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In con­ver­sa­ti­on with Pla­net Patrol: The sto­ry and moti­va­ti­on behind the organisation.

Coinciding with World Ocean Day on June 8 we are launching our campaign “Perspectives of Pioneers” for our new special edition „Lotte & Hans“. NEUBAU EYEWEAR has created a homage to the fascinating world of the oceans and is calling on us to conserve and protect them.
In the course of this campaign, under the title #NEUBAUpioneers, we are joining forces with Planet Patrol to launch an international litter picking initiative, with the goal of minimizing litter both on land and in the oceans.

Pla­net Patrol was set up in 2016 and we have alrea­dy made gre­at stri­des to remo­ve lit­ter from over 80 coun­tries around the world. Pla­net Patrol exists to pro­tect our pla­net and wild­life by addres­sing the pres­sing thre­ats of lit­ter and the sin­gle-use cul­tu­re. We are a com­mu­ni­ty-focu­sed, solu­ti­on-ori­en­ta­ted, non-pro­fit orga­ni­sa­ti­on: a move­ment of peop­le working for a clea­ner future. We took a look behind the minds of Pla­net Patrol and asked all the ques­ti­ons we always wan­ted to ask.

What exact­ly does Pla­net Patrol do?

Pla­net Patrol is a glo­bal non-pro­fit sit­ting at the inter­sec­tion of envi­ron­ment and well­being. Our mis­si­on is to eli­mi­na­te sin­gle-use mate­ri­als and lit­ter, and we do this through com­mu­ni­ty action and citi­zen sci­ence. One of our main are­as of work is run­ning clean ups all over the world, but it’s not your stan­dard lit­ter picking. We com­bi­ne lit­ter picking with acti­vi­ties, like padd­le­boar­ding, yoga, plog­ging, park­our — whilst also record­ing lit­ter that’s collec­ted through our free app.

What is your foun­ding story?

In 2016 Foun­der, Liz­zie Carr, beca­me the first per­son in histo­ry to padd­le­board the length of Eng­lan­d’s water­ways, solo and unsup­por­ted to rai­se awa­reness of plastic pol­lu­ti­on. Along the 400 mile jour­ney, she cata­logued more than 20,000 examp­les of lit­ter. Liz­zie has gone on to com­ple­te a fur­ther two world first endu­ran­ce chal­len­ges and set up Pla­net Patrol to con­ti­nue her mis­si­on. We pro­vi­de ways for peop­le all over to get invol­ved in pro­tec­ting the pla­net through acti­vi­ty based lit­ter picking as well a num­ber of other programmes. 

What is Pla­net Patrol’s motivation?

The moti­va­ti­on for Pla­net Patrol is our com­mu­ni­ty and the collec­ti­ve power we have to bring about posi­ti­ve envi­ron­men­tal chan­ge for a more sus­tainab­le future.

Neubau eyewear planet patrol ocean cleanup

How much was­te items do you collect per year?

Sin­ce Pla­net Patrol star­ted in 2016, we’ve remo­ved over 500 ton­nes of was­te from natu­re. Ever­yo­ne who joins our acti­vi­ty based clean ups pays their natu­re tax’ by record­ing ever­ything they collect in the Pla­net Patrol app. To date over 350,000 pie­ces of lit­ter have been recor­ded in across 83 coun­tries. You can get invol­ved as a citi­zen sci­en­tist by down­loading the Pla­net Patrol app via the app store and record­ing lit­ter you see.

What hap­pens with the data you gene­ra­te through your app?

Data is cru­cial for the work Pla­net Patrol does but its value is often unde­re­sti­ma­ted in lit­ter picking. We prio­ri­ti­se data collec­tion and see it as an important tool to inform indus­try and government, hel­ping to find solu­ti­ons based on real-time insight. Vol­un­te­ers across the world use the free Pla­net Patrol app to record all the lit­ter they see by type, brand, amount and loca­ti­on (which is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly geo-tag­ged) for our sci­en­tists to iden­ti­fy trends and pat­terns in both lit­ter and human beha­viours.

Data is evi­dence. Lit­ter picking alo­ne will never sol­ve this pro­blem, it must be cou­pled with data collec­tion to get to the source of the pro­blem and address it at the level requi­red. You can read our annu­al lit­ter reports here.


What is your sug­ges­ti­on for kee­ping our oceans/​pla­net clean?

Lit­ter and plastic pol­lu­ti­on is, put sim­ply, a design fault. As indi­vi­du­als, we can reu­se or refu­se sin­gle-use pro­ducts, but what we need to see is more invest­ment in design inno­va­ti­on from indus­try to pro­vi­de genui­nely sus­tainab­le alter­na­ti­ves that are acces­si­ble to the main­stream to make a dif­fe­rence on a big­ger scale.

We also need to see govern­men­tal poli­ci­es that sup­port indus­try impro­ve­ments, as well as impro­ved was­te manage­ment infra­st­ruc­tu­re globally.

How can someo­ne sup­port you?

Pla­net Patrol is all about peop­le power and our impact has all been due to the incredi­ble Pla­net Patrol com­mu­ni­ty. How you can get invol­ved: — Down­load the Pla­net Patrol app for free. When you see lit­ter, take a pho­to and tag the type and brand to help build the big­gest glo­bal pol­lu­ti­on data­ba­se: https://​pla​net​pa​trol​.co/​d​o​w​n​l​o​a​d​-​o​u​r​-app/

Use your skills and what you are good at to sup­port issu­es you care about. Whe­ther you’­re good at art, sports, spreads­he­ets, public spea­king, the­re are so many ways that you can sup­port exis­ting orga­ni­sa­ti­ons or educate/​raise awa­reness about key issu­es and solu­ti­ons and we are always loo­king for eager volunteers.

Planet patrol ocean cleanup

What are Pla­net Patrol’s future goals?

Our goal is to record one mil­li­on pie­ces of lit­ter in the Pla­net Patrol app — we’­re at 350,000 pie­ces cur­r­ent­ly, so over one-third of the way the­re! We also have lots of exci­ting cam­pai­gns plan­ned, infor­med by the data gathe­red by our com­mu­ni­ty. Stay tun­ed!

What does Per­spec­ti­ves of Pioneers” mean to you?

Pla­net Patrol is cent­red on com­mu­ni­ty — it’s at the heart of ever­ything. Whilst it all star­ted with Foun­der Liz­zie Carr — on a one-woman cru­sa­de to tack­le plastic pol­lu­ti­on from a padd­le board by doing a num­ber of endu­ran­ce chal­len­ges — in the last five years it’s grown into a glo­bal move­ment with more than 25,000 vol­un­te­ers around the world. For Pla­net Patrol, Per­spec­ti­ves of Pioneers’ is about every mem­ber of our com­mu­ni­ty, tog­e­ther we’ve got a pionee­ring move­ment, it’s not about the individual.

Deep oce­an, infi­ni­te black or para­di­se blue?

Para­di­se blue!

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