Get to know ultra vio­let: Pan­to­ne’s color of the year

Each year, Pantone chooses a color that captures the value it hopes to see throughout the year ahead.

This year, Pan­to­ne has cho­sen the deeply mys­te­rious Ultra Vio­let: a begui­ling shade of pur­p­le that has long been the sym­bol of late, gre­at musi­cal pioneers such as Jimi Hen­drix, Prince and David Bowie. For Pan­to­ne, Ultra Vio­let stands for non-con­for­mi­ty, expe­ri­men­ta­ti­on and inspi­ra­ti­on; it is a color that per­fect­ly suits the for­ward-thin­king individual.

Accord­ing to Lau­rie Press­man, the Vice Pre­si­dent of the Pan­to­ne Color Insti­tu­te, The Pan­to­ne Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than what’s tren­ding’ in the world of design; it’s tru­ly a reflec­tion of what’s nee­ded in our world today.”

So, to com­me­mo­ra­te this uni­que choice of color, neu­bau eye­we­ar has deci­ded to release a ran­ge of striking new frames to help you add a hit of ultra vio­let to your ward­ro­be this year. To go along with the­se frames, we’ve also cho­sen some spe­cial pur­p­le pie­ces that will help inspi­re you to think in ultra vio­let this year.

MLF’s Ultra Vio­let Eero Saa­ri­nen Womb chair

Blog 1802 71S8Mudgakl  Sl1500


Blog 1802 Frida 1 3

Deneb Ultra Vio­let Pendant

Blog 1802 Products Pantone P001 Deneb Ult Violet Coy18 2500 2


Blog 1802 Mia 1 1

The exhaust ven­ti­la­tor tower for the Clem Jones Road tun­nel, Wool­loo­n­gab­ba, Brisbane

Blog 1802 5492718437 21C29B832A B

Vin­cent Van Gogh’s Pur­p­le Irises

Blog 1802 Purple Irises Vincent Van Gogh


Blog 1802 Valerie 1
09 Feb. 2018 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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