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Get fami­li­ar with Euro­pe’s most com­pel­ling holi­day destinations

With Airbnb on the rise, the luxury hotels seem to decrease. There's something more comforting and effortless that society finds with staying in a real home.

Then again for the quir­ky and inno­va­ti­ve bein­gs out the­re we have roun­ded up a list of some of Euro­pe’s most out of the ordi­na­ry yet fasci­na­ting pla­ces to rest your head on your holi­day away.

Tree Hotel – Lulea, Sweden

Our first gan­der is to Swe­den’s north east coast of Luleå whe­re we trek deep into the natu­re to find the Tree Hotel. What is liter­al­ly a con­tem­pora­ry design of tree houses, the child­hood dream that you can now expe­ri­ence as an adult wit­hin the untouched Swe­dish for­rest. Loca­ted in the small vil­la­ge of Luleå hol­ding about 600 inha­bi­tants is whe­re one can find the utter most sere­ni­ty, lea­ving you tru­ly at peace and at one with natu­re. Let’s not for­get about the view each guest has from their room, the Lule River val­ley, miles of forest and the power­ful river right behind your windows.

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Huet­ten­pa­last – Ber­lin, Germany

We’­re hea­ded to Ber­lin to take a trip back in time to the retro days, we’­re tal­king to all of tho­se camp lovers out the­re. Ever wan­ted to have your holi­day away in a groo­vy cam­per van? Well, insi­de this for­mer vacu­um-clea­ner fac­to­ry, guests can choo­se the back to natu­re plea­su­re of cozy cara­vans, desi­gner bedrooms or wild woo­den cabins. Foun­ded by Sil­ke Loren­zen and Sarah Voll­mer this accom­mo­da­ti­on is in Ber­lin’s vibrant Neu­ko­elln and lea­ves you with the amen­ities of a modern buil­ding, inclu­ding gua­ran­te­ed warm­th whe­ther in spring, sum­mer, fall or winter.

City Hub – Ams­ter­dam, The Netherlands

Not even a year old and City Hub is lea­ning towards beco­m­ing one of Ams­ter­dam’s most refres­hing pla­ces to lodge. Refer­red to as the hos­tel of the future” this may be just be your most socia­ble stay yet, and not to men­ti­on it’s loca­ted in the lively Oud-West (Old West) district. City Hub holds 50 uni­que beds and a lob­by whe­re the ener­ge­tic staff is the­re to help with your holi­day needs. The style of this hos­tel tends to be fami­lia­ri­zed with Japa­ne­se inte­rior, as you liter­al­ly are in a cosy hub for 1 – 2 per­sons. While Ams­ter­dam may be the first to hold this social accom­mo­da­ti­on, we hap­pen to know the­re will be several more cities with this inge­nious idea on the way…

Blog 1605 Frame Of Mind City Hub 2
Blog 1605 Frame Of Mind City Hub 1
24 Mai 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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