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Nør­re­bro, Copenhagen

seen by Jazz Brown, journalist & creative director

Jazz Brown is a rest­less soul who foun­ded her own crea­ti­ve con­cept agen­cy in 2009. Having left her home­town of Ham­burg behind to find new chal­len­ges in her adop­ted home of Copen­ha­gen, she now works as a free­lan­ce jour­na­list and crea­ti­ve direc­tor for make-up and fashion sto­ries for inter­na­tio­nal maga­zi­nes. The decisi­on to make Copen­ha­gen her home was down to the trend­set­ting envi­ron­ment, its people’s sen­se for design and the Danish work-life balan­ce which ensu­res a high stan­dard for food, leisu­re time, and more. One neigh­bor­hood espe­cial­ly caught Jazz’s atten­ti­on: Nør­re­bro. Nør­re­bro is one of the most popu­lar districts in Copen­ha­gen. Known for its mul­ti­cul­tu­ral and young inha­bi­tants, it’s home to nume­rous restau­rants, cafés and shops, a varie­ty of stores for all bud­gets from high fashion to second-hand stores, from fan­cy Bur­ger spots to Kebab kiosks. Here, in Nør­re­bro, she starts her busy days with a good cup of cof­fee and a dose of inspi­ra­ti­on from all the inte­res­ting peop­le around her.

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My city’s Neu­bau district is Nør­re­bro becau­se it’s vibrant, young and open-minded.”

The best place to peop­le-watch is Queen Loui­se Bridge, so many peop­le that pass by to get into Nør­re­bro or the city center.

1. Queen Loui­se Bridge | Dron­ning Loui­ses Bro, 1371 Copenhagen

Do you have one beau­ti­ful memo­ry that will fore­ver be asso­cia­ted with your neigh­bor­hood? To be honest, it is abso­lute­ly the food that gets me to go to Nør­re­bro all the time.

Districtguide 0219 Norrebro 2

The restau­rant Sli­ders is a bur­ger n’ fries place. But what’s spe­cial about Sli­ders is the name: Sli­ders stands for minia­tu­re bur­gers and that’s what you get here. The idea behind the small bur­gers is that you should be able to eat them with only one hand. What’s also nice is that sin­ce they are so small, you can eat a varie­ty of dif­fe­rent bur­gers while you sit down and have a cou­p­le of beers with your other free hand. Sin­ce I’ve never seen it avail­ab­le any­whe­re else, I like to order a bur­ger made with duck — it’s some­thing spe­cial isn’t it?

2. Sli­ders | Nør­re­bro­ga­de 1, st, 2200 Copen­ha­gen, @sliderscph

A fun fact about Nør­re­bro: Nør­re­bro even has a year­ly kebab cham­pions­hip, won twice in a row by Kösem at Nør­re­bro­ga­de 186.

3. Kösem | Nør­re­bro­ga­de 186, 2200 Copenhagen

When you take a stroll along the main street of Nør­re­bro the Nør­re­bro­ga­de you cross the Queen Lui­se Bridge whe­re you cer­tain­ly should take a stop to embrace the beau­ti­ful view over the Peb­lin­ge Lake. The Peplin­ge Lake is just one of many lakes in Copen­ha­gen but as soon as it gets warm lots of peop­le gather around the­se lakes and enjoy the wea­ther. When you keep going and pass the bridge you will reach the Cof­fee Shop Zag­gi on Frederiksborggade.

Geo­gra­phi­cal­ly Zag­gi is not 100% con­si­de­red to belong to Nør­re­bro, but it needs to be men­tio­ned becau­se of its out­stan­ding con­cept, and yes, you can thank me later. They ser­ve high-qua­li­ty cof­fee for only 15 Kr, which is 2 €! This is cheap for a good cof­fee, but it’s even che­a­per when you rea­li­ze how expen­si­ve Copen­ha­gen is in general.

4. Peb­lin­ge Lake, 2200 Copenhagen

5. Zag­gi | 43 Fre­de­riks­borg­ga­de, 1371 Copen­ha­gen, @zaggi-coffee

Districtguide 0219 Norrebro 4

How do you spend a Wed­nes­day in Nør­re­bro? Sin­ce I work on my own, all days are kind of the same and no mat­ter what I have to do I will always start by get­ting bre­ak­fast at Grød.

Grød is the Danish word for por­ridge. And at Grød they ser­ve the best por­ridge I ever got to tas­te. The menu chan­ges throughout the year due to the fact that they ser­ve fresh sea­so­nal fruits as top­pings for the warm healt­hy bre­ak­fast mash. The crea­ti­ons on the Grød menu are ver­sa­ti­le and it’s not com­ing as a sur­pri­se that by now you can buy the Grød cook­book, which I high­ly recommend.

6. Grød | Jægers­borg­ga­de 50, kld. tv. 2200 Copen­ha­gen, @groedcph

Districtguide 0219 Norrebro 3

Loca­ted insi­de the very famous Tor­ven­hal­ler­ne you will find Uga­nic. Other than the usu­al juice bars, the con­cept of Uga­nic is its sug­arca­ne-based juices. Husi is the owner of Uga­nic, and ori­gi­nal­ly from Ugan­da. He brought his cul­tu­re-based reci­pes to Copen­ha­gen and all of his juices are very dif­fe­rent from the popu­lar smoot­hies you can buy ever­y­whe­re else. I’m always hap­py if I get to stop by Uga­nic. Husi is very fun­ny and friend­ly and bes­i­des his juices, he also sells fruits and vege­ta­bles that are hard to find else­whe­re like Okra or Gra­vio­la Sours­op, among others.

7. Uga­nic | Fre­de­riks­borg­ga­de 21, 1362 Copen­ha­gen, @uganic_torvehallerne

Whe­re do you find inspi­ra­ti­on? Des­pi­te the Copen­ha­gen tra­di­ti­on of cycling, I still walk through the city ins­tead of taking a bike. That is how I always meet new peop­le or dis­co­ver new shops and loca­ti­ons. Copen­ha­gen is always a litt­le more ahead of ever­ything when it comes to fashion and food.

You should know about… The pri­ces. Copen­ha­gen can get very expen­si­ve if you are not used to Krona.

One of my abso­lu­te favo­ri­te things to do is to go to the movies. Sin­ce I moved to Copen­ha­gen, I’ve been lucky enough to watch more movies in the ori­gi­nal ver­si­on. Den­mark is so small that movies don’t get trans­la­ted into Danish — which is good for me! If you ever want to see a block­bus­ter or an inde­pen­dent film go to Empi­re Bio. It is one of the­se small movie thea­ters that has its own spe­cial style yet still is modern and offers, of cour­se, all kinds of can­dy and popcorn.

8. Empi­re Bio | Guld­bergs­ga­de 29 F, 2200 Copen­ha­gen, @empirebio

The most pho­to­ge­nic place of the city is… Superki­len Park, becau­se it loo­ks sur­re­al when you take a pho­to from the right angle.

9. Superki­len Park | Nør­re­bro­ga­de 210, 2200 Copenhagen

My urban oases are the Bota­ni­cal gar­den and Ban­an­na Park.

10. Bota­ni­cal gar­den, 1353 Copenhagen

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