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In con­ver­sa­ti­on with Nadia von Scotti

In the process of creating a concept for the new Sustainable Avantgarde - manifesting in the new collections WATER, EARTH, FIRE and AIR - we were seeking a visual identity to underline our urge for balance between human and nature. Looking for a premium photographer with a sense and eye for the power and beauty of nature given elements. Because we at NEUBAU Eyewear believe in a holistic creation, where partners and contributors share similar visions and cultivate an empathic view on the world.

Nadia von Scot­ti is one of tho­se rare visio­na­ries with an eye for the strength and bel­le of our earth. She knows how to place peop­le in the­se power­ful natu­ral phe­no­me­na, so modern humans yet again beco­me one with their sur­roun­dings without affec­ting the ensem­ble as a dis­ar­ran­ging con­trast. Nadia’s pho­to­graphs adapt them­sel­ves to the cycle of earth, whe­re dif­fe­rent sea­sons and wea­ther events reflect a genui­ne and blunt view of rea­li­ty without having to be impro­ved or chan­ged by arti­fi­cial influ­en­ces. Strong colors play with the ligh­t­ing con­di­ti­ons in the respec­ti­ve hemi­s­phe­re and crea­te vibrant, lively images that are cha­rac­te­ri­zed by a cap­ti­vat­ing hones­ty. We are more than hap­py to have her imple­ment our visi­ons for the WATER, EARTH, FIRE and AIR collec­tions in a visu­al iden­ti­ty which is both — raw and soft, pure and full of ener­gy, bold and fra­gi­le, pre­mi­um and natural. 

In our inter­view we asked Nadia about her pas­si­ons, pho­to­gra­phy and rela­ti­ons­hip to nature. 

Neubau eyewear nadia von scotti sustainable avantgarde

Which of the 4 ele­ments is your favorite?

I love them all but EARTH is my favo­ri­te — sim­ply becau­se I per­so­nal­ly feel the most con­nec­ted to moun­tains and forest. The pic­tures as well as the ele­ment are calm and strong, sen­su­al but groun­ded — some­thing that reflects me the most in my inner perception.

What do you like to pho­to­graph most?

Natu­re! I tra­vel a lot on my own for gre­at land­s­cape pic­tures — main­ly to pla­ces with moun­tains. Also for me it’s not so much about the actu­al pho­to but about the jour­ney or pro­cess to get the­re. Being part of the land­s­cape expe­ri­en­cing the beau­ty of Mother Natu­re is the big­gest gift for me. When I look at my land­s­cape shots I often don’t see what’s in the actu­al pic­tu­re — I see wha­t’s left or right or even behind it becau­se I remem­ber mys­elf being the­re, embra­cing the scenery.

Which pic­tu­re from the shoo­ting is your favorite?

Neubau eyewear nadia von scotti campaign sustainable avantgarde small

Tell us some­thing about yourself: How did you get into pho­to­gra­phy? What is your specialty?

Tha­t’s a tough one… I’d say it’s a blend bet­ween a gene­ral curio­si­ty for all the won­ders in life pai­red with a very hands on cha­rac­ter trait.I never had a strong exter­nal gui­d­ance or some­thing — I did not stu­dy pho­to­gra­phy or lear­ned’ it the clas­sic way. I rather deve­lo­ped an inte­rest and then very con­sist­ent­ly fol­lo­wed that fee­ling with a strong lear­ning by doing atti­tu­de. I always had to rely on mys­elf and I always nee­ded to work very hard to achie­ve what I wan­ted and this dri­ve tog­e­ther with won­der is still what keeps me going today…

For me it’s all about sto­ry­tel­ling, move­ment and emo­ti­ons. Tha­t’s the essence of all my pro­jects. Equal­ly important is the abi­li­ty to link and con­nect mental­ly with the peop­le I work with — to under­stand quick­ly whe­re they’­re com­ing from and what they like.

Neubau eyewear nadia von scotti sustainable avantgarde water

What does Chan­ging the per­spec­ti­ve, chan­ges the world” mean to you?

The future of this pla­net and human man­kind is some­thing we can actively work for by being able to under­stand our own role. We must not was­te ener­gy bla­ming the world, the poli­ti­ci­ans, the cor­po­ra­ti­ons, or the neigh­bor. We must not wait but under­stand the power of the self and the power of crea­ti­on: the gift of the human mind to craft some­thing out of not­hing. We got the abi­li­ty to visua­li­ze, to play with ide­as and to con­den­se the­se ide­as into a con­cept that we can turn into rea­li­ty, into mea­ning, into impact. And we need to start doing so by ourselves.

What inspi­res you?

On an emo­tio­nal level: Peop­le who do things. Who go out of their com­fort zones and crea­te. The­re is not­hing that trig­gers me more than was­ted potential.People have the abi­li­ty to do ama­zing things and I mys­elf feel the most inspi­ra­tio­nal power when I see other peop­le stri­ving and bloo­m­ing. It moti­va­tes me to do the same and use the limi­ted time that I have in the most crea­ti­ve and ful­fil­ling way.

On a visu­al level: I love mono colo­red land­s­capes, all migh­ty shapes of natu­re, moun­tains, clouds, saltpans… 

On a men­tal level: The most crea­ti­ve I get is right befo­re I sleep. When I am in bed I can think about an idea for hours. My eyes are clo­sed but I can ima­gi­ne a who­le pro­ject, I like to think of it like a bed­ti­me sto­ry. My favo­ri­te pro­jects all got crea­ted at night right befo­re I fall asleep. I don’t like to look at mood pic­tures for that pur­po­se — it limits my ima­gi­na­ti­on and nar­rows down my pos­si­bi­li­ties. Only after an idea is born I would collect moods to under­line my vision.

How has your way of working chan­ged in times of Corona?

Lear­ning to be more pati­ent and com­p­lain less. I also had to ack­now­ledge that I can­not plan ever­ything in advan­ce. Nor­mal­ly I tra­vel a lot, now I adapt and focus on my local pro­jects. I lear­ned to stay acti­ve no mat­ter the exter­nal cir­cum­s­tan­ces — but also to be more fle­xi­ble and soft with mys­elf. I’m used to work or do a lot — I’m always on the go. I nee­ded to accept that things move slower now and that this could invol­ve more qua­li­ty if I’m wil­ling to adapt. Also I’m even more gra­te­ful for the peop­le who put their trust in me and keep me busy.

What was spe­cial for you about the col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with NEU­BAU and the campaign?

I per­so­nal­ly think this was a very exci­ting pro­ject whe­re we explo­red new fron­tiers in the pho­to and film pro­duc­tion indus­try. Due to the Coro­na situa­ti­on we had to plan and exe­cu­te the shoot ent­i­re­ly remo­te with regu­lar pre-pro­duc­tion zoom mee­tings with NEU­BAU, as well as agen­ci­es, etc. — that came with lots of inte­res­ting chal­len­ges but also oppor­tu­nities for all play­ers invol­ved. It was a new situa­ti­on for ever­yo­ne so a lot of trust was requi­red which, for me, tur­ned out to be a key fac­tor for the out­co­me and suc­cess of this pro­duc­tion. I got to choo­se my pre­fer­red team mem­bers for this job, which had a direct impact on the work­flow — it was more of a collec­ti­ve shoot with high levels of invol­ve­ment — an over­all orga­nic pro­cess that reflects in the pic­tures as well. In addi­ti­on, becau­se it was a remo­te­ly orga­ni­zed pro­duc­tion it was a first of its kind in regards to a more redu­ced envi­ron­men­tal impact and an effec­tively sus­tainab­le way to build a suc­cess­ful brand — some­thing that NEU­BAU stands for in my opinion.

Neubau eyewear nadia von scotti campaign sustainable avantgarde Water Robin

What will your working day look like in 2021?

Pret­ty much the same but with more remo­te com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on struc­tures invol­ved and more local pro­jects. My days are always very dif­fe­rent but usual­ly they somehow invol­ve eit­her com­pu­ter work or on site shoots. Things are still very simi­lar but a bit more com­plex due to regu­la­ti­ons like medi­cal check ups, shoo­ting per­mits, remo­te mee­tings, etc.

May­be slight­ly more coffee…

Do you remem­ber your very first shooting?

I was super young, spen­ding some time in Cape Town to work with the docu­men­ta­ry pho­to­gra­pher Dami­en Schu­man to do visu­al art and rese­arch about the strug­gles peop­le are facing in South Afri­ca. He sent me on my first tiny solo mis­si­on to a small NGO event in a book­shop. I remem­ber the ligh­t­ing was super dif­fi­cult, very dark and yel­low. I was bey­ond ner­vous and also super shy at that time so I didn’t want to hold the came­ra in people’s faces…

Neubau eyewear nadia von scotti campaign sustainable avantgarde Fire

What would you recom­mend to new­bies who want to dis­co­ver pho­to­gra­phy for themselves?

Just have fun and don’t get frus­tra­ted. Don’t assu­me you need fan­cy gear to achie­ve gre­at results. Any came­ra is beau­ti­ful — it’s so much more about what you do with it. Think about a con­cept and about wha­t’s your goal? Pic­tures for fun: Gre­at, just enjoy the ride! Pic­tures for a living: so, so much more com­plex. It’s a full-time job with lots of night shifts behind your com­pu­ter screen. I don’t feel like you need to stu­dy, all you need to do is shoot A LOT — prac­ti­ce, You­Tube tuto­ri­als, insight­ful talks with indus­try peop­le, etc. — just don’t fall for the flas­hy stuff… Also being a pho­to­gra­pher is much more about being gre­at in con­nec­tion with peop­le rather than just doing some nice loo­king pic­tures. Try not to com­pa­re yourself and your work too much. But also rea­li­ze: just becau­se you own a came­ra it doesn’t mean you’­re a star, be hum­ble and learn.

Find Nadia on Insta­gram: @nadiavonscotti

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