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Kil­ler Kic­cen: Milan’s most crea­ti­ve space

As it often happens creativity finds its home in places of aggregation where, without ties and constraints, it can grow, evolve and confront.

The­se pla­ces grow ide­as. Music and artists that shape cities, making them the heart of citizen’s inspi­ra­ti­on. Pla­ces whe­re wal­king is not only a moti­on, but a very plea­sant crea­ti­ve exer­cise both for the mind and the eyes.

The­se peop­le beco­me inspi­red and crea­te pla­ces whe­re they can share and expe­ri­ment with crea­ti­vi­ty. Kil­ler Kic­cen, is a crea­ti­ve space in Milan’s Navigli area whe­re through art shows, ver­nis­sa­ges, clas­ses of crea­ti­ve coo­king and musi­cal events peop­le can let them­sel­ves beco­me over­whel­med by a cap­ti­vat­ing atmosphere.

We spo­ke to Bep­pe Treccia” Iavico­li and Anto­nio Pon­ti co-foun­ders of the pro­ject who told us how they com­bi­ned skills, dreams and know­ledge to crea­te a space so uni­que that it was cho­sen for the Ita­li­an pre­sen­ta­ti­on of neu­bau eye­we­ar, the new eye­we­ar brand.

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Bep­pe and Anto­nio, you have two very dif­fe­rent sto­ries that are indis­so­lub­ly intert­wi­ned in Kil­ler Kic­cen. How did you get in con­ta­ct pro­fes­sio­nal­ly?
Anto­nio: I’m the space owner and come from the fashion world while Bep­pe comes from that of the art. Along­side us Fla­vio Lavan­ga — chef — and Paul Azzi­mon­ti, account manager.

What we have in com­mon is the crea­ti­ve natu­re, the curio­si­ty and the will to do. Bep­pe and I began to meet occa­sio­nal­ly when atten­ding events, art shows and con­certs till we bro­ke the ice and began tal­king and fin­ding com­mon interests.

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How was the Kil­ler Kiccen’s idea born, and what is its objec­ti­ve?
Bep­pe: Kil­ler Kic­cen is born from the need to express our­sel­ves and from the desi­re to bring tog­e­ther all the­se crea­ti­ve ide­as into a sin­gle con­cept. The goal is to crea­te a mul­ti-pur­po­se con­tai­ner capa­ble of gathe­ring music, art, coo­king, fashion and design.

A place in which ide­as and crea­ti­vi­ty are bea­ring walls. How does the loca­ti­on selec­tion pro­cess for such a high­ly visu­al pro­ject take place?
Bep­pe: Ever­ything hap­pen­ed very natu­ral­ly. Initi­al­ly it star­ted as Antonio’s dream home’ aiming at housing him and his fami­ly. Then it beca­me the dream home of many by hos­ting a much lar­ger family.

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Peop­le often speak of inspi­ra­ti­on that sti­mu­la­tes new ide­as. How do your crea­ti­ons ari­se?
Anto­nio: The loca­ti­on is a con­ti­nuous source of inspi­ra­ti­on. On the other hand ever­ything inspi­res us, the peop­le we see, the pla­ces we fre­quent, the objects which we dis­co­ver and the dif­fe­rent fee­lings that we per­cei­ve every time. Our crea­ti­ons spring up very often at a table over a good dish of pas­ta or glass of wine.

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In many Euro­pean capi­tals, are­as that befo­re were peri­pheral and indus­tri­al are now tur­ning into crea­ti­ve and cul­tu­ral cen­tres. Which ones have impres­sed and inspi­red you?
Anto­nio: For me, defi­ni­te­ly Ant­werp, Brussels and Bel­gi­um, in gene­ral with regard to the music world. It’s no coin­ci­dence that many pro­jects are car­ri­ed out in part­ners­hip with some Fle­mish crews. As to Bep­pe I know that Bar­ce­lo­na repres­ents one of his grea­test sources of artis­tic inspiration.

More brands are deve­lo­ping an empa­the­tic rela­ti­ons­hip with their tar­get audi­en­ces through dia­lo­gue and crea­ti­vi­ty. Is it also an advan­ta­ge for artists and their art?
Bep­pe: The brand acqui­res per­so­na­li­ty and cha­rac­ter ent­e­ring in tune with the artist, who with his work hel­ps make clear the direc­tion and the soul of the brand. While for the artist the brand is a tool to express hims­elf, a vehi­cle to pro­mo­te his art and surely a means to have more visibility.

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Share with us the next inte­res­ting event that you will host at Kil­ler Kiccen.

Anto­nio: Sep­tem­ber is always a very inten­se mon­th for us. A few days ago we had the plea­su­re to host the neu­bau eye­we­ar event with the launch of the new collec­tion of sun­glas­ses. The brand takes inspi­ra­ti­on from the famous Vien­nese district, home to art gal­le­ries and artis­tic focal point, and that’s why Kil­ler Kic­cen beco­mes the ide­al loca­ti­on for the pro­mo­ti­on of the brand in Italy.

After neu­bau eye­we­ar we have plan­ned the artist Kra­ser solo expo­si­ti­on Blue Habi­tat”. At the same time we have under con­struc­tion new musi­cal for­mats: the­me nights whe­re the food will mer­ge with art and music, alter­na­ti­ve mar­kets and the use of the space as cen­ter of co-working and artis­tic aggregation.

We also thought to dedi­ca­te to the child­ren a spe­cial place cal­led Kil­ler Disk Kid which is a real dis­co (with snacks) for the youngest.

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An event that you would like to host?
Anto­nio: The­re isn’t any in par­ti­cu­lar, as of today we have alrea­dy hos­ted all the events that we wan­ted. Cer­tain­ly we can­not host lar­ge-sca­le events becau­se the space does­n’t allow it, rather we would like that the loca­ti­on beca­me a con­ti­nuous event.

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