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Frame of min­d’s gui­de to sum­mer reading

The days of lazying by the pool are upon us and it's time to get that summer check list ticked off.

We bet you alrea­dy purcha­sed the hip­pest sum­mer bikini/​bathing trunks back when the snow was still sti­cking to the path in an effort to get yourself exci­ted for the onset of sunshi­ne. But apart from the con­ven­tio­nal sum­mer must haves like: a gre­at towel, a bron­zed lover and an excel­lent moji­to reci­pe, it’s easy to for­get the need for a fan­tastic sum­mer read. We’­ve nar­ro­wed down our top four books to shade yourself with this summer!

In The Name of Guc­ci – Patri­cia Gucci

Blog 1607 In The Name Of Gucci

Told from the per­spec­ti­ve of fashion royal­ty, Aldo Gucci’s secret lovechild Patri­cia, In The Name of Guc­ci details the rise and fall of the man who began the Guc­ci empi­re. Through a collec­tion of love let­ters, inter­views and unse­en images, Patri­cia tells the sto­ry of how Aldo Guc­ci fell in love with her mother after mee­ting her while she worked in Rome at the first Guc­ci store. To avoid public con­tro­ver­sy Aldo sent Patri­cia to Lon­don, hid­den away from the pry­ing eyes of the Ita­li­an media and his fami­ly. The memoir is a nar­ra­ti­ve of the rise of an unknown girl to the uni­ver­sal heir of Gucci.

Ther Girls — Emma Cline

Blog 1607 The Girls2

The Girls tells the sto­ry of Evie Boyd during the height of sum­mer 1969, Cali­for­nia. Evie is ent­hral­led by a group of girls she meets by chan­ce in a park and beco­me drawn into an obses­si­on with a rebel­lious young woman. Girls is Emma Cline’s debut novel and details the tale of an infa­mous cult set in a spraw­ling run down ranch in the hills of Cali­for­nia. The book fol­lows Evie’s immer­si­on into the bewit­ching Mason-like group and details her psy­cho­lo­gi­cal shift as the all­u­re of free love and drugs take hold.

Super intel­li­gence: paths, dan­gers, stra­te­gies — Nick Bostrom

Blog 1607 Superintelligence

Nick Bos­trom pon­ders the sci-fi ques­ti­on of what would hap­pen if machi­nes were to over­ta­ke humans? Or more import­ant­ly when it will occur. Super intel­li­gence: Paths, Dan­gers, Stra­te­gies is a com­pre­hen­si­ve ana­ly­sis on tech­no­lo­gi­cal advan­ces and rai­ses fasci­na­ting theo­ries of human con­di­ti­on and the future of super intelligence.

Invin­ci­ble Sum­mer — Ali­ce Adams

Blog 1607 Invincible Summer

Invin­ci­ble Sum­mer details the rol­ler­coas­ter of adult­hood as it tra­vels through the lives of four inse­pa­ra­ble col­le­ge gra­dua­tes. The novel details the tri­als and tri­bu­la­ti­ons of Eva, Bene­dict, Syl­vie, and Luci­en as they move through their 20s into their 30s and life does­n’t go as they had once plan­ned. Invin­ci­ble Sum­mer is a novel about friendship, love and real life.

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