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A talk with pho­to­gra­pher Jeis­son Martin

The best thing about Instagram is probably how easy it has become to discover ambitious photographers. Berlin-based Jeisson Martin is one of them.

He regu­lar­ly takes us on a beau­ti­ful jour­ney through his feed, whe­ther it is roof­tops with a stun­ning view, under­ground tun­nels or exo­tic pla­ces all around the glo­be. What fasci­na­tes us most about his art is that he goes to gre­at pains to dis­co­ver hid­den spots that would stay invi­si­ble for most of us – if we weren’t able to see them through his pho­to­graphs. We caught up with the 23-year-old explo­rer to talk dan­gers, tra­vel­ling and his favo­ri­te sum­mer hangouts.

How did you get into pho­to­gra­phy?
I star­ted to get into pho­to­gra­phy, becau­se I was fol­lowing a few serious Insta­gramm­ers, but at that time my feed was just ran­dom stuff. I wan­ted to make it visual­ly more appe­aling, and tha­t’s how it all star­ted, from iPho­ne shots to what I am doing now.

What makes Insta­gram the per­fect medi­um of publi­ca­ti­on for you?
Insta­gram is very use­ful in many ways; you’­ve got in one hand immedia­te feed­back to your work, which was very important in the begin­ning for me, to see if my style was lik­ed. You also get inspi­red by scrol­ling down the feed, which deve­lo­ps your own style as well. Last­ly, but for me the most important is being able to con­nect with other creators or brands on pro­jects and campaigns.

How do you find all the secret pla­ces that we see in your pho­tos?
Haha if that was­n’t a secret then the spots would­n’t be secret. But I real­ly just walk around with very open eyes and see pos­si­bi­li­ties whe­re others only see an impos­si­ble roof.

What was the most dan­ge­rous envi­ron­ment that you’ve been in for a pho­to­graph?
The­re whe­re a few occa­si­ons that weren’t too safe, to be honest. But I would say any sub­way sys­tem, the­re are risks you don’t want to think of…

What makes a pho­to a gre­at pho­to? Which ele­ments are important to you?
That real­ly lies wit­hin the obser­ver, for me though it is very dif­fe­rent. I like to put a per­son as a refe­rence of sca­le in my shots, and sym­me­try always works as well.

How do you know that you’ve found the per­fect sub­ject for a pho­to­graph?
99% at the first sight, but then 1% after I am done editing.

Which other pho­to­graph­ers do you like?
I real­ly enjoy por­traits and also real­ly good com­mer­cial stuff. I would say for nice shots of beau­ti­ful ladies I can recom­mend @apricotberlin, other than that my good friend @franz.becker, with whom I am doing a lot of pho­to-video rela­ted work sepa­ra­te of Insta­gram lately.

In which way does Ber­lin influ­ence your work?
As far as archi­tec­tu­re Ber­lin is pret­ty basic for me, the­re are way more beau­ti­ful cities. But it’s the flair of the city, the fee­ling you have when you walk around, the peop­le with all their dif­fe­rent sto­ries. Tha­t’s what keeps Ber­lin the most inte­res­ting city for me!

You’re not only taking pic­tures in Ber­lin, you’re tra­vel­ling the world – in your opi­ni­on, what’s the best way to tra­vel: alo­ne, as a cou­p­le or in a group?
Yes, tra­vel­ling always is key to love your home­town even more! The best way to tra­vel is to have one or two peop­le to join you. It does­n’t real­ly mat­ter if it’s in a cou­p­le or a friend, but what mat­ters is not only being very good friends, but also have the same hob­bies. See if a friend has to wait 10 minu­tes for me to take a shot or if we can dis­cuss the ang­le with each other tha­t’s two worlds.

What’s your favo­ri­te sum­mer han­gout? What’s the most exci­ting place to be around?
My most favo­ri­te sum­mer han­gout must be a ham­mock! And the most exci­ting place, is the place I haven’t been to yet!

You’re well known for clim­bing roof­tops – what is the nicest to enjoy warm evenings?
Every moment is real­ly spe­cial and has its own fee­ling. Having a BBQ on one of the roof­tops with my ex-girl­friend two years ago in a buil­ding which is now a very expen­si­ve apart­ment house, that was real­ly special!

And whe­re to find some coo­ling?
The­re is not­hing bet­ter than to ride the bike around Ber­lin in the evening and then just stroll around to find some spots. Tha­t’s whe­re I find my coo­ling! Apart from that, sub­way tun­nels are most­ly pret­ty cool.

What pho­to of sum­mer 16 is the per­fect sum up for that time?
This must be this one, such a cra­zy spot:

Whe­re will you tra­vel next?
I’ve got a lot ide­as. I would love to make a pro­ject with 2 min vide­os of dif­fe­rent cities like on my You­tube. Go to Bar­ce­lo­na and Lon­don for 48 hours and stuff like that.

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