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Get to know Aus­tra­li­an fashion that is apart from comfy beach­boy chic

Board shorts, flip flops and zinc across the nose. These are the three things that inevitably pop into your head when you envisage the staple outfit of the Australian male and you’d be 90% accurate in assuming the majority of men down-under has these three things pushed to the forefront of their wardrobe. However, in the past decade Australian menswear designers have been reshaping the fashion industry and reclaiming the uniform of the Aussie male. We’ve discovered the most influential Australian designers reshaping the menswear market.


The brain­child of Mel­bourne bro­thers Alex­an­der and Tim Brit­ten-Fin­schi laun­ched in 2010 and has grown into an award-win­ning label crea­ting com­plex and deco­n­struc­ted stap­le garments. From Brit­ten P/L incor­po­ra­tes clean lines with con­tras­ting raw edges. The garments mix fab­rics genera­ting a new approach to simp­le pie­ces like shorts and but­ton downs.


Unde­nia­b­ly one of Australia’s most famous labels, Ksubi has grown a cult fol­lowing sin­ce it came onto the mar­ket in 2000. The signa­tu­re Ksubi denim revo­lu­tio­ni­zed Aus­tra­li­an fashion and crea­ted a point of dif­fe­rence in the fashion indus­try. Ksubi beca­me an inter­na­tio­nal suc­cess when they made head­lines around the world for releasing 200 live rats onto the cat­walk at Aus­tra­li­an Fashion Week. The label con­ti­nues to crea­te inno­va­ti­ve street­we­ar and sup­ply mil­li­ons of Aus­sies with their trade­mark jeans.

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Perks and Mini

Perks and Mini is a radi­cal street­we­ar label crea­ted in 2000 by hus­band and wife team Misha Hol­len­bach and Shau­na Too­hey. The label is almost unknown by Aus­tra­li­an indi­vi­du­als due to the brands lack of cat­walk shows and social media. Oozing art and gra­phic inspi­ra­ti­on, P.A.M have col­la­bo­ra­ted with Nike, Under­co­ver and Bat­hing Ape’s Skatething.

Kia­ya Daniels

Crea­ting a bind bet­ween the intrinsic tailo­ring of hau­te cou­ture and the raw­ness of street­we­ar, Kia­ya Dani­els is chan­ging the way inter­na­tio­nal con­su­mers view Aus­tra­li­an fashion. The young desi­gner is also resha­ping the gen­der bin­ding restraints of Aus­tra­li­an fashion by pla­cing both men and women in her clot­hing campaigns.

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