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The libe­ral city with an old soul, the only rea­sons you’ll need to visit Amsterdam

Bikes, tall folks, canals, snack shops and red lights. Yes we're talking about the Dutch capital that is Amsterdam.

A para­di­se for the laid back, the art enthu­si­asts, and home to an eclec­tic mix of cul­tures, making it a city that no mat­ter what your pre­fe­ren­ces may be, you’­re bound to find your cal­ling here. This pic­tures­que place may only hold a popu­la­ti­on of just over 800k, lea­ving its cen­tral are­as to be qui­te den­se­ly popu­la­ted and yet it still mana­ges to be the third most visi­ted Euro­pean city, and we’­re here to tell you why…

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First things first, upon arri­val after get­ting sett­led we’d high­ly sug­gest fin­ding your nea­rest bike ren­tal ser­vice and hop on the two wheels. It’s engra­ved in Dut­ch cul­tu­re to ride bikes, let the­re be rain, sunshi­ne or wind the­re is always bike traf­fic. It’s been pro­ven that you’ll get around fas­ter by bike than any day in the car.

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As the say­ing goes, what is one per­son’s junk is ano­t­her per­son’s tre­a­su­re. And in Ams­ter­dam when loo­king for tho­se uni­que tre­a­su­res we advice you to take a pit stop to the the fol­lowing three markets.

Albert Cuyp- we’­re not too sure how many nati­ve Ams­ter­dam peop­le you’ll find visi­t­ing this attrac­tion as it’s fil­led with crowds of tou­rists howe­ver we still sug­gest taking a stroll. Loca­ted in the old-south district this mar­ket is renow­ned for its selec­tion of inter­na­tio­nal cui­sine, lively atmo­s­phe­re, and excep­tio­nal­ly afford­a­ble prices.

Water­loo­p­lein- smack down in the midd­le of the city this flea mar­ket is best known for its selec­tion of vin­ta­ge clot­hing, second hand books, elec­tro­nics and much more.

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Noor­der­markt- brin­ging a shi­ne onto the most hated day of the week, that is Mon­day the mar­ket on Ams­ter­dam’s Noor­der­markt gives this day a bet­ter repu­ta­ti­on. Small yet visit worthy, this inte­rest is found in the district of Jor­da­an, here you’ll find nume­rous stalls sel­ling tex­ti­les jewel­ry and fur­ther bits and bobs. Oh and not to be for­got­ten, on Satur­days this squa­re turns into a far­mers mar­ket, the go-to to shop for your orga­nic fruits and veggies.

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Home to the his­to­ri­cal Anne Frank House, the famous Rijks Muse­um and FOAM, both which are found on the acc­lai­med muse­um squa­re. Not to be for­got­ten are the cof­fee­shops, and many quaint streets for shop­ping, this is a place for the young, the old, the soul see­kers, the par­ty ani­mals, the his­to­ri­ans and tho­se who are just loo­king for a wee­kend away. The city holds various cul­tures and diver­se eth­ni­ci­ties, lea­ving your palet­te of food opti­ons to plenty.

The night­li­fe sce­ne is on a steady rise, with several clubs taking the Ber­lin approach to long dan­cing hours and only top notch DJs. With that being said, if clubs aren’t so your thing then we sug­gest the array of local bars such as Stri­jk, The Minds, Diep and the Kopstoot­bar all wit­hin the most high­ligh­ted districts.

So pack your came­ra, appe­ti­te and an umbrel­la and head over to Ams­ter­dam, you won’t reg­ret it.

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Pho­to­gra­phy by Texas Schiffmacher

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