Indie-Pop band We Walk Walls about their favo­ri­te Vien­na spots

It’s not easy to find the best ice-cream in Vienna when you have so many options. Fortunately, the Viennese Indie-Pop band We Walk Walls know where you can get the best creamy refreshment in town.

Next to the­se very important issu­es, we also tal­ked with the four­so­me about their upco­m­ing album, their best con­cert so far and their take on a more sus­tainab­le lifestyle.

Your first album Cere­mo­nies” was released in 2013, the one befo­re that came out in 2015. It’s 2017 now. Can we expect some­thing new from you any­ti­me soon?
It’s not offi­cial yet, but I think we could alrea­dy say it: yes, we will be in the stu­dio record­ing for a new album very soon.

Which direc­tion will you take this time?
It’s ano­t­her step fur­ther. From the first to the second album, we alrea­dy went through a deve­lo­p­ment. Now, we even got more com­plex, the song­wri­ting has beco­me a bit more com­pli­ca­ted, but defi­ni­te­ly much more thoughtful.

Patri­cia: The­re are many Car­ri­be­an influ­en­ces this time, it almost sounds…”fruity”. Over­all, we could say that this album will be a bit more cheerful.

Ste­fan: But it’s not an oran­ge, that would be too sweet and not a citrus, that would be too sour. It sound much more like some­thing inbet­ween — a Grape­fruit maybe.

Slight­ly bit­ter?
Yes, a bit. And may­be melan­cho­lic in some parts.

Patri­cia: I actual­ly hate grape­fruits, but I have to admit that the com­pa­ri­son is a good one.

Ste­fan: Lucky you. Did you know that you can beco­me immu­ne to some medi­ca­ments when you eat too much grape­fruit? Some peop­le even died becau­se of this. We are much more harm­less, even when we sound like a grapefruit.

I have read that it is very important to you that your music is visual­ly attrac­ti­ve and that you love to work with pro­jec­tions at your con­certs. You also give crea­ti­ve input when it comes to your vide­os. Do you come up with the­se ide­as after the song­wri­ting or is it a pro­cess that runs at the same time?
It’s both. It hap­pens that you alrea­dy have some ide­as for music vide­os when you do the song­wri­ting. The con­cept for the visu­als as such rather grow slow­ly becau­se it con­sists of rese­arch work. You lis­ten to the song and then brow­se the inter­net and see what you can find. We work a lot with home-vide­os, so it’s a con­stant giving and taking. Some­ti­mes, you are inspi­red by the music, other times, the images are the things that give you inspiration.

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You have once descri­bed your music as a con­cept of oppo­si­tes”. How is it pos­si­ble to make the­se oppo­si­tes sound and look so har­mo­nious?
Ever­yo­ne in the band is very goal-ori­en­ted and ever­ything hap­pens qui­te natu­ral­ly. We had never wan­ted to for­ce this oppo­si­ti­on in our music. We just lis­tened to the songs at the end and then noti­ced all the­se opposites.

You all live in Vien­na. Can you think of a place in this city that repres­ents this con­cept of oppo­si­tes” that we can find in your music?
The who­le city as such. The who­le Aus­tri­an and Vien­nese men­ta­li­ty is full of oppo­si­tes. Oppo­si­ti­on as a stra­te­gy is a term that I real­ly like. I think you can find this in every cof­fee house, on every street in Vien­na and every Aus­tri­an family.

And whe­re did your best gig so far take place?
The best con­cert we had in Vien­na has defi­ni­te­ly been our gig in the Chel­sea Club around a year ago. Howe­ver the Donau­in­sel-Fest was gre­at, too.

Ste­fan: I agree, when it comes to the inter­ac­tion with the audi­ence, the con­cert at Chel­sea was one of the best. And of cour­se all the ear­ly gigs and album release tours, that’s always some­thing very special.

Patri­cia: And do you remem­ber the Donau­ka­nal-Trei­ben in 2015? It was rai­ning so hard and we even had to build the sta­ge our­sel­ves — but it was also so much fun. Even today, peop­le are still tal­king to me about it. It must have been qui­te impressive.

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Which place in Vien­na inspi­res you the most?
My bed. But I serious­ly think that your own home can be qui­te inspring. For me per­so­nal­ly, it’s parks.

