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Discover the world through the eyes of neubau eyewear

How beau­ti­ful is it to dis­co­ver the world with eyes wide open? To explo­re its most beau­ti­ful pla­ces and to enrich life with brand new expe­ri­en­ces? After all, the­se are the moments that are desti­ned to beco­me unf­or­gett­able memo­ries which stay with us fore­ver. Moments whe­re we find our­sel­ves unpre­dic­ta­b­ly on a Brook­lyn sky­s­cra­per watching the sun­set. Moments we are wel­co­med by an unex­pec­ted oasis of calm in bust­ling Milan. Moments lis­tening to sto­ries recoun­ted by the locals in a Vien­nese cof­fee house.

It’s pre­cise­ly the­se uni­que events you’d rather expe­ri­ence not with a bus­load of other tou­rists, but under the trus­ted gui­d­ance of a know­led­ge­ab­le local. Whe­re’s the most unusu­al spot for vin­ta­ge shop­ping? Which bar mixes the most spec­ta­cu­lar cock­tail? From Le Marais to Neu­kölln, neu­bau eye­we­ar has asked pho­to­graph­ers and insi­ders to tell us which of their city­’s neigh­bor­hoods the most exci­ting memo­ries can be made in, and which of its quar­ter reflects the spi­rit of the Neu­bau’ district in Vienna.

Becau­se the seventh district — as the Neu­bau district is also known — ser­ves not only as a con­stant inspi­ra­ti­on and names­a­ke for neu­bau eye­we­ar, but is also home to count­less crea­ti­ve peop­le who, with ever-new ide­as, have tur­ned the district into a mel­ting pot of fashion labels, gal­le­ries, shops and restau­rants. Here, tra­di­tio­nal craft­s­manship meets inno­va­ti­on, Vien­nese cus­toms mix with the cos­mo­po­li­tan, and his­to­ri­cal archi­tec­tu­re blends with urban gardening. 

Flat Lay Green Tone X Dani
Dani Minimal Front Facing

This uni­que mix is simi­lar­ly reflec­ted in the values and designs of neu­bau eye­we­ar. By using envi­ron­ment­al­ly friend­ly mate­ri­als, sup­por­ting glo­bal initia­ti­ves for natu­re pre­ser­va­ti­on and — last but not least — crea­ting inno­va­ti­ve designs for the most com­for­ta­ble wear, neu­bau eye­we­ar has been able to attract the atten­ti­on of the crea­ti­ve com­mu­ni­ty — a com­mu­ni­ty that con­su­mes con­scious­ly and always choo­ses pro­ducts which com­bi­ne style with a clear con­sci­ence. neu­bau eye­wear’s uni­que See and Do Good con­cept cap­tures exact­ly that. 

And the­se values are also cap­tu­red in the District Gui­de. We hope you have fun using the lovin­g­ly cura­ted tips collec­ted from our local heroes. Dis­co­ver the world through the eyes of neu­bau eyewear!

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