Nuri­el Mol­cho shows us the coo­lest spots in Vienna

The veritably busiest man in the Austrian capital takes time out of his packed schedule to show us his favorite spots around town.

While the Impe­ri­al City” is a visual­ly char­ming metro­po­lis com­pri­sed of a whop­ping 23 districts, true Vien­na insi­ders — like modern renais­sance man Nuri­el Mol­cho—have nai­led down their abso­lu­te favo­ri­te one. Below, the pho­to­gra­pher slash hat maker slash restau­ran­teur gives us a sneak peek into his crown jewel: district six.

Which beau­ti­ful memo­ry will fore­ver be con­nec­ted to your favo­ri­te district?

The first time I went to Der Nasch­markt in the 6th district I instant­ly felt at home. It’s Vien­na’s lar­gest food mar­ket — the smells from the stands, the loud music from street musi­ci­ans, the color­ful street art… I knew right away that this was whe­re I’d want to open NENI, our first restau­rant. Ever sin­ce that day, I’ve fal­len more in love with the 6th district, and the­se days I spend most of my free time the­re.

How do you spend a Sunday in your favo­ri­te district?

I love taking walks down the Donau­ka­nal, strol­ling past peop­le sit­ting out­side at one of the pop-up restau­rants, or sim­ply chil­ling by the canal. Just befo­re sun­set, the light is per­fect.

Why does your job per­fect­ly match your city?

I have three jobs which all have deep roots in Vien­na: I’m a restau­ran­teur, a pho­to­gra­pher, and a hat­ma­ker. Nasch­markt is cen­tu­ries old, and it was the per­fect place to open an eclec­tic restau­rant. From a pho­to­gra­pher’s point of view, from the old city cob­ble­stone streets to new roof­tops with breath­ta­king views, Vien­na is tru­ly impres­si­ve archi­tec­tu­ral­ly. And many may not know this — this city has a rich tra­di­ti­on in hat­ma­king that has sad­ly dimi­nis­hed over time. Luck­i­ly I stumb­led upon many vin­ta­ge tools and old hat blocks, and was able to start my busi­ness Noma­de Moderne.

Whe­re do you find inspi­ra­ti­on?

Ever­y­whe­re I go! I’m a very visu­al per­son, so I like to take time and seek out the beau­ty in every city. I walk around as much as I can, or I hop on my bike — that way I’m almost always con­nec­ted to the sur­roun­dings from which I draw inspiration. 

You’ll find locals grab­bing a drink at Loos Ame­ri­can Bar, or sip­ping a cof­fee at Altes Rat­haus Cafe.

Wha­t’s the most pho­to­ge­nic part of Vienna?

Also in the 6th district near Nasch­markt on the left Wien­zei­le, you’ll find the Wien­zei­lehäu­ser resi­den­ti­al buil­dings by Otto Wag­ner. They’­re breathtaking.

Whe­re do you go to see the sun rise?

The inner city, befo­re it gets too crow­ded. Then you can ful­ly enjoy the glo­ry of the archi­tec­tu­re by yourself. If you’­re lucky, you might see the Lipiz­za­ner stal­li­ons retur­ning from their morning walk!

Whe­re do you take a date you want to impress? 

Dach­bo­den at 25hours Hotel — it’s the per­fect place. The roof­top bar of this cir­cus-the­med hotel oozes ultra-cool vibes, thanks to the fun peop­le and spec­ta­cu­lar bir­d’s eye view of Vienna. 

Ler­chen­fel­der Stra­ße 1 – 3, 1070 Wien, @25hourshotels

Whe­re is your per­so­nal urban oasis?

Watching the sun set while grab­bing a drink at Tel Aviv Beach in Naschmarkt.

Obe­re Donau­stra­ße 65, 1020 Wien, @neni_food

17 Feb. 2019 · Marieke Fischer
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