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Meet the maker: Chris­ti­an Becke, the man chan­ging the cof­fee business

Hailing from Hamburg's hippest area Schanzenviertel, a little while back, three friends collaborated to create a brand of their own and what's common between all three of them was the passion for coffee.

Dis­co­vering new ways to brew cof­fee, the end result of their initia­ti­ve is what we now know as the new niche cof­fee brand, Stem­pels’ Slow­brew. Their pri­mal pro­duct being the cold drip and the cold brew cof­fees that have been adorning morning desks all over for some­time now.

Intro­du­cing this fresh, fla­vour­ful and healt­hy alter­na­ti­ve of cof­fee making to Ger­ma­ny, the only 25 year old CEO Chris­ti­an Becke talks about being his own boss, com­ing up with inno­va­ti­ve ways of bran­ding and the advan­ta­ges cof­fee’s latest trend, cold brew. Dis­co­ver how working around cof­fee can be even bet­ter while tra­vel­ling, imbibing new café cul­tures and beans everyday.

When and how did you get the idea of star­ting a brand sole­ly around Cold Brews?
I used to work as a baris­ta and was real­ly inte­res­ted in cof­fee. Espe­cial­ly new methods of brewing cof­fee were fasci­na­ting to me, so I deci­ded to start a busi­ness about cold brew cof­fee. I did rese­arch and found out that the­re are two bro­thers that alrea­dy star­ted a busi­ness about cold drip cof­fee in Ham­burg. They are now my busi­ness partners.

What’s the dif­fe­rence bet­ween Cold Brew and Cold Drip cof­fee?
You make Cold Brew Cof­fee when you put water and cof­fee in one jar and wait for 12 – 24 hours (depends on the reci­pe), Cold Drip means that the water slow­ly drips on the cof­fee, drop-by-drop. It’s just a dif­fe­rent method of extrac­ting the cof­fee. We got bet­ter results when we made cold drip coffee.

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What’s the bene­fit of this kind of cof­fee in com­pa­ri­son to regu­lar’ cof­fee?
At first you drink it cold. The cold extrac­tion has the bene­fit of the tas­te being less bit­ter and less aci­dic. The cof­fee often tas­tes more frui­ty or cho­co­la­ty than regu­lar’ coffee.

In many coun­tries slow brew cof­fee is a big thing whe­re­as in Germany/​Austria it seems to be pret­ty unknown so far – what might be the rea­son for that?
Pro­bab­ly becau­se a lot of peop­le have never heard of cold brew cof­fee and the­re is no big play­er on the Ger­man mar­ket — yet.

Star­ting a brand is dif­fi­cult, even more so, is being all the man­power behind it. How do you do it? What’s your care­er advice?
A lot of cold brew cof­fee hel­ps a lot! No serious­ly, it doesn’t feel so much like work when you do some­thing you real­ly love.

What would be the fla­vor of your dreams to add to your cof­fee?
The cof­fee bean has the the uni­que fla­vours of dif­fe­rent gro­ce­ries. Some sorts tas­te like blu­e­ber­ry, others like almond and some beans even tas­te like pop­corn… tha­t’s the rea­son why I wouldn’t add anything to my coffee.

What sort of tra­vel­ling do you do for adding more to your brand?
The­re is cof­fee all over the world. If you’re in the cof­fee busi­ness you can go almost ever­y­whe­re and you will find new methods, spe­cial beans or inte­res­ting cafés. That’s pro­bab­ly ano­t­her rea­son why working with cof­fee is amazing.

How can we ima­gi­ne your work­day?
I wake up, sho­wer and have a cof­fee (usual­ly a hot one!). I open my lap­top, check e‑mails and ans­wer them. I often have to pho­ne peop­le becau­se it’s usual­ly easier to reach peop­le in the morning. Depends on the day of the mon­th, I have to meet cos­tu­mers, sup­pliers, work on the web­site or do finan­ce… when you’re self-employ­ed the­re is always some­thing to do and the­re is no day like the other. Some days are packed with finan­cial stuff, some days you’re just in mee­tings with poten­ti­al cos­tu­mers. I real­ly like that it’s not the same every day. On the other hand: if you don’t do your work, no one will do it for you, not when you’re sick and espe­cial­ly not on holidays.

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How much cof­fee do you drink a day?
I try not to drink more than 3 mugs.

A day without cof­fee is…
A sca­ry day.

In five years you see yourself …?
Wai­t­ing for my cold brew coffee.

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