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Peop­le of neu­bau: pro­duct mana­ger Domi­nik Füreder

neubau eyewear isn’t your typical anonymous label but a familiar brand with dozens of different faces and real stories to tell.

Sto­ries about the love for high qua­li­ty, strong design, inno­va­ti­on as well as per­so­nal expe­ri­en­ces in Vienna’s Neu­bau district and latest dis­co­ve­ries in their neigh­bor­hood. Frame of Mind wants to intro­du­ce the peop­le that make ever­ything hap­pen. An insi­de view of what’s hap­pe­ning behind the sce­nes. The first one in this seri­es is Domi­nik Füre­der, pro­duct mana­ger, pas­sio­na­te bal­co­ny gar­de­ner and out­door activist.

How do you exp­lain what you’­re doing at neu­bau eye­we­ar?
I am the pro­duct mana­ger of neu­bau eye­we­ar. Tog­e­ther with our desi­gners and the neu­bau team I’m deve­lo­ping the neu­bau eye­we­ar collections.

The ques­ti­on I am asking mys­elf all the time is: Which glas­ses and sun­glas­ses do we need to offer the per­fect collec­tion?” It’s very inter-divi­sio­nal. I’m also working very clo­se with our tech­ni­ci­ans and sales.

I guess it might be inte­res­ting to exp­lain how a new pair of glasses/​sunglasses comes to life. Star­ting with trend rese­arch we defi­ne in which direc­tion the new collec­tion should go. We think about upco­m­ing trends and inspi­ra­ti­on, our tar­get group, mate­ri­als and colors. Based on our input the design depart­ment work on first drafts and pro­to­ty­pes. The­se hand­ma­de or 3D prin­ted pro­to­ty­pes help us to iden­ti­fy the per­fect pro­por­ti­ons to gua­ran­tee ever­y­day wea­ring comfort.

The next steps are the digi­tal con­struc­tion and tool making on the engi­nee­r’s side. At the same time our Aus­tri­an pro­duc­tion team deve­lo­ps our pre-defi­ned new color­ways for our light­weight poly­mer and stain­less steel.

Ano­t­her crea­ti­ve aspect of my work is the deve­lo­p­ment of all pack­a­ging items, like cases and clea­ning cloths. Through the­se pro­ducts we are able to get in touch with the end-con­su­mer, attract their atten­ti­on and com­mu­ni­ca­te the bran­d’s heritage.

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Wha­t’s the first thing you do when com­ing to the office?
Park my bike and brew fresh cof­fee with our French Press.

Self ful­fill­ment at work is incredi­b­ly important – whe­re can we find a part of Domi­nik?
I love sim­pli­ci­ty and that you can defi­ni­te­ly see in our pro­ducts. You can find a part of me in all the styles from neu­bau eyewear.

If you had to wear one frame for the rest of your life – what style would you choo­se and why?
I would pick Sig­mund as my opti­cal style – it’s the per­fect mélan­ge of avant­gar­de and sim­pli­ci­ty. James would be my sun­glas­ses to wear fore­ver – the shape reminds me of my child­hood hero McGyver.

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Wha­t’s your favo­ri­te glas­ses-moment’ in pop cul­tu­re?
I would say it’s the show Sein­feld. In this show you can find a few fun­ny sto­ries based on glas­ses. In one epi­so­de Geor­ge needs a new pair and goes to an opti­ci­an. Alt­hough his friends should help him pick a new frame he ends up with a pair of fema­le glas­ses by accident…

Wha­t’s your most exci­ting sto­ry to tell about Vien­na’s Neu­bau district?
The­re are so many. One of my favo­ri­te sto­ries star­ted with a cof­fee at Espres­so. I was sight­see­ing the who­le day with a friend from the US and we were total­ly exhaus­ted becau­se we visi­ted all the tou­rist spots by bike. We lost track of time and luck­i­ly we left the Neu­bau district later than planned…otherwise I would not have met my girlfriend.

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Wha­t’s your secret place to go after work?
Alt­hough it’s secret I’ll tell you. I would say it’s my bike. Depen­ding on my mood I use it to get to my dif­fe­rent secret spots. My bal­co­ny, the roof top ter­race of my gym and the quiet Danu­be river­si­des are my pre­fer­red pla­ces whenever I need a calm spot. But I also like to be around other peop­le. Then I go to one of my favo­ri­te cof­fee pla­ces in Linz: Ger­be­rei, Café Mei­er, Brot­süch­tig or Salon­schiff Fräu­lein Florentine.

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What do you do to relax?
Gro­ce­ry shop­ping at the far­mers mar­ket, coo­king, sport, tra­vel­ling, rea­ding and watching TV-Shows.

Bes­i­des glas­ses – which acces­so­ry is vital for you?
My bike and scarfs – not only in winter.

One thing from your child­hood you’re still doing:
Asking my father to give me a wake up call when I have to get up extre­me­ly ear­ly. He used to wake up my sib­lings and me for school every day when we still lived at home. Best alarm clock ever.

Wha­t’s next?
We always keep our eyes open for out­stan­ding tech­no­lo­gies and mate­ri­als. We are working on a cou­p­le of new topics like mate­ri­al mixes and thin­ner metal styles. Over­all the cur­rent collec­tion will be exten­ded with more excep­tio­nal models.

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25 Okt. 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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