Blog 1803 Lina Zangers Artist Of The Month 2

Fol­lowing the rou­te of tra­vel enthu­si­ast and pho­to­gra­pher Lina Zangers

Photographers often try and take you to far-flung places with their images – Lina Zangers doesn't just try, she truly goes to these places, and captures a bit of its essence with her camera.

No mat­ter if Chi­na, Swe­den or Scot­land, the Ber­lin-based pho­to­gra­pher has seen a fair amount of impres­si­ve tra­vel desti­na­ti­ons, and the­re is no end in sight. Espe­cial­ly becau­se Lina is as good at crea­ting the­se worlds herself as she is at visi­t­ing them – and the shoot she did for neu­bau eye­we­ar was no dif­fe­rent. Put­ting tog­e­ther per­fect­ly colour coor­di­na­ted sets for our glas­ses, Lina once again pro­ved she has as much of an eye for gre­at sce­ne­ry as she has for details. We caught up with her to talk all things com­po­sing an image, crea­ti­vi­ty, and of cour­se traveling.

Loo­king at your pho­tos, the­re seems to be a clear visu­al lan­guage drawing through them. How would you say you deve­lo­ped your style?
I think it’s cru­cial to deve­lop a per­so­nal visu­al lan­guage, but it’s most likely the har­dest part of being a crea­ti­ve pro­fes­sio­nal the­se days. It’s tri­cky to lis­ten to your inner voice and not get dis­trac­ted by the white noi­se of images sur­roun­ding us. Your per­so­nal style deve­lo­ps over time and prac­ti­cing your craft shapes its­elf with each drawing, film or pho­to. The more I crea­te, the more I am deve­lo­ping and redefining.

Blog 1803 Lina Zangers Artist Of The Month

It seems you much more pre­fer the out­doors or on-loca­ti­on shoo­ting than a plain stu­dio – is that a con­scious decisi­on?
Abso­lute­ly, I need land­s­capes, houses or backy­ards to sta­ge my sto­ries. A white stu­dio for me is a very arti­fi­cial space, without influ­ence to draw from. When the Ber­lin win­ter for­ces me to actual­ly work insi­de I just crea­te my own uni­ver­se with loads of props or set design.

How does this influ­ence your approach to com­po­sing an image, and ulti­mate­ly tel­ling a sto­ry?
For me tel­ling a sto­ry is my star­ting point, not the loca­ti­on. I need to have an idea in my head of what sto­ry, fee­ling or emo­ti­on I want to pro­vo­ke with the pho­tos. Star­ting from the­re I’ll try to get all the right ingre­dients, star­ting with the right loca­ti­on, model, sty­ling, make­up, light ect.

In gene­ral, do you pre­fer pre­cise­ly plan­ning a shoot or do you like to trust your spon­ta­n­ei­ty?
I lear­ned that the more plan­ning I put into a shoo­ting the more I can stick to my idea at the actu­al shoo­ting day. When you come to the set and only got a vague idea in mind, the chan­ce that it gets blur­red easi­ly by cir­cum­s­tan­ces hap­pe­ning are high and you end up with hope­ful­ly at least pret­ty pic­tures, but no back­bone. When I plan a free edi­to­ri­al or an idea for a cli­ent I love to dig into the topic, rese­arch and find nuan­ces about it that catch my inte­rest. Then I’ll share my visi­on with the rest of the team, espe­cial­ly the sty­list, befo­re the actu­al shoo­ting day. So ever­yo­ne comes to set knowing what to expect and how to con­tri­bu­te to the the­me. This can be real ner­ve-wracking, but that effort is what it makes it believ­a­ble in the end.

Blog 1803 Lina Zangers Artist Of The Month 4

Is the­re any place you visi­ted or shot at that espe­cial­ly inspi­red you?
I spent all my child­hood sum­mers in Swe­den’s coun­try­si­de and I am still going the­re a lot, so tha­t’s always a big source of inspi­ra­ti­on for me. The light and natu­re play a big part in my work.

Last year I have been to Chi­na for the first time and also rea­li­sed a shoo­ting with a Chi­ne­se team the­re. I have to say, I was stun­ned and it got my crea­ti­ve syn­ap­ses going.

And any place you’re just dying to tra­vel to?
Wow, the­re are still so many on my bucket list. I am hoping for Rus­sia and Mon­go­lia in the near future.

If you could take three famous peop­le – dead or ali­ve – on this trip, who would that be; and what would you do tog­e­ther?
Then I would love to share a train com­part­ment with them on the trans-sibi­ri­an rail­way. Spon­ta­ne­ous­ly I would say I’ll bring Mari­na Abra­mo­vic, Syl­via Ear­le and Astrid Lind­gren. I think that would be a gre­at girl gang to chat with for 9000km.

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