See & Do Good” — neu­bau eye­we­ar x The Honey­bee Conservancy

neubau eyewear and The Honeybee Conservancy have joined forces in the name of sustainability.

The new­ly laun­ched inn­itia­ti­ve See & Do Good” aims to rai­se awa­reness for the impor­t­ance of honey­bees for our envi­ron­ment. This part­ners­hip will help bring honey­bee hives to two thri­ving urban farms in New York City while cele­bra­ting neu­bau eyewear’s com­mit­ment to using sus­tainab­le mate­ri­als in its pro­ducts and packaging.

The Honey­bee Con­ser­van­cy will dona­te two hives on behalf of neu­bau eye­we­ar – one to the Smi­ling Hogs­head Ranch in Long Island, an all-vol­un­teer urban farm situa­ted on an aban­do­ned rail­road in Queens, and the other to the Spit­zer School of Archi­tec­tu­re in Man­hat­tan, an inno­va­ti­ve mid-city farm that seeks to edu­ca­te col­le­ge and high school stu­dents about local crop pro­duc­tion. Both hives will play an important role in their respec­ti­ve new homes, from hel­ping to incre­a­se food pro­duc­tion and gar­den yield to incre­a­sing awa­reness about the plight of honey­bees and ways the public can help.

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To kick off the part­ners­hip, neu­bau eye­we­ar and The Honey­bee Con­ser­van­cy cele­bra­ted, along with cus­to­mers, press and influ­en­cers, with a cock­tail event at Distil­led NY in the Tri­be­ca neigh­bor­hood of New York City. Take a look at our favo­ri­te moments from the par­ty, taken by the won­der­ful Emi­ly Hla­vac Green.

22 Juni 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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