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Crea­ti­ve mind Sarah Men­delsohn shows her favo­ri­te Brook­lyn hangouts

In 2007, when Sarah Mendelsohn was only sixteen years old, she launched her fashion blog 'A hit of Sarah', a platform for emerging designers that grew to a larger project where she produced and photographed own editorials.

Now, nine years later, the all­roun­der wri­tes on her web­site about beau­ty, music and tra­vel as well. But tha­t’s not enough for this true super­wo­man: she has writ­ten for Bill­board Maga­zi­ne, Details Maga­zi­ne and Lucky Maga­zi­ne, has had pho­to­gra­phy exhi­bi­ti­ons (watch out for her pola­roid pho­tos) and works now as a Social Media mana­ger for cos­me­tics brand May­bel­li­ne New York. She crea­tes the com­pany’s social con­tent and does make­up tuto­ri­als on their chan­nels that led to her being reco­gni­zed on the streets on New York and even London.

The Frame of Mind asked this urban and crea­ti­ve head to show us around in her NYC neigh­bor­hood and to reve­al her favo­ri­te hangouts:

New York City is the lar­gest city in the United Sta­tes; it’s also one of the most tal­ked about. With over 8 mil­li­on citi­zens, thousands of fea­tures in films and tele­vi­si­on shows, and tou­rists fly­ing in from around the world to see the big apple – most peop­le think to know New York. To peop­le who’ve visi­ted the big apple, they think they’ve seen it all once they’ve laid eyes on Times Squa­re, the Empi­re Sta­te Buil­ding, or Cen­tral Park – but there’s a lot more to it. The grea­test thing about living in New York is that you’ll never see or live all of it.

Throughout the city of New York the­re are nume­rous, char­ming, hid­den pockets fami­li­ar only to tho­se who live in them. The street that marks the bor­der of Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy­ve­sant and Clin­ton Hill Neigh­bor­hoods, Fran­k­lin Ave­nue is one of them. This street and neigh­bor­hood sur­roun­ding it repre­sent Brook­lyn bet­ter than almost any other. His­to­ric brown­stones make up the neigh­bor­hood and fil­ling up the space bet­ween them are restau­rants, stores and other busi­nes­ses that cater eit­her to the art stu­dents of Clin­ton Hill’s Pratt Insti­tu­te or the Afri­can Ame­ri­can com­mu­ni­ty that has popu­la­ted most of Bed-Stuy for deca­des. It’s inte­res­ting for sure – a soul food restau­rant that sits on the same block as a vegan bak­e­ry. You can have it all here.


So let’s begin at the most famous place in this neigh­bor­hood, Dough, loca­ted on the cor­ner of Fran­k­lin and Lafay­et­te Ave­nues. When I first moved to Fran­k­lin Ave­nue many of the peop­le asked me, have you been to Dough”? Dough is a dough­nut shop that sells what anyo­ne in New York can attest to being the best dough­nuts ever. At 4am the lights in the dough­nut shop are lit and you can see bakers care­ful­ly working on crea­ting the most deli­cious morning tre­ats from dawn until dusk when the dough­nut shop closes.

Fla­vors ran­ge from the per­fect and light Cin­na­mon Sugar dough­nut, to the exo­tic Hibis­cus dough­nut, and to the indul­gent Nutel­la dough­nut. Each dough­nut has its own uni­que, deli­cious, fla­vor and a sto­ry behind it. Dough and its deli­cious dough­nuts have beco­me an important part of the neigh­bor­hood. Every Sunday morning, you’ll find a long line of church go-ers wai­t­ing for their post ser­mon tre­at. Wit­hin the last few years, the­se dough­nuts have beco­me so famous that they could not limit them­sel­ves to Fran­k­lin Ave­nue. Dough dough­nuts are now dis­tri­bu­t­ed throughout Brook­lyn and Man­hat­tan proud­ly repre­sen­ting their small Bed-Stuy neighborhood.

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Just a short walk away from Dough, only 1 block down Fran­k­lin Ave­nue to the cor­ner of Clif­ton Place you’ll find the per­fect sum­mer spot. Chilo’s is a bar that has a backy­ard fil­led with pic­nic tables and a taco truck to feed the bar’s guests. It’s remi­nis­cent of Williamsburg’s Uni­on Pool’, howe­ver unli­ke Uni­on Pool the­re are rare­ly ever tou­rists at this bar. Throughout the sum­mer and into the fall, the­re is always laugh­ter and music com­ing from Chilo’s. Their tacos are deli­cious and their drinks unbea­t­a­ble. It’s the per­fect date nights­pot or friend­ly hang, a place so true to sum­mer in Brooklyn.

