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Knob­b­ly Stu­di­o­’s abs­tract designs pre­ach self-acceptance

Dangling from earlobes all over Instagram, the abstract jewelry of Israel-based brand Knobbly Studio is as ubiquitous as it is unique. Knobbly Studio celebrates the naked female form in its simplicity and variety, their pieces a combination of abstract nude form and a minimalist aesthetic.

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Behind the brand are foun­der and desi­gner Git­tit Szwarc, and tat­too artist Lau­rie Franck. Tog­e­ther, they wan­ted to explo­re women in an abs­tract, mini­ma­listic way. After first dis­co­vering each other on Insta­gram and hand­ling the majo­ri­ty of their col­la­bo­ra­ti­on via direct messages, Git­tit and Lau­rie first pro­du­ced a t‑shirt with one of Lau­rie’s drawings befo­re quick­ly pro­gres­sing to ear­rings, neck­la­ces, and pins.

Lau­rie is real­ly good at pre­sen­ting the fema­le body mat­ter-of-fact­ly; some­ti­mes she draws forms that are very sexu­al, but only when she choo­ses to, and I think that is so important for our time,” Git­tit exp­lains. Some of her drawings could almost be just a ran­dom line and two dots, but becau­se our eye is so attu­n­ed to fin­ding huma­ni­ty in ever­ything, we can’t miss it.”

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Git­tit also wan­ted to focus on a sen­se of easi­ness: I come from the world of move­ment, so it’s real­ly important to me to make pie­ces that sort of blend seam­less­ly with one’s life. I would never make the kind of jewel­ry that limits your move­ment or that you have to con­stant­ly adjust. And I try to con­si­der all the angles – some­ti­mes what the pie­ce loo­ks like to some­bo­dy gazing at you from afar is just as important as what it loo­ks like in a sel­fie.” Befo­re star­ting Knob­b­ly Stu­dio the now jewel­ry desi­gner worked as a capoei­ra tea­cher and thus she has no for­mal trai­ning in pro­duct design whatsoever.

Star­ting Knob­b­ly Stu­dio was a very natu­ral pro­cess for Git­tit. Her core goal being the achie­ve­ment of a sen­se of the orga­nic, lead by intui­ti­on and crea­ted by pas­si­on, Git­tit lets the naked body be, without any con­no­ta­ti­ons piled on it by mass media. I think we’­re gro­wing into that rea­liz­a­ti­on and lear­ning, collec­tively as a socie­ty, that the body does­n’t need to be sexua­li­zed by default. A body can be just a body, a shape, a vehi­cle.” Or a pro­gres­si­ve tem­pla­te for jewelry.

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