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Frame of min­d’s artist of the mon­th: Mar­len Stahlhuth

Meet Marlen Stahlhuth, freelance photographer and contributor to some of the most notable European publications like: MATERIAL GIRL, INDIE Magazine, MTV, Vice and Blonde Magazine.

While Marlen’s resu­me reads like a stock list at a news­agent, her impres­si­ve images have a dis­tinc­ti­ve color­ful style which make it easy to see why she’s beco­m­ing one of the movers and shakers of this generation.

Living in Ber­lin, Mar­len has estab­lis­hed a huge fol­lowing on her per­so­nal life­style blog, Paper­boats, and con­ti­nues to pro­du­ce uni­que crea­ti­ve pro­jects for impres­si­ve cli­ents like Vogue and Gla­mour Maga­zi­ne. Bles­sing the Neu­bau Insta­gram with her crea­ti­ve talents, this mon­th Leni is pro­du­cing still lifes that will be publis­hed on our social media out­lets. Learn more about the inno­va­ti­ve dyna­mi­te that is Leni Paper­boats in our inter­view below.

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When did you first begin shoo­ting?
I star­ted shoo­ting main­ly becau­se of my blog. It then evol­ved into street style shots, which all of a sud­den peop­le were wil­ling to pay money for. Only later did I get to shoot edi­to­ri­als. My abso­lu­te favo­ri­te is still shoo­ting docu­men­ta­ry shots.

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Why did you choo­se pho­to­gra­phy as a care­er as oppo­sed to some­thing con­si­der more tra­di­tio­nal’?
Once peop­le began offe­ring me money for street style shots or wan­ted my event pho­tos for their cli­ents, I beca­me awa­re that I could pos­si­b­ly make a living of it. Pho­to­gra­phy as a job doesn’t necessa­ri­ly mean shoo­ting wed­dings and pass­port pho­tos, which I always thought it meant!

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What is your dream col­la­bo­ra­ti­on?
I like shoo­ting for maga­zi­nes like INDIE much more than Vogue. Howe­ver, I would love to work with Dazed & Con­fu­sed, Toi­let­pa­per or LOVE maga­zi­ne. I real­ly enjoy working with peop­le more than working with maga­zi­nes, so my per­so­nal pro­jects have a hig­her rele­van­ce to me. At some point I would like my pho­tos to be like art with peop­le buy­ing them for what they are without me having to adapt to clients.

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Ulti­ma­te sum­mer desti­na­ti­on…
I always try to have sum­mer! I tra­vel the world in a way that I don’t have to expe­ri­ence win­ter and it’s get­ting bet­ter every year. This sum­mer will be spent in Japan with my abso­lu­te favou­rite tra­vel­ling com­pa­n­ion Kira Sta­chowitsch! It’s not easy to find someo­ne to spend 24/7 with but she’s one of the few peop­le I can stand for long amounts of time.

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One thing you owned as a child that you wish you could have right now…
Some­ti­mes I wish I would have a day or two without any respon­si­bi­li­ty, whe­re the­re is not­hing I have to do. No email I should send, no pho­ne call I should make, no super­mar­ket shop­ping, no flat clea­ning, abso­lute­ly not­hing! Waking up with no duties on my mind would be ide­al, but I’m afraid that’s some­thing you only have as a child!

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Descri­be your favo­ri­te glas­ses…
I do actual­ly need glas­ses becau­se I’m near sigh­ted but I don’t real­ly like anything in my face that much so I tend not to wear them. But I would have to choo­se a pair of gol­den frame nerd glasses.

Images via @lenipaperboats

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