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How to bring the Côte du Soleil fee­ling home

We're all wanting the lockdown to end so we can get away, but for now, we've got top tips here on how to bring the French Riviera summer feeling home.

Iso­la­ti­on seems to be las­ting fore­ver, and while it’s important that we fol­low the rules, I think we can all agree that being stuck at home is boring! The recent­ly laun­ched Côte du Soleil’ eye­we­ar collec­tion is inspi­red by the clas­sic life­style and aes­the­tics of sou­thern Fran­ce in the 1960s and 1970s. 

Learn more about the ico­nic style while spot­ting our new favo­ri­te pair of glas­ses. We’­ve got all the top tips on how to bring the Cote du Soleil fee­ling home.

Set­ting the Scene

Brin­ging the Cote du Soleil fee­ling home is easier than it sounds! We’­ve got gene­ral tips on how you can crea­te that holi­day fee­ling, but we did­n’t stop there. 

We’­ve got some gre­at deco­ra­ti­on tips for your home, as well as the best drinks & reci­pes. We’­ve got lists of films that the who­le fami­ly can enjoy and we’­ve put tog­e­ther a per­fect play­list to pro­per­ly set the sce­ne in the com­fort of your own home.

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Clas­sic food recipes


Think clas­sic sou­thern French foods and the first thing that should spring to mind is their famous Rata­touille dish! You don’t have to have per­fect chef skills to pull off a gre­at Rata­touille eit­her. In fact, it’s a very simp­le dish to make.

Ingre­dients List

You’ll need the following:

  • 5 red capsicum
  • 4 cloves of gar­lic (sli­ced thinly)
  • Oli­ve oil (70 ml)
  • 1 oni­on (chop­ped finely)
  • Pas­sa­ta (1 litre)
  • 2 egg­plants (sli­ced)
  • Green zuc­chi­ni (400 g, sliced)
  • 8 fil­lets of ancho­vy (sli­ced thinly)
  • 6 roma tomatoes (sli­ced)
  • 2 tablespoons of thy­me lea­ves (fresh)
  • Gruyè­re (100 g, sli­ced thinly)
  • Fresh and fine bre­ad­crumbs (140 g)
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How to:

You’ll be eating this deli­cious clas­sic meal in no time by fol­lowing the­se simp­le steps:

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  2. Roast cap­si­cum in a roas­ting pan with two tablespoons of oli­ve oil until the skin has blis­te­red. This should take 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Trans­fer them into a bowl and cover it with some plastic wrap. Lea­ve to cool. 
  4. Once coo­led, peel the cap­si­cum and remo­ve the seeds. 
  5. Dis­card the peel and seeds and then sli­ce the remai­ning cap­si­cum thin­ly. Set them asi­de for later.
  6. Take a sau­ce­pan and add two tablespoons of oil. Add the gar­lic and oni­on and heat for five minu­tes until they’­ve softened.
  7. Add the pas­sa­ta and then sim­mer for an addi­tio­nal five minutes.
  8. Sprink­le salt and pep­per to tas­te then remo­ve the pan from the heat.
  9. Pour into a deep baking dish, ensu­ring it covers the base of the pan evenly.
  10. Lay­er egg­plant sli­ces over the base, ensu­ring they over­lap slight­ly. Add salt and pep­per to taste. 
  11. Repeat step 10 with both the zuc­chi­ni and the roas­ted capsicum.
  12. Lay­er anchovies.
  13. Add the roma tomatoes as the last vege­ta­ble layer.
  14. Place bre­ad­crumbs, thy­me and Gruyè­re into a bowl and mix tog­e­ther. Add sea­so­ning to tas­te, then lay­er the mix­tu­re on top of the vege­ta­bles. Drizz­le the dish with the oli­ve oil you have left over.
  15. Bake for appro­xi­mate­ly one hour, until the vege­ta­bles are soft and the top crust is crun­chy and golden. 

Ser­ve with a salad and a glass of dry Pro­ven­çal rosé wine.

Other deli­cious dis­hes of South Fran­ce that you should try inclu­de the following:

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Duck Con­fit

The Duck Con­fit dish com­pri­ses pan-fried duck bre­ast, ser­ved with a green bean and bee­troot salad. It’s a nice, light dish that can be ser­ved as a star­ter or for lunch. You could also dou­ble the quan­ti­ty if you fan­cy having it as din­ner one evening.

Swor­d­fi­sh Provençal

An unusu­al but fan­tasti­cal­ly French dish is the Swor­d­fi­sh Pro­ven­çal, which com­bi­nes shal­lot, olives, tomatoes, ancho­vies and swor­d­fi­sh tog­e­ther for an out­stan­ding meal. The swor­d­fi­sh can be sub­sti­tu­ted with tre­val­la or tuna if you pre­fer. Accom­pa­ny it with a bit­ter side salad for a per­fect balance.

Crea­ting your own cocktails

We all know that the French are the creators of some of the best wines in the world; howe­ver, you may not have known that they’­re also famous for a num­ber of cock­tails, too. So if wine isn’t your thing, we’­ve got a list of some refres­hing French-inspi­red cock­tails that you can mix up at home and enjoy sip­ping in the gar­den while you work on your tan.

