How to wear neu­bau eye­we­ar this fall

Vienna inspired brand, neubau eyewear is here to show you all exactly how to style these chic frames this fall! Don’t shy away from coping a pair of clear lenses and/or sunnies in the up and coming months- they’re an essential statement piece needed to complete your winter wardrobe. From blogger Irina to creative mind Karien Anne- everyone seems to be in hurry to snap up their own pair this season. So, why not invest in timeless specs yourself?

Kari­en Anne

Dut­ch fashion, life­style and tra­vel blog­ger, Kari­en Anne is stay­ing true to her mini­ma­listic phi­lo­so­phy this win­ter- showing us how strai­ght-lined coats are sup­po­sed to be worn with neu­bau eye­wear’s Andy’.


Foun­der of that­blogt­hing’ and beauty/​fitness enthu­si­ast- Zeki pairs a war­ming baby pink jacket with her sim­plistic Sarah’ shades to com­ple­te her look this fall.

Sel­la Vie

Life­style blog­ger Sel­la, inspi­red by all things boho chic, embraces the autumn mon­ths in Vien­na in a cosy green jum­per and our con­tem­pora­ry Dani’ frames.

Rose May Alaba

Pink lover and Vien­na-based sin­ger, Rose May Ala­ba loo­ks fearless­ly sas­sy as poses on her Insta­gram rep­ping our cat-eye shaped Car­la’ sunglasses.

Robin James

Robin James aka @manforhimself takes a well-deser­ved break from tea­ching us how to make the dir­tiest mar­ti­ni- to pose in the finest meri­no wool and clear framed Tho­mas’ glasses.

Leo­na Valentina

After rum­ma­ging through her mom’s ward­ro­be, Valen­ti­na takes to the streets of Vien­na in a head to toe vin­ta­ge look; while pul­ling off that effort­less­ly cool vibe.

Hank Ge

In love with the dap­per life­style Hank can­did­ly shows off to his fol­lo­wers the shar­pest of loo­ks in the city of love- while matching it with a sleek Dani’ pair.

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Iri­na approa­ches the sea­son ahead in all things fes­ti­ve and red. As she deco­ra­tes her home in bright colo­red lights and red app­les she is quick to fol­low the aes­the­tic herself in a jol­ly red beret and cat-eye oran­ge Car­la’ frames.

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Find all neu­bau eye­we­ar frames HERE!

13 Okt. 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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