Meet Sty­list Hil­da Sandström

Stock­holm based sty­list, influ­en­cer and Con­tri­bu­tor maga­zi­ne edi­tor, Hil­da Sand­strom is one of tho­se fashion insi­ders who­se per­so­nal style is the epi­to­me of Scan­di­na­vi­an chi­que. Having moved to the Swe­dish capi­tal from her home­town of finspang, she star­ted her insta­gram account in 2012 and has pro­vi­ded us with amp­le out­fit inspi­ra­ti­ons as well as some of her more ela­bo­ra­te pro­fes­sio­nal work. For this week’s edi­ti­on, we thought you might enjoy get­ting to know Hil­da a litt­le more — her per­so­nal style, trend fore­casts for the new year as well as her jour­ney into beco­m­ing the fashion icon she is today.

When did you rea­li­ze your aspi­ra­ti­ons for working as a fashion stylist?

I was inte­res­ted in colors, shapes and the loo­ks of peop­le sin­ce I was a young girl, but I think I rea­li­zed that I real­ly wan­ted to work with fashion when I gra­dua­ted high school and moved to Stock­holm. That’s when I star­ted my own blog and got to work with clothes as a Visu­al Mer­chan­di­ser at Mango.

How did you deci­de to enter the world of insta­gram blogging?

It was actual­ly a com­pe­ti­ti­on on a blog site whe­re the win­ner got to be the fashion edi­tor on that web maga­zi­ne that got me star­ted. I signed up tog­e­ther with 1000 other girls and made it to the second place. I got lucky that they wan­ted me to stay as well as the win­ner, so I kept on blog­ging and worked on my first fashion editorials. 

What are some trade­mark Hil­da ward­ro­be essentials?

The over­si­zed bla­zer, a pair of wide long pants and my Bot­te­ga Vene­ta boots.

Whe­re do you seek inspi­ra­ti­on out­side the realm of fashion?

I get most of my inspi­ra­ti­on while tra­ve­ling, taking part in dif­fe­rent cul­tures, by art, inte­rior and archi­tec­tu­re. Also by all the talen­ted peop­le I get to work with.

How do you per­so­nal­ly try to be more envi­ron­ment­al­ly con­scious given the natu­re of your job?

I’ve always been a big fan of second hand shop­ping and I try to buy pie­ces that I will love and take care of for the rest of my life. Some of my friends also bor­row clothes from me as I have qui­te a ward­ro­be sin­ce it’s also my work. I think that’s some of the best ways to give your clothes a long life and make fashion as cir­cu­lar as pos­si­ble. So if there’s some­thing you don’t use any­mo­re find a new home for it! Then I love to work with and buy pie­ces from brands that are working hard on being as envi­ron­ment­al­ly friend­ly as possible.

What are some of your goals or pro­jects for 2020?

I just star­ted to work on a cas­ting for a fun pro­ject in Janu­a­ry and other­wi­se I would love to try to work more in Paris and may­be move the­re for a while. In love with that city and there’s so many gre­at crea­ti­ves living the­re and ama­zing brands, models and loca­ti­ons that I want to explore.

Neubau 085

What are some brands we should keep an eye out for in the new year?

Bot­te­ga Vene­ta for sure, Dani­el Lee total­ly made that clear. Not to for­get our swe­dish super­stars Acne Stu­di­os, Rave Review and Bite working on the best sus­tainab­le fashion in town. If you’re loo­king for bags keep an eye on Venczel!

Last­ly, any pre­dic­tions on sun­glas­ses trends for 2020?

Oh, hard one. For me I love a pair of nice cat eyes or a 70’s pimp inspi­red squa­red frame. 

(Some of the ama­zing Stock­holm-crea­ti­ves at the lunch Hil­da hos­ted for neubau)

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