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NEUBAU EYEWEAR is proud partner of the Rondo Fashion Award 2021 by University of Applied Arts Vienna. This year's winner is Larissa Falk, who convinced the jury with her graduation collection ALIENATION. In her graduation collection Larissa questions female body images and subverts the traces of the male gaze with her designs.

We tal­ked to Laris­sa about her collec­tions, sources of inspi­ra­ti­on, chal­len­ges and sustainability.

What does it mean to you being awar­ded with the Ron­do Fashion Award 2021”?

I am very gra­te­ful to be able to pre­sent my gra­dua­te collec­tion in Ron­do Maga­zi­ne to a wider ran­ge of peop­le. Through that, I hope to reach even more peop­le who feel con­nec­ted to the topics I am ques­tio­ning, in order to rethink, be more con­fi­dent and more proud of them­sel­ves. Fur­ther­mo­re, spon­so­ring is a gre­at oppor­tu­ni­ty to sup­port my future plans.

What mes­sa­ge do you want to con­vey with your latest collection?

I want to fore­ground the fact that women of any age should be proud of reve­aling their skin and should not feel asha­med of not being per­fect’, arti­fi­cial’, or flat. My collec­tion is a com­men­ta­ry on the expo­sure of the hid­den fema­le body. I want to encou­ra­ge women to be proud and feel attrac­ti­ve at any age. Reve­aling skin and body should not be a mat­ter of age but rather of awa­reness of why and for whom.

Whe­re do you find inspiration?

Often, I find inspi­ra­ti­on very ran­dom­ly or intui­tively. It can be during dai­ly rou­ti­nes, con­ver­sa­ti­ons, while watching a movie, lis­tening to music, or atten­ding an exhi­bi­ti­on. Also, the making pro­cess is often lea­ding me to new inspirations. 

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Which collec­tion are you most proud of and why?

My pre­vious collec­tion META­MOR­PHO­SIS’ was an important star­ting point for my gra­dua­te collec­tion. Wit­hin this collec­tion, I star­ted to focus on ques­tio­ning the fema­le per­for­ma­ti­vi­ty, power struc­tures, the fetis­hiz­a­ti­on of the fema­le body, and reflec­ted on my child­hood. This allo­wed me to deepen my ide­as and con­cept for my gra­dua­te collec­tion ALIE­NA­TI­ON’ to crea­te a more holistic approach.

Why did you choo­se to beco­me a fashion designer?

From a very young age I was inte­res­ted in making clothes, at the age of 14 I deci­ded to move from the coun­try­si­de in Sty­ria to Graz in order to be able to attend a fashion school. The­re­fo­re, I gai­ned know­ledge in sewing and pat­tern tech­ni­ques, which was very hel­pful during my studies.

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What is or was your big­gest design challenge?

The star­ting point of every collec­tion is qui­te chal­len­ging, to deci­de on one idea, and to deve­lop it fur­ther in various ways. But the big­gest chal­len­ge is to con­vey a con­cept through the collec­tion and to have it reco­gniz­ab­le for the viewer.

What does sus­taina­bi­li­ty mean to you and how can you incor­po­ra­te that into your work?

Wit­hin my working pro­cess, I try to reu­se toi­ling mate­ri­als. I am focu­sed as well on main­ly working with dead­stock mate­ri­als in order to crea­te less was­te. Nevertheless, I also have a cri­ti­cal point of view on the use of the word sus­taina­bi­li­ty, sin­ce it is so often used wron­gly as a mar­ke­ting strategy.

What do you expect from the future?

I don’t have any spe­ci­fic expec­ta­ti­ons at the moment, but I am loo­king for­ward to various pro­fes­sio­nal oppor­tu­nities, whe­ther it is star­ting my own label, a col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve stu­dio, or working for someone.

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