Pho­to­gra­pher Joan­na Legid shot our valen­ti­nes friend couples

Today, everyone with a significant other will be out in full force, seemingly flaunting their relationship in front of you.

If you’­re alo­ne this Valen­ti­ne’s day, not to fret, we’­re here to help you deal with it by remin­ding you to che­rish your friendships. Ever­yo­ne has that one friend they’­re inse­pa­ra­ble from, so, this year, ins­tead of cele­bra­ting romance we’­re cele­bra­ting best friends, just friends, only friends and the kind, sweet things they do for one ano­t­her. Pho­to­gra­pher Joan­na Legid met up with four dream duos in their Ber­lin sur­roun­dings — wea­ring neu­bau eyewear.

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Alex­an­der and Lea

Whe­re and how did you meet?
ALEX­AN­DER: It feels like more than 30 years that we met for the first time – rea­listi­cal­ly it was around 12 years ago – in a café whe­re I was with her friends and I thought who is SHE?! I immedia­te­ly embraced her.

LEA: Offi­cial ver­si­on: ten years ago in a café through mutu­al friends.
Inof­fi­cial ver­si­on: we’­re iden­ti­cal twins.

Least and most favo­ri­te thing about your friend?
ALEX­AN­DER: She’s an incredi­b­ly honest and upfront per­son with a heart too big to ever be weig­hed, howe­ver – becau­se of her huge heart – her emo­ti­ons some­ti­mes act up and Lea gets a bit lou­der… But I like loud peop­le though.

LEA: Alex is by far the most generous per­son I know. He would never say no if you’d need him and he would be always on my side, having my back. No mat­ter if baga­tel­le or life cri­sis. The only pro­blem: his tas­te in bath-tub mats.

How do you cheer Alex­an­der / Lea up when they’­re in a bad mood?
ALEX­AN­DER: With my bad humour.

LEA: An anec­do­te from our shared girl band time is enough to swee­ten his day. PS: he was not Posh Spice.

Whe­re do you spend most of your time tog­e­ther?
ALEX­AN­DER: When eating. I love eating, she loves eating, we LOVE eating.

LEA: In bed. In good restau­rants. On the dance floor of bad clubs.

What’s the kin­dest thing Alex­an­der / Lea has ever done for you?
ALEX­AN­DER: That she wants to be friends with me – thanks.

LEA: When I got my daugh­ter I was com­ple­te­ly alo­ne in a for­eign city. After the birth, Alex was the first one who has put ever­ything asi­de to come to us, to cook for me, to com­fort the screa­ming baby, to pam­per me. Thanks Alex.

On which brand would your friend spend their last money?
ALEX­AN­DER: For Lea it’s not about the brands – she must fall in love. When she falls in love she gives her last shirt to get the piece.

LEA: May­be Com­me des Gar­cons. Howe­ver, Alex loves peop­le and things without having to know their back­ground. Real­ly, no mat­ter wha­t’s writ­ten on the label, if he likes it he likes it.

What would Alex­an­der / Lea’s per­fect holi­day be like?
ALEX­AN­DER: One week in New York with me, then two weeks in the Car­ri­be­an without me.

LEA: A trip to the worl­d’s best restau­rant with me.

Kezia and Max

Whe­re and how did you meet?
KEZIA: We met at Uni­ver­si­ty. I thought he had beau­ti­ful eyes but then I got angry becau­se he pro­noun­ced my name wrong.

What made you rea­li­ze Max / Kezia is a good friend?
MAX: We have the same mind, and same mouth.

KEZIA: We have total­ly dif­fe­rent minds, alt­hough Max thinks we have the same one. I rea­li­ze Max is a good friend becau­se he is able to show me the world from a dif­fe­rent point of view.

What acti­vi­ty would you never do tog­e­ther?
KEZIA: Defi­ni­te­ly sex!

Do you ever argue? If so, when?
KEZIA: I guess we never had a nor­mal con­ver­sa­ti­on. We argue all the time about everything!

MAX: About ever­ything sometimes.

Wha­t’s the most sur­pri­sing fact about Max / Kezia?
KEZIA: Max dan­ces bet­ter than Micha­el Jackson!

MAX: That she’s actual­ly the most warm-hear­ted per­son. She can’t sing but this girl has rhythm like no other.

What drink would you order for Max / Kezia in a club?
KEZIA: I would order water for Max but he would like me to order whisky.

MAX: Whis­ky for max, water for Kezia.

What is Kezia / Max’s favo­ri­te song at the moment?
KEZIA: Geor­ge Map­le — Stricks and Hor­ses ft. Goldlink

MAX: Mc Fio­ti — Bum Bum Tam Tam

Toni and Fanny

Whe­re and how did you meet?
We met at the Sec­tion Boys con­cert, last February.

Most favo­ri­te thing about your friend?
I love about Toni that I can total­ly trust her and that she’s super honest.

Why do you argue?
I actual­ly can’t think of any argue we had, pro­bab­ly about small things but not­hing serious.

What makes a good friend?
For me a good friend is someo­ne who I can tell ever­ything, someo­ne who does not judge me and of cour­se someo­ne to have fun with.

What’s the kin­dest thing your friend has done for you?
That she always gives me advice and lis­tens pati­ent­ly to all my drama.

What’s your frien­d’s favo­ri­te food?

What’s your frien­d’s favo­ri­te musi­ci­an?
No spe­ci­fic per­son, she lis­tens to various rock or hip­hop artists.

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Eli and Nalan

Whe­re and how did you meet?
We met at a bir­th­day par­ty of a com­mon friend. I was late, Eli was sit­ting in the midd­le of well-pre­pa­red sur­pri­se deco­ra­ti­on aka Luft­schlan­gen’. But we alrea­dy heard from each other and actual­ly met several times in our dreams.

An expe­ri­ence that deepe­ned your friendship?
Our first Dj gig as Senu and slim­girl fat. We spent hours to pre­pa­re our­sel­ves for this slot and all of a sud­den ended up watching coo­king with a dog’ on YouTube.

Wha­t’s your favo­ri­te acti­vi­ty that you do tog­e­ther?
Dis­cus­sing life strug­gles with the IPC (Inter­na­tio­nal Pearl Collec­ti­ve) and han­ging out at Nal­an’s cozy kit­chen. It’s an open space for all the like min­ded peop­le I met in Ber­lin to get tog­e­ther. She always brings ever­yo­ne together.

What makes Eli / Nal­an a good friend?
ELI: Same values and things we get exci­ted about. You can just pro­cess much fas­ter if you have a like min­ded atti­tu­de towards so many topics.

NAL­AN: Eli is reli­able, honest AND my wise goog­le machi­ne. I am glad that she is a living human being!

Wha­t’s the weir­dest thing your friend has done for you?
She always offers me her home when she is away so I can have some time off … I mean we both live in Neu­kölln, Ber­lin. I love her idea anyway! 

Who is Eli’s / Nal­an’s most hated artist?
Hm, no hate.

What does Eli / Nal­an love to do in their spa­re time?
ELI: Bes­i­des doing music, she hosts ever­yo­ne and feeds them with deli­cious self-made bana­na bread.

NAL­AN: Eli some­ti­mes tend to get herself useless things: a tri­pod, mixer in size extra small, hund­reds of head­pho­nes or hiking sticks. She loves food and the­re­fo­re she is the best cook I know so far!

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