Meet Stylist Hilda Sandström

Stockholm based stylist, influencer and Contributor magazine editor, Hilda Sandstrom is one of those fashion insiders whose personal style is the epitome of Scandinavian chique. Having moved to the Swedish capital from her hometown of finspang, she started her instagram account in 2012 and has provided us with ample outfit inspirations as well as some of her more elaborate professional work. For this week’s edition, we thought you might enjoy getting to know Hilda a little more—her personal style, trend forecasts for the new year as well as her journey into becoming the fashion icon she is today.

When did you realize your aspirations for working as a fashion stylist?

I was interested in colors, shapes and the looks of people since I was a young girl, but I think I realized that I really wanted to work with fashion when I graduated high school and moved to Stockholm. That’s when I started my own blog and got to work with clothes as a Visual Merchandiser at Mango.

How did you decide to enter the world of instagram blogging?

It was actually a competition on a blog site where the winner got to be the fashion editor on that web magazine that got me started. I signed up together with 1000 other girls and made it to the second place. I got lucky that they wanted me to stay as well as the winner, so I kept on blogging and worked on my first fashion editorials.

What are some trademark Hilda wardrobe essentials?

The oversized blazer, a pair of wide long pants and my Bottega Veneta boots.

Neubau 09

Where do you seek inspiration outside the realm of fashion?

I get most of my inspiration while traveling, taking part in different cultures, by art, interior and architecture. Also by all the talented people I get to work with.

How do you personally try to be more environmentally conscious given the nature of your job?

I’ve always been a big fan of second hand shopping and I try to buy pieces that I will love and take care of for the rest of my life. Some of my friends also borrow clothes from me as I have quite a wardrobe since it’s also my work. I think that’s some of the best ways to give your clothes a long life and make fashion as circular as possible. So if there’s something you don't use anymore find a new home for it! Then I love to work with and buy pieces from brands that are working hard on being as environmentally friendly as possible.

What are some of your goals or projects for 2020?

I just started to work on a casting for a fun project in January and otherwise I would love to try to work more in Paris and maybe move there for a while. In love with that city and there’s so many great creatives living there and amazing brands, models and locations that I want to explore.

Neubau 085

What are some brands we should keep an eye out for in the new year?

Bottega Veneta for sure, Daniel Lee totally made that clear. Not to forget our swedish superstars Acne Studios, Rave Review and Bite working on the best sustainable fashion in town. If you’re looking for bags keep an eye on Venczel!

Lastly, any predictions on sunglasses trends for 2020?

Oh, hard one. For me I love a pair of nice cat eyes or a 70's pimp inspired squared frame.

(Some of the amazing Stockholm-creatives at the lunch Hilda hosted for neubau)

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