anything you like most and why? 

Each field has its own chal­len­ges, and that´s why I like the varie­ty. Of cour­se I feel most com­for­ta­ble when I am free to play around with illus­tra­ti­on, but my goal is to deli­ver best work in wha­te­ver I do. And I belie­ve it´s very important to lea­ve my com­fort zone once in a while, other­wi­se I wouldn´t be able to deve­lop my work any further.

Your spe­cial­ty is archi­tec­tu­ral illus­tra­ti­on. Is the­re a city you love most par­ti­cu­lar­ly regar­ding architecture?

Well, the­re are a lot of fasci­na­ting cities. I love the struc­tures of metro­po­li­ses like New York, Hong Kong, or Shang­hai for instance – but that doesn´t necessa­ri­ly mean I would like to live the­re. I am inte­res­ted in how struc­tures are gro­wing and deve­lo­ping, and I like the jux­ta­po­si­ti­on of old and new. 

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How do you inspi­re yourself while working in a crea­ti­ve stu­dio and being an artist both at the same time? 

To be honest – I think inspi­ra­ti­on is not what it takes most when it gets to work. The most important thing is that you sit down and work, work, work. This is how you get shit done. Ide­as come all the time, but you need expe­ri­ence to exe­cu­te them. And expe­ri­ence is ear­ned by hours and hours of labor.

Your archi­tec­tu­ral illus­tra­ti­on of the district Neu­bau in Vien­na is prin­ted on our frames Frank and Car­la. Was your work dif­fe­rent in this coope­ra­ti­on than nor­mal­ly and how?

Usual­ly, I´m not asked to repro­du­ce a spe­ci­fic area or citys­hape; my illus­tra­ti­ons nor­mal­ly show sur­re­al cities, so this was some­thing new. Also, regar­ding the pro­duc­tion pro­cess for prin­ting on the frames, the­re were some details I had to take care of, to make sure the illus­tra­ti­on would work well on every frame. But that was gre­at fun, actual­ly.

How do you choo­se the colors for the cities you show in your work and why did you choo­se green for the district Neu­bau?

The colour ran­ge of my illus­tra­ti­ons often deve­lo­ps while I am working on them. The­re is a lot of ran­dom out­co­me during the pro­cess of crea­ti­on. Regar­ding the green for the district Neu­bau: I would pro­bab­ly not have cho­sen this from the begin­ning, but it came as a sug­ges­ti­on from you – and it worked out well, I´m total­ly hap­py with it.

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Do you have idols? 

The­re are many peop­le in this world that have done extra­or­di­na­ry things. What I admi­re most is when they do not only have a cer­tain out­stan­ding talent, but when they fol­low their way obli­vious­ly and with deter­mi­na­ti­on, to achie­ve their goals.

Do you think having idols is pro­duc­ti­ve or dest­ruc­ti­ve and why?

There´s a big dif­fe­rence in eit­her get­ting moti­va­ted by someo­ne, or try­ing to be someo­ne else. First is gre­at, second not. I think we should stop com­pa­ring each other, but rather find out our per­so­nal strengths.

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Which 3 movies should ever­y­bo­dy see? 

Bla­de Run­ner 1 and 2
Metro­po­lis (Fritz Lang, 1927)
Eat, Drink, Man, Woman (Ang Lee, 1994)

Which are your favo­ri­te pla­ces in the district Neu­bau, Vienna? 

The Muse­ums­quar­tier, and all the small shops, restau­rants, cafes and ate­liers around Kir­chen­gas­se, Stift­gas­se, Neu­bau­gas­se.

The limi­ted frames are avail­ab­le online, for Aus­tria only.
Shop Car­la by Olschin­sky here and Frank by Olschin­sky here.

Find out more about Peter Olschin­sky.

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16 Aug. 2018 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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