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Nørrebro, Copenhagen

seen by Jazz Brown, journalist & creative director

Jazz Brown is a restless soul who founded her own creative concept agency in 2009. Having left her hometown of Hamburg behind to find new challenges in her adopted home of Copenhagen, she now works as a freelance journalist and creative director for make-up and fashion stories for international magazines. The decision to make Copenhagen her home was down to the trendsetting environment, its people’s sense for design and the Danish work-life balance which ensures a high standard for food, leisure time, and more. One neighborhood especially caught Jazz’s attention: Nørrebro. Nørrebro is one of the most popular districts in Copenhagen. Known for its multicultural and young inhabitants, it’s home to numerous restaurants, cafés and shops, a variety of stores for all budgets from high fashion to second-hand stores, from fancy Burger spots to Kebab kiosks. Here, in Nørrebro, she starts her busy days with a good cup of coffee and a dose of inspiration from all the interesting people around her.

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“My city’s Neubau district is Nørrebro because it’s vibrant, young and open-minded.”

The best place to people-watch is Queen Louise Bridge, so many people that pass by to get into Nørrebro or the city center.

1. Queen Louise Bridge | Dronning Louises Bro, 1371 Copenhagen

Do you have one beautiful memory that will forever be associated with your neighborhood? To be honest, it is absolutely the food that gets me to go to Nørrebro all the time.

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The restaurant Sliders is a burger ’n’ fries place. But what’s special about Sliders is the name: Sliders stands for miniature burgers and that’s what you get here. The idea behind the small burgers is that you should be able to eat them with only one hand. What’s also nice is that since they are so small, you can eat a variety of different burgers while you sit down and have a couple of beers with your other free hand. Since I’ve never seen it available anywhere else, I like to order a burger made with duck - it’s something special isn’t it?

2. Sliders | Nørrebrogade 1, st, 2200 Copenhagen, @sliderscph

A fun fact about Nørrebro: Nørrebro even has a yearly kebab championship, won twice in a row by Kösem at Nørrebrogade 186.

3. Kösem | Nørrebrogade 186, 2200 Copenhagen

When you take a stroll along the main street of Nørrebro the Nørrebrogade you cross the Queen Luise Bridge where you certainly should take a stop to embrace the beautiful view over the Peblinge Lake. The Peplinge Lake is just one of many lakes in Copenhagen but as soon as it gets warm lots of people gather around these lakes and enjoy the weather. When you keep going and pass the bridge you will reach the Coffee Shop Zaggi on Frederiksborggade.

Geographically Zaggi is not 100% considered to belong to Nørrebro, but it needs to be mentioned because of its outstanding concept, and yes, you can thank me later. They serve high-quality coffee for only 15 Kr, which is 2 €! This is cheap for a good coffee, but it’s even cheaper when you realize how expensive Copenhagen is in general.

4. Peblinge Lake, 2200 Copenhagen

5. Zaggi | 43 Frederiksborggade, 1371 Copenhagen, @zaggi-coffee

Districtguide 0219 Norrebro 4

How do you spend a Wednesday in Nørrebro? Since I work on my own, all days are kind of the same and no matter what I have to do I will always start by getting breakfast at Grød.

Grød is the Danish word for porridge. And at Grød they serve the best porridge I ever got to taste. The menu changes throughout the year due to the fact that they serve fresh seasonal fruits as toppings for the warm healthy breakfast mash. The creations on the Grød menu are versatile and it’s not coming as a surprise that by now you can buy the Grød cookbook, which I highly recommend.

6. Grød | Jægersborggade 50, kld. tv. 2200 Copenhagen, @groedcph

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Located inside the very famous Torvenhallerne you will find Uganic. Other than the usual juice bars, the concept of Uganic is its sugarcane-based juices. Husi is the owner of Uganic, and originally from Uganda. He brought his culture-based recipes to Copenhagen and all of his juices are very different from the popular smoothies you can buy everywhere else. I’m always happy if I get to stop by Uganic. Husi is very funny and friendly and besides his juices, he also sells fruits and vegetables that are hard to find elsewhere like Okra or Graviola Soursop, among others.

7. Uganic | Frederiksborggade 21, 1362 Copenhagen, @uganic_torvehallerne

Where do you find inspiration? Despite the Copenhagen tradition of cycling, I still walk through the city instead of taking a bike. That is how I always meet new people or discover new shops and locations. Copenhagen is always a little more ahead of everything when it comes to fashion and food.

You should know about... The prices. Copenhagen can get very expensive if you are not used to Krona.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to go to the movies. Since I moved to Copenhagen, I’ve been lucky enough to watch more movies in the original version. Denmark is so small that movies don’t get translated into Danish — which is good for me! If you ever want to see a blockbuster or an independent film go to Empire Bio. It is one of these small movie theaters that has its own special style yet still is modern and offers, of course, all kinds of candy and popcorn.

8. Empire Bio | Guldbergsgade 29 F, 2200 Copenhagen, @empirebio

The most photogenic place of the city is… Superkilen Park, because it looks surreal when you take a photo from the right angle.

9. Superkilen Park | Nørrebrogade 210, 2200 Copenhagen

My urban oases are the Botanical garden and Bananna Park.

10. Botanical garden, 1353 Copenhagen

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