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Learn the art of slow tra­vel with our open road

Trading in the American dream of four walls, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a white picket fence, artist Adam and his wife fashion designer Emily Harteau, left the comforts of even one bathroom for an adventure filled lifestyle of slow travel.

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In Octo­ber 2012 the duo, along with their young daugh­ter Colet­te, took to the win­ding roads of South Ame­ri­ca in their VW West­fa­lia, ori­gi­nal­ly aiming to return to the com­fort of their Cali­for­ni­an home 12 mon­ths later.

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Sin­ce then, the Harteau’s have grown from three to four, wel­co­m­ing their second daugh­ter in Bra­zil in 2014. While the limi­ted space, lack of sho­wer and con­stant dri­ving might not be the dream for ever­yo­ne, the uni­que and adven­tur­ous life­style Adam and Emi­ly have crea­ted is inspi­ring peop­le world­wi­de to pack up their mate­ria­listic pos­ses­si­ons in search for gree­ner pas­tu­res. Through their blog Our Open Road,’ the fami­ly docu­ments their incredi­ble desti­na­ti­ons as well as sell uni­que, one of a kind home wears hand craf­ted by South Ame­ri­can artis­ans in their mon­th­ly online 24-hour Bazaar.

Inspi­red to pack up your suit­ca­se, buy a van and dri­ve through the pic­tures­que coun­tries of South Ame­ri­ca? Head to Our Open Road to fol­low Adam and Emi­ly’s adventures.

All images via Our Open Road

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