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Frame of min­d’s artists of the mon­th: Jacob | Reischel

Starting out as a fluid collaboration between two industrial design graduates, a photographer and a graphic designer, our artists of the month, design duo Jacob Reischel’s Marie Jacob and Julia Strathmann, are all game for the stuff design challenges are made of.

With col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons with MATE­RI­AL GIRL, Hyun­dai and Mont Blanc among others, the­se talen­ted Ber­lin based women are making things chi­cer by the second.Creatively stan­ding out in terms of space and com­po­si­ti­on, being modern without des­troy­ing sub­t­le­ty, could never get bet­ter. With each pro­ject that defi­nes and diver­si­fies their style, the artists have just star­ted to explo­re and expand into a who­le new area of crisp, sleek, smart ori­gi­na­li­ty. And one, that could both inspi­re and sell, a com­bi­na­ti­on that is prac­ti­cal­ly let­hal, and defi­ni­te­ly the one to look out for, if one is into design that actual­ly works abo­ve all (and who isn’t into that, right?).

How did both of you first come tog­e­ther to work on some­thing crea­ti­ve?
We met each other while stu­dy­ing indus­tri­al design at the Ber­lin Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts. After both of us came back from an exchan­ge year in Milan and Bar­ce­lo­na with a bag full of expe­ri­en­ces and ide­as it was clear to us that we had to work together.

You stu­di­ed indus­tri­al design and ended up shoo­ting for lea­ding maga­zi­nes and doing crea­ti­ve pro­jects ins­tead. Did your under­stan­ding of space influ­ence your style?
Sure! We are not designing chairs or the next metro, but crea­ting con­cepts, buil­ding sets and taking pic­tures are simi­lar crea­ti­ve pro­ces­ses. And our three-dimen­sio­nal under­stan­ding hel­ps us a lot.

What’s the next thing by you both that the world should be eyeing right now?
We´ve just been to the bota­ni­cal gar­den in Ber­lin. The plants and flowers are just incredi­ble. We shot a seri­es of cac­ti, flowers and weird­ly loo­king plants on colo­red back­grounds. It is simp­le but pret­ty and brings sum­mer into our homes.

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Is the­re someo­ne you would love to work with wit­hin a day’s noti­ce?
David Bowie would have been nice..

What’s the one space in Ber­lin you wish you could redo or show in your own way?
Not­hing in par­ti­cu­lar. But we would love to rede­sign or fur­nish a shop, restau­rant or apart­ment… pre­fer­a­b­ly without any bud­get cons­traints. We love to go to flea mar­kets and search for uni­que pie­ces for hours. To be able to com­bi­ne this with an inte­rior job would be great.

What’s your team bon­d­ing ritu­al that you guys do befo­re some­thing major?
We often go to muse­ums, exhi­bi­ti­ons or just to the coun­try­si­de and natu­re to get some inspi­ra­ti­on. When we start a pro­ject all the­se impres­si­ons come tog­e­ther. We sit at our huge office kit­chen table and dis­cuss dif­fe­rent ide­as. Usual­ly it doesn´t take long until we come up with a con­cept we both like.

So keep your eyes open and fol­low @neubaueyewear on Insta­gram to not miss Jacob Rei­schel’s take on our collection.

19 Juli 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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