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At NEUBAU, we are always on the lookout to connect with innovative minds and organizations that want to solve today's and tomorrow's environmental problems with their forward-thinking ideas and inventions. This time, we sought an exchange with the globally active NGO One Earth - One Ocean. We talked about their projects, goals and motivations and how one can support their cause for cleaner oceans.

What exactly does ONE EARTH – ONE OCEAN do?

The non-profit organization One Earth-One Ocean e.V. (oeoo) from Munich and Kiel has been pursuing the goal of freeing waters worldwide from plastic waste and also from pollution caused by oil and chemicals since 2011.

What is your motivation?

It is no longer necessary to emphasize that plastic waste in the waters of the world is one of the most serious environmental problems of our global society, which urgently needs a solution. However, well thought-out and pragmatic approaches to removing plastic waste from the sea, have so far been lacking.

What is your goal?

Our goal is to clean the waters worldwide from plastic waste and things that do not belong in the water. This work also includes education and research. For this reason we developed the multi-stage concept of “Marine Litter Cleanup”.

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How much waste do you collect per year and how does this work?

In 2020, our international amount of garbage collected was over 200 tons. Projects to remove plastic waste from water are currently underway in Europe (Greece, Germany), Cambodia, Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt and the Philippines. Special rubbish collection ships such as the SeeHamster and the SeeKuh are used here. The amount of rubbish, always a mix of plastic and other rubbish, depends on where it is being cleaned. In December 2020, oeoo, together with fishermen and volunteers, cleaned Guanabara Bay in Rio and 40 tons of plastic waste and garbage were collected and then sorted. (see also

What happens to the collected waste?

The collected garbage (plastic and other garbage) is sorted and given to the appropriate disposal or recycling companies.

What can we do on a daily basis to keep our oceans/water/planet clean?

Avoid buying single-use plastic products and switch to products that do not have plastic packaging. In any case, plastic is a valuable material that has to be collected and recycled. It doesn't belong in the environment.

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How can someone support you?

You can support our work with donations or sponsorship.

Wish for the future?

That people understand that life on earth is not possible without clean water and accordingly contribute to cleaning and saving the planet.

What’s your favorite „water location"?

The Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean.

Deep ocean, infinite black or paradise blue?

Paradise blue!

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