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Explo­ring the aban­do­ned haunts of Australia

Australia is not exactly known for its evolution in architecture and urban exploration hotspots, but Sydney based photographer Brett Patman is redefining the urban landscape and documenting his exploits on Lost Collective.

After purcha­sing his first point and shoot came­ra in 2004, Brett grew an obses­si­on that leads him to graf­fi­ti fil­led halls of Australia’s lost past. Brett’s aim is to crea­te a visu­al record of Australia’s urban land­s­cape befo­re it is trans­for­med into mini­ma­listic skyscrapers.

Show­ca­sing the uni­que beau­ty of Sydney’s urban haunts, Brett has explo­red ever­ything from hotels con­struc­ted in the 1800s to the White Bay Power Sta­ti­on of the 1900s and the cri­ti­cal­ly named Call­an Park Hos­pi­tal for the Insane.’

Brett docu­ments his jour­neys on the Lost Collec­ti­ve Insta­gram, inclu­ding details on the histo­ry of the aban­do­ned desti­na­ti­ons. Showing that Syd­ney isn’t all Bon­di Life­guards and hip­sters, the Lost Collec­ti­ve is put­ting the grit and grim back into the beach­side city.

02 Juni 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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