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District Gui­de: Le Marais, Paris

seen by Caitlin Hennessy, writer

Lea­ving behind her beach side home­town in Aus­tra­lia for the city of light and love, Cait­lin had anti­ci­pa­ted she would return home in less than twel­ve mon­ths. Two and a half years, one French hus­band and a beau­ti­ful apart­ment later and she’s still in Paris. Spen­ding her days wri­ting for various publi­ca­ti­ons while still mana­ging to inclu­de a healt­hy amount of retail exer­cise into her dai­ly rou­ti­ne, Cait­lin finds the French way of life to be a uni­que balan­ce of work and pleasure.

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The best place to peop­le watch is Le Pro­grès! Sit­ting on the cor­ner of Rue de Bre­ta­gne and Rue Vieil­le du Temp­le in the heart of Le Marais is gua­ran­te­ed excel­lent peop­le watching. The peak time for this is during fashion week, whe­re you can sip a wine or espres­so and watch the models, influ­en­cers and desi­gners saun­ter past you, or perhaps even sit bes­i­de you.

1. Le Pro­grès | 1 Rue de Bre­ta­gne, 75003 Paris

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Do you have one beau­ti­ful memo­ry in par­ti­cu­lar that will fore­ver be asso­cia­ted with Le Marais? My favo­ri­te memo­ry is of my hus­band pro­po­sing to me while we sat at a café drin­king espres­sos while the win­ter sun war­med us. 

Loca­ted bet­ween the third and fourth arron­dis­se­ment, Le Marais has beco­me a hub of vegan deli­caci­es, con­cept stores and art gal­le­ries. This area is vibrant and fil­led with a youth­ful energy.”

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How do you spend a Sunday in Le Marais? I love spen­ding my wee­kends in Le Marais strol­ling through the streets with no real pur­po­se. I tend to sleep in a lot later in Paris then I would in other cities, as the streets don’t come to life until around 10am. After get­ting dres­sed for the day I walk down to the Mar­ché des Enfants Rouges and buy my fruits and vege­ta­bles for the week. Right bes­i­de this is the best from­age­rie in Paris, so if I have time I’ll stop by to purcha­se some truf­fle brie and color­ful flowers next door. The after­noons are for sip­ping white wine in the park with friends (in the sum­mer) or red wine on a hea­ted café ter­race with a bril­li­ant book.

2. Mar­ché des Enfants Rouges | 39 Rue de Bre­ta­gne, 75003 Paris

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When you have to work on your lap­top, it‘s best to go to Wild and the Moon. This hid­den oasis of han­ging plants and vegan tre­ats is an excel­lent spot to park your lap­top and get inspi­red. The food is all glu­ten free (a rare tre­at in Fran­ce) and the wai­ters speak per­fect Eng­lish and are hap­py to help. My favo­ri­te thing to order here is the sweet matcha lat­te and mouth wate­ring bana­na bread!

3. Wild and the Moon | 55 Rue Char­lot, 75003 Paris, @wildandthemoon

Why does your job per­fect­ly match your city? Being free­lan­ce can beco­me qui­te alie­na­ting as you have a lot of free time when most of your friends are at work. Howe­ver, in Fran­ce they allow their workers a two-hour lunch break that gives me qua­li­ty time to catch up with a friend befo­re retur­ning to the com­fort of my lap­top and sett­ling into an after­noon of writing.

Whe­re do you get inspi­red? The streets of Paris are fil­led with dozens of chic men, women and even the dogs are bet­ter dres­sed than me on most days. Sit­ting down for a cof­fee across from some of the bust­ling fashion-infu­sed streets of Paris gives me a lot of inspi­ra­ti­on. Even loo­king around at the other cus­to­mers in the café and over­hea­ring snip­pets of con­ver­sa­ti­on can spark an exci­ting idea for an article.

The most pho­to­ge­nic place of the city is Place des Vos­ges. Built in 1612, the oldest plan­ned squa­re in Paris used to house some of the most noto­rious peop­le in the city bet­ween the 17th and 18th Cen­tu­ry, inclu­ding Vic­tor Hugo. Now the Place is a beau­ti­ful spot to lie and read a book while you mar­vel at the pic­tures­que architecture.

4. Place des Vos­ges | Place des Vos­ges, 75004 Paris

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My urban oasis is Squa­re du Temp­le. I spend a lot of time here in the sum­mer, as it is right in the midd­le of the city. Bring a rug, some cheese, gra­pes and baguette and you have the pic­tu­re per­fect litt­le pic­nic with friends.

5. Squa­re du Temp­le | 64 Rue de Bre­ta­gne, 75003 Paris

The nicest vin­ta­ge clothes you can find at Come on Eile­en. Bes­i­des having an ama­zing musi­cal refe­rence in its name, Come on Eile­en is hands down the best vin­ta­ge shop in Paris. Wal­king into this shop is like loo­king at the con­tents of a chic grandma’s life­time of out­fits. The insa­ne amount of items can be qui­te over­whel­ming but you’re gua­ran­te­ed to walk out with a one-of-a-kind vin­ta­ge desi­gner item.

6. Come on Eile­en | 16/18 Rue des Tail­lan­di­ers, 75011 Paris

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