Ste­fan: A very spe­cial thing here in Vien­na are the so-cal­led Beserl-Parks”. A Beserl-Park” is around 3 x 2 metres big and most­ly inclu­des a swing and an old sand pit. Every child in Vien­na defi­ni­te­ly knows what a Beserl” is.

Patri­cia: For me, it’s the forest. Like Sil­vio, I love to be in natu­re. The Vien­nese peop­le can be qui­te grum­py at times, so it’s hard to draw inspi­ra­ti­on from them.

Ste­fan: The gre­at thing about Vien­na is that you have the anony­mi­ty of a big capi­tal city on the one hand and then on the other hand, you live in your Grätzl” (quar­ter) and always meet the same 20 peop­le. You kind of start knowing all of them, even if it is just a super­fi­cial knowing. Your Grätzl” is a bit like a vil­la­ge wit­hin the city.

What’s your rela­ti­on to the Neu­bau district?
I would love to live here, but unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, I can­not afford it.

Ste­fan: I live in the neigh­bour district, Joseph­stadt. It’s qui­te simi­lar, the buil­dings and struc­tu­re are very much the same.

Sil­vio: I also love to walk along Neu­bau­gas­se. My new gym is loca­ted in Neu­bau, so I hope­ful­ly will be here more often soon.

Do you have any must-see tips for non-locals?
The Café Euro­pa is a must. On the wee­kends, you can get the best bre­ak­fast the­re. Then there’s the Café Rit­ter on Maria­hil­fer Street which is one of the more tra­di­tio­nal vien­nese cof­fee houses.

Patri­cia: The restau­rant Sapa is urgut” for eating sum­mer rolls. And I agree, Café Euro­pa is a gre­at place whe­re you always acci­dent­al­ly land.

Sil­vio: You can also find many second­hand shops in Neu­bau. Huma­na is always good for hid­den vin­ta­ge gems.

Patri­cia: And the­re is an orga­nic food shop at Neu­bau­gas­se that is cal­led Reform­haus Buch­mül­ler. It’s run by some real­ly nice ladies and the food the­re is great.

Ste­fan: And if you like Fala­fel, Maschu Maschu is the per­fect place for you. I love to go the­re after being at my hair­dresser who has his shop nearby.

Sum­mer is com­ing clo­ser and clo­ser. Tell us, whe­re can we find the best ice-cream in the who­le of Vien­na?
Vega­nis­ta. They also have a shop in Neubau.

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Do you have any favo­ri­te fla­vours?
I love this blue kids ice cream. And I would love to try bub­ble gum. And the very dark cho­co­la­te ice-cream you can find in Ita­ly tas­tes so gre­at. And top­pings are the best. I need to have some can­dy sprink­les on my cone.

Patri­cia: I am eit­her one extre­me or the other. I like rather boring fla­vours like cho­co­la­te or straw­ber­ry or I am the first who tri­es the most extra­va­gant kinds. The last one was ice-cream made out of goat milk.

Ste­fan: Basil is also supri­sin­gly good. And cookies.

Maze: I rather tend to like the stan­dard one — straw­ber­ry, bana­na or citrus.

You all wear glas­ses by neu­bau eye­we­ar today and the sus­tainab­le collec­tion just came out. Does sus­taina­bi­li­ty play a role in your life as well?
I defi­ni­te­ly think that it is important to be reflec­ti­ve about what you con­su­me ever­y­day. Espe­cial­ly when it comes to clothes – it’s ridi­cu­lous to per­ma­nent­ly buy new things. And I think it’s gre­at when a brand pla­ces impor­t­ance on the­se things.

Do you have any examp­les from your ever­y­day life whe­re you act sus­tainab­le?
I use cot­ton bags when going to the gro­ce­ry store. I try to avoid buy­ing plastic bags as much as I can.

Ste­fan: Me and my girl­friend only use orga­nic cos­me­tics, from our tooth­pas­te to our sho­wer gel. They don’t con­tain micro plastics and are the­re­fo­re less harm­ful for our drin­king water. Even small steps in the right direc­tion can alrea­dy make a chan­ge. If ever­yo­ne acted a bit more con­scious­ly, the world would be a much bet­ter place.

Pho­to­gra­phy by Berit Rans­mayr, Words by Lau­ra Waldschmidt

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