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Mau­ricio F. Cor­ri­dan sees the world through his came­ra lens

In a time where the number of followers on your Social Media channels are the new quality standard, Mauricio Fuentes Corridan is creating a refreshing alternative.

Even though he can count almost 42k peop­le on his Insta­gram feed, his pho­to­graphs set the bar high every time. His clean aes­the­tic, beau­ti­ful loca­ti­ons and weird­ly posing models invi­te his fol­lo­wers into a world of crea­ti­vi­ty and most of all, real exper­ti­se. He knows what he’s doing. He has trai­ned his craft and genui­ne eye at Berlin’s renow­ned uni­ver­si­ty for pho­to­gra­phy: BTK and he works for one of the city’s best venues for con­tem­pora­ry art, C/O.

Befo­re that the thir­ty-year-old with Spa­nish and Irish roots stu­di­ed adver­ti­sing and public rela­ti­ons in Sala­man­ca, Spain. With this com­bi­na­ti­on of skills Mau­ricio is an artist who knows how to mar­ket hims­elf. In bet­ween his alrea­dy busy sche­du­le Mau­ricio tra­vels the world, most of the time with his pho­to­gra­pher girl­friend Olja Ryzev­ski. We had the plea­su­re to chat with this talen­ted man about his must-see pla­ces, the con­cept of beau­ty and his future projects.

When and how did you rea­li­ze you wan­ted to beco­me a pho­to­gra­pher?
I had always enjoy­ed loo­king at beau­ti­ful image­ry and watching natu­re and wild­life docu­men­ta­ries, but I had never actual­ly thought about beco­m­ing a pro­fes­sio­nal pho­to­gra­pher. A few years ago, I deci­ded to find a new and more crea­ti­ve path. I’m cur­r­ent­ly about to finish my BA in Pho­to­gra­phy in Berlin.

What impact did that choice have on your life?
A huge impact. Stu­dy­ing Pho­to­gra­phy has chan­ged my life com­ple­te­ly. Befo­re the­se stu­dies, I had stu­di­ed Adver­ti­sing and PR and had worked in many dif­fe­rent com­pa­nies in Spain, Switz­er­land and Ger­ma­ny doing many dif­fe­rent things. Now my life is all about pho­to­gra­phy and I real­ly couldn’t be happier.

Does crea­ti­vi­ty run through your fami­ly, or is the urge to crea­te some­thing that grew in you inde­pendent­ly?
In my fami­ly the­re aren’t any pho­to­graph­ers or artists, but I think my bro­ther and sis­ter are very crea­ti­ve in their own fields.

How do you defi­ne beau­ty?
Beau­ty is a very broad word and is inter­pre­ted very dif­fer­ent­ly by all of us. Beau­ty is in all things. As the famous quo­te says: Beau­ty is in the eye of the beholder.”

And how do you trans­la­te that defi­ni­ti­on to your work?
Like I said, I think beau­ty can be found in ever­ything, and the­re­fo­re in all dif­fe­rent fiel­ds in pho­to­gra­phy. I don’t stick to just one gen­re and I find beau­ty in all of them.

How do you know you’ve found the per­fect motive/​setting/​location?
Somehow I just know. I can feel it. It’s nor­mal­ly a com­bi­na­ti­on of all of them.

What word descri­bes your pho­to­graphs the best?
In my most recent cri­ti­ques at Uni­ver­si­ty, my work has been descri­bed as aes­the­tic and sensitive.

In which situa­tions do you enjoy taking pic­tures the most?
When I tra­vel. I need to see new things to be able to feel tru­ly inspired.

Your girl­friend seems to be always by your side, what role does she play in your crea­ti­ve pro­cess?
A very important role. We tra­vel tog­e­ther, work tog­e­ther and inspi­re each other.

You tra­vel a lot – how do you choo­se the pla­ces you want to go?
Some­ti­mes we visit pla­ces we both real­ly want to visit, but most of the time it hap­pens in a much more spon­ta­ne­ous way.

Which place has had the big­gest impact on you this year and why?
The­re are two real­ly ama­zing pla­ces I visi­ted this year. One of them was the Grand Can­yon Natio­nal Park in Ari­zo­na the second one is Java Island in Indo­ne­sia. Both pla­ces are just incredi­ble and I would high­ly recom­mend both.

What/​who would you like to pho­to­graph in future?
No one and not­hing in par­ti­cu­lar. I hope to con­ti­nue tra­vel­ling the world and get­ting inspi­ra­ti­on from all the peop­le and things I encoun­ter on the way.

Make sure to fol­low Mau­ricio on Insta­gram and Flickr.

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