Meet trail­bla­zing neu­bau model Mari­an­ne Schrøder

We chatted with the iconic Marianne Schrøder about everything from sustainability to self-image and the importance of being nice.

For the latest neu­bau cam­pai­gn, shot in two inspi­ring loca­ti­ons in the U.K., we were hono­red to work with the legen­da­ry Nor­we­gi­an model Mari­an­ne Schrø­der. A timeless beau­ty with a refres­hin­gly healt­hy per­spec­ti­ve on the fashion indus­try, Mari­an­ne is more than a model, she’s a role model and a delight­ful per­son to chat with as you’ll soon see below. 

Brin­ging her warm ener­gy to the modern and mini­ma­list shoot loca­ti­ons, Mari­an­ne offe­red insights on ever­ything from her char­med start in the indus­try to the advice she gives her children. 

Tell us a litt­le bit about how you got into modeling?

I am from Nor­way but moved to Den­mark in 1997 loo­king for work. A friend of mine sug­gested I go with him to his agent. So I did that and soon after I had some pic­tures taken and pret­ty much right after that I went to New York to visit an agent. It worked out real­ly well so I ended up stay­ing for four years. I was a redhead at that moment and the timing was just per­fect. My look was very hot so I star­ted working all over the world wit­hin a cou­p­le of months.

In an indus­try that cele­bra­tes per­fec­tion, how do you main­tain a healt­hy self-image?

When I first star­ted mode­ling it was qui­te dif­fi­cult to main­tain a healt­hy self-image becau­se I com­pa­red mys­elf to all the other models and of cour­se thought that they were pret­tier and skin­nier, but today I know that I am uni­que and I get the jobs I do becau­se they want me becau­se the way I look. I appre­cia­te that I am thin in a natu­ral way, but I have rea­li­zed that being thin does not make you hap­py, so I work out and eat healt­hi­ly and sleep well so I am mental­ly healt­hy and that makes me happy.

Wha­t’s your idea of beauty?

My idea of beau­ty is when you are com­for­ta­ble in your own body and accep­t­ing the way you look. It shi­nes through when you are rela­xed and use your ener­gy on others than thin­king about the way you look all the time. 

I think peop­le are beau­ti­ful when they dare to laugh out loud and make fun of them­sel­ves. Life is short so make sure you have fun.”

What gets you exci­ted about your work as a model?

I find my job exci­ting when I meet new peop­le of all ages from all over the world. I get to hear their sto­ries and I love that we’re working tog­e­ther. We all have to do our best in a day or two to make beau­ti­ful pic­tures. For examp­le, when I meet a new desi­gner it is always inte­res­ting to hear their thoughts about the collec­tion and like­wi­se the pho­to­graph­ers who have dif­fe­rent back­grounds and sto­ries to tell. Tra­ve­ling to new pla­ces is of cour­se also great. 

Wha­t’s the best pie­ce of advice you’­ve ever received?

The best advice I have recei­ved is BE NICE TO PEOPLE

Sus­taina­bi­li­ty is beco­m­ing more and more of a focus in fashion, what do you think about this movement?

I love that the indus­try must think about sus­taina­bi­li­ty. We must rea­li­ze that over­con­sump­ti­on and ove­r­using natu­re’s resour­ces will jeo­par­di­ze future genera­ti­ons. So I am glad the fashion indus­try is fin­ding alter­na­ti­ve ways to pro­du­ce items and is loo­king into using mate­ri­als that will not com­pro­mi­se the future genera­ti­ons’ abi­li­ty to meet their needs.

What does sus­tainab­le living mean to you and how do you inte­gra­te sus­tainab­le prac­ti­ces into your ever­y­day life?

I try to buy less. It can be real­ly chal­len­ging, but real­ly important. I also try to teach it to my kids. IF YOU DO NOT NEED IT. IT IS NOTGOOD DEAL. :-)

Do you remem­ber your first pair of glass­es? How has your style and rela­tion­ship to your glass­es changed?

I do not remem­ber my first glas­ses, but when I buy glas­ses today I take much bet­ter care of them. I get real­ly atta­ched to them and try to hang on to them as long as pos­si­ble. Even­tual­ly, I lose them or they break, but then it is exci­ting to get a new pair to fall in love with. ;-)

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