Blog 1608 Chilos

Bed­ford Hill

For a bit of dif­fe­rent vibe at night the­re is Bed­ford Hill that’s loca­ted one block away from Chilo’s at the cor­ner of Fran­k­lin and Gree­ne Ave­nues. For me, Bed­ford Hill has always been the per­fect mee­ting place no mat­ter the time of day. It opens every morning at 7am and quick­ly trans­forms into a bust­ling café. Though, it’s not like other Brook­lyn cafes. The inte­rior of Bed­ford Hill is fami­li­ar, like a friend’s living room. The table­tops are a bright yel­low, there’s old art­work on the walls and worn in chairs to sit in. The café is char­ming; it has a dis­tinct cha­rac­ter to it. It’s a com­for­ta­ble spot to do work in, or have bre­ak­fast with your friends at. I fre­quent­ly visit the café on the wee­kends with my boy­friend. We love get­ting Bed­ford Hill’s warm cof­fee and toas­ted bagels and sit­ting on the ben­ches out­side watching our neighbor’s walk down Fran­k­lin Ave­nue with their dogs.

Later in the day, Bed­ford Hill con­verts into a small, roman­tic bar. Lit in dim ligh­t­ing the menu offers an array of craft beers and small pro­duc­tion wines. It’s gre­at for a laid back first date, or a mee­ting with an old friend – a place that has per­so­nal­ly ser­ved best as both for me.

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One Last Shag

Across the street from Bed­ford Hill is the most uni­que busi­ness in this neigh­bor­hood. When I first moved to Fran­k­lin Ave­nue, I was ama­zed to find One Last Shag’, a bar and dance hall unli­ke any other. The win­dows are deco­ra­ted with curtains made of beads, the inte­rior wall pape­red, and the drinks inex­pen­si­ve. It also has a backy­ard, open during the sum­mer to extend its dance floor fur­ther. It’s beco­me wide­ly known as a gay bar and with the occa­sio­nal drag par­ty you’ll often walk by on it with wee­kends to see a hand­ful of beau­ti­ful men dres­sed in spark­les, fea­thers, and gold. One Last Shag has always pro­vi­ded the best dance par­ty and during the week, a gre­at place to have drinks.

Blog 1608 Onelastshag

Cle­men­ti­ne Bakery

If you lea­ve One Last Shag and make a left, one block down on Gree­ne Ave­nue, you’ll find the hid­den tre­a­su­re of bake­ries, Cle­men­ti­ne Bak­e­ry’. It’s odd that a vegan, orga­nic, bak­e­ry can crea­te such deli­cious tre­ats without any eggs or milk. I’m per­so­nal­ly addic­ted to their sco­nes, which chan­ge in fla­vor dai­ly. Who knew that laven­der, lemon sco­ne could be so deli­cious? Or that blu­e­ber­ries and coco­nut would be such a per­fect pair? With both uni­que and fami­li­ar fla­vors, this bak­e­ry crea­tes tre­ats that are total­ly uni­que to them. Their cup­ca­kes are ama­zing as well – they’re not incredi­b­ly sweet or dren­ched in fros­ting, but rather hear­ty and just the per­fect amount of added sweet­ness. Cle­men­ti­ne crea­tes baked goods that are easy to get addic­ted to. You are warned.

Blog 1608 Clementine Bakery

Spee­dy Romeo’s

Across the street from Cle­men­ti­ne Bak­e­ry on the cor­ner of Clas­son and Gree­ne Ave­nues is the famous, Spee­dy Romeo. If New York is known for its piz­za, Spee­dy Romeo does not disap­point. It’s a place that also may look fami­li­ar to tho­se who have never visi­ted it. It ser­ves as the set for many of Lena Dunham’s Girls” epi­so­des. Howe­ver, it’s not real­ly Café Grum­py, but actual­ly a very popu­lar Piz­za restau­rant. The piz­zas the­re are mouth wate­rin­gly good – a per­so­nal favo­ri­te of mine is their The Kind Bro­ther” made up of wild mushrooms, smo­ked moz­za­rel­la, farm egg, and sage it’s one of the most deli­cious piz­zas I’ve ever had. Whenever I take friends out the­re, I also recom­mend The White Album” piz­za that’s made of roast gar­lic, ricot­ta, pro­vel, peco­ri­no, and bécha­mel. It’