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Magic Clea­ning: 3 things that you can sort out strai­ght away

Here are three simple sorting steps to help you on your way towards a sustainable, good life!

Living a sus­tainab­le life­style is an ongo­ing pro­cess, not a fini­te goal to be achie­ved. This pro­cess con­stant­ly makes you ask yourself: what do I real­ly need? What am I real­ly using? Your own home is the star­ting point for a sus­tainab­le and well-orde­red life. Your per­so­nal space is the mir­ror to your soul, a say­ing that has good rea­son to exist becau­se tho­se who take stock of their pos­ses­si­ons can find a sen­se of inner peace: outer order crea­tes inner order. It’s true that it’s libe­ra­ting to re-orga­ni­se your things — mini­ma­lism is no lon­ger just a trend but a life­style that has con­tri­bu­t­ed hea­vi­ly to design. Here are three simp­le sor­ting steps to help you on your way towards a sus­tainab­le, good life!

Clothes you haven’t worn for over a year

Take a look at your ward­ro­be and every sin­gle pie­ce of clot­hing in it and ask yourself: When was the last time I wore this?” If you can bare­ly remem­ber or not at all, you should think about par­ting with it. It might be dif­fi­cult but the result will lea­ve you fee­ling good!

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Odds and ends hiding in drawers

Dra­wers should be for­bid­den! If the­re are things that don’t have a fixed place in your home, that’s usual­ly a sign that you don’t use them — and whe­re do they end up collec­ting? In dra­wers and hid­den pla­ces which you rare­ly or never open. Take a look in the­se pla­ces and go through their con­tents: pens, papers, expi­red pills. Get rid of them! It’s lite­ral relief.

Email news­let­ters and Insta­gram feed

Digi­tal tidi­ness is also beco­m­ing incre­a­singly important. Orga­ni­sing files, dele­ting unope­ned news­let­ters from your inbox and sor­ting out your Insta­gram feed all help. Dele­ting old accounts that no lon­ger exci­te you is libe­ra­ting and can often also be per­so­nal­ly inspiring.

08 Juni 2018 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR · Photography by Tereza Mundilova
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