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Home visit: food pho­to­gra­pher Mari­na Jer­ko­vic from Pirog­gi invi­tes to her kitchen

When scrolling through your Instagram feed you will notice: there's an immense hype around food related content.

Sli­ces of avo­ca­do, fresh­ly baked glu­ten free bread, green smoot­hies — food pho­to­gra­phy beats the per­fect­ly edi­ted sel­fie. The­re is a new genera­ti­on of blog­gers and pho­to­graph­ers that shakes off the dust of grand­ma’s cook­book to crea­te unex­pec­ted and new com­bi­na­ti­ons. Com­bi­na­ti­ons that not only have the aim to be deli­cious but also to look good on the pain­sta­kin­gly cura­ted social media chan­nels. One of the­se pro­fes­sio­nal food lovers is Mari­na Jer­ko­vic aka Pini­ma­ri­ni. After having dis­co­ve­r­ed her high­ly aes­the­tic food blog Pirog­gi” the­re was no excu­se any­mo­re for un- healt­hy living. The con­cept behind the reci­pes of her own devi­sing: super easy, vege­ta­ri­an, quick­ly rea­dy; per­fect for your ever­y­day life. We caught up with the Munich born, Ber­lin based pho­to­gra­pher to talk about her job, favo­ri­te ingre­dients, the ide­al office lunch, being a free­lan­cer and living online. We had an exclu­si­ve look behind the sce­nes, becau­se what is a food blog­ger doing exactly?

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I would­n’t say I’m a food blog­ger but a pho­to­gra­pher — tha­t’s why I came to Ber­lin, to stu­dy pho­to­gra­phy. Nor­mal­ly I take pic­tures of humans. Howe­ver the good thing about food pho­to­gra­phy is that I can work free­ly without depen­ding on any appoint­ments or other peop­le. When I star­ted the blog I only had three spi­ces in my cup­board! Becau­se of that pro­ject I got a new access to food and beca­me bol­der try­ing out dif­fe­rent ingre­dients. I invent each reci­pe on my own, but get inspi­red by Pin­te­rest or maga­zi­nes. After that my friends have to sub­ser­ve as my test sub­jects! Any­way, the most important thing to me is that my reci­pes are effort­less, they should be acces­si­ble and easy to implement.”

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My friends often call me Pini. A friend of mine who­se nick­na­me is Rog­ge taught me a lot about plants, herbs and how to com­bi­ne the dif­fe­rent tas­tes. The very first reci­pe on my blog was for­med in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with him. Tha­t’s how I came up with the name Pirog­gi.”

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The best thing about coo­king is that I got to know so many new ingre­dients to avoid eating the same stuff every day. Using natu­ral, local pro­ducts is real­ly important! It’s nice to see that becau­se of Insta­gram some vege­ta­bles are real­ly hyped, like cale or quin­ce for examp­le, and that peop­le beco­me awa­re of the­se veg­gi­es and want to use them them­sel­ves. I’m no wheat fan at all, tha­t’s why I use a lot of spelt — it’s gre­at for warm salads! Mix the spelt with some salad and roas­ted veg­gi­es and you’ll get a deli­cious dish which is per­fect­ly sui­ta­ble for the office­’s lunch break. What I love as well: salad with kha­ki. The com­bi­na­ti­on of sweet and hear­ty is awesome!”

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I’m not a hard­core vege­ta­ri­an, some­ti­mes I eat meat, but I would­n’t buy it. In gene­ral it’s real­ly important to me that the things I eat are healt­hy and balan­ced. I would never go to McDo­nal­d’s and I try to use no refi­ned sugar.”

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My dai­ly rou­ti­ne con­sists of ans­we­ring loads of mails, some­ti­mes real­ly absur­de mails. Get­ting a request if I’d like to use a cer­tain meat pro­duct in my reci­pes is slight­ly inap­pro­pria­te, don’t you think? Howe­ver my life as a food pho­to­gra­pher is gre­at. I can spend my days thin­king about deli­cious dis­hes, wan­de­ring around on mar­kets — one of the few nega­ti­ve aspects cer­tain­ly is that free time and working time beco­me blur­red which some­ti­mes can be a bit stress­ful. Howe­ver it’s a nice stress.”

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Through Insta­gram I’ve met so many ama­zing peop­le that are also inter­sted in this field. The food world real­ly is a world of its own. It’s so exci­ting to swap ide­as on this topic with peop­le that share the same pas­si­on, it’s a com­ple­te­ly new input. Any­ways, when I’m with my friends I don’t take pho­tos all the time, some­ti­mes I even lea­ve my pho­ne at home when I hang out with them. I think it can be pret­ty rude to always have your pho­ne on hand.”

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I love Ber­lin becau­se of its muti­cul­tu­ral influ­en­ces. The varie­ty on the mar­kets is real­ly spe­cial, you can’t find that ever­y­whe­re. Even though I some­ti­mes go food shop­ping in the super­mar­kets I’m real­ly keen on what I buy whe­re, but local mar­kets are nice to dis­co­ver new things that aren’t in the regu­lar super­mar­ket assort­ment. My favo­ri­te mar­kets you can find at Box­ha­ge­ner Platz, Her­mann­platz, May­bach­ufer and Südstern.”

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The best pla­ces to eat are my living room and friends’ flats. Eating is fami­li­al, so wha­t’s the need for a restaurant?”

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Pho­to­gra­phy by Andre­as Bohlender

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