The French Connection

A simp­le yet satisfy­ing drink that is named after Fran­ce its­elf, is the French Con­nec­tion. It con­sists of equal­ly mixing two drinks tog­e­ther: ama­ret­to and cognac (3.5 cl of each ingre­dient). Both drinks are easi­ly avail­ab­le at your local super­mar­ket, so you can add them to your next shop­ping list.

Pour the mixed drink over ice and enjoy. It is recom­men­ded to use eit­her Hen­nes­sey, Cour­voi­sier or Camus as cognac.

The French 75

A refres­hing cock­tail that will go down a tre­at on a hot sum­mer’s day is the French 75. Mix gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup tog­e­ther and strain the mix­tu­re into a glass over ice. Top with cham­pa­gne and a sli­ce of lemon for a yum­my, bit­ters­weet balan­ced drink (3 cl Gin, 1,5 cl lemon juice, 2 das­hes of sugar syrup and 6 cl of champagne).

Blue Lagoon

How many times have you orde­red a Blue Lagoon on a night out at your local cock­tail bar? Did you know that it was crea­ted in Fran­ce, back in 1972

The color­ful con­coc­tion is made by mixing blue cara­çao, lemo­na­de and vod­ka tog­e­ther and then is pou­red into a high­ball ball glass over a small moun­tain of ice (5 cl vod­ka, 2 cl blue cara­çao, 10 cl lemo­na­de and 1 sli­ce of oran­ge). Its eye-catching bright blue color is what real­ly stands out with this cock­tail, and is a favo­ri­te among many. It’s easy to make at home, so you can enjoy the French clas­sic too.

The­re are lots of other French cock­tails that you can try at home too, so you can bring that Cote du Soleil fee­ling strai­ght to your kitchen.


Keep on moving to music

You’­ve got the food, you’­ve got the drinks, and now it’s time to set the sce­ne with the per­fect play­list so that you can real­ly get that Sou­thern French fee­ling hap­pe­ning at home. 

We’­ve put tog­e­ther a play­list of the best clas­sic and twis­ted modern songs tha­t’ll make you feel like you’­re sit­ting along the sou­thern coast its­elf, and you won’t even need to lea­ve the house.

The Play­list

We had a lot of fun put­ting this play­list tog­e­ther for you, and we think you’ll get equal amounts of fun from lis­tening to it.

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Finis­hing with movies

After a long day, what bet­ter way to finish it than with a packet of pop­corn on the sofa and a film on the TV. Con­ti­nuing the the­me and hel­ping you to bring the Cote du Soleil fee­ling home, we’­ve got a list of films that we think you’ll enjoy watching that have all been set in the south of Fran­ce too.

The movie list

1. La Pisci­ne
This sum­mer­ti­me dra­ma about jea­l­ou­sy and pos­ses­si­ve­ness from 1969 takes place on the Côte d’A­zur. It was one of our inspi­ra­ti­ons and for the look of the Cote du Soleil collec­tion and also the inspi­ra­tio­nal source for the names of the glas­ses. A hom­mage to Alain Delon, Romy Schnei­der and Mau­rice Ronet.

2. Plein Soleil
Ano­t­her inspi­ra­ti­on for our glas­ses and a crime thril­ler based on the novel The Talen­ted Mr. Ripley” by Patri­cia Highsmith. 

3. Never Say Never Again
A 1983 clas­sic action-packed Bond film, whe­re James Bond finds hims­elf try­ing to save the world from crui­se mis­si­les being detonated. 

4. Under the Cher­ry Moon
A roman­tic musi­cal star­ring world­wi­de famous sin­ger Prince.

5. Pri­celess (Hors De Prix)
A roman­tic come­dy about a shy and quiet wai­tress who is mista­ken as a mul­ti-mil­lion­aire businesswoman. 

6. Ronin
This thril­ling action movie sees an ex-US intel­li­gence offi­cer on the search for a mys­te­rious suit­ca­se which is about to fall into the wrong hands.

7. Dir­ty Rot­ten Scound­rels
A clas­sic come­dy whe­re two cri­mi­nals are struggling to ope­ra­te in the same area and so make a bet to rob an hei­ress whe­re the loser has to pack up and lea­ve forever. 

8. French Kiss
A roman­tic come­dy which sees a thief fal­ling in love with his latest victim. 

9. Abso­lute­ly Fabu­lous (The Movie)
Edi­na and Pat­sy are at it again, this time esca­ping to Fran­ce after being accu­sed of kil­ling top super­mo­del Kate Moss.

10. Grace of Mona­co
The true sto­ry of Princess Grace Kel­ly who is faced with a poli­ti­cal dilem­ma bet­ween Fran­ce and Monaco. 

Try them out

We can’t bring the Côte d’A­zur home to you, but we can show you, how it would feel like. Try our Cote du Soleil AR-Face­fil­ter and see how Romy, Alain and Mau­rice suit you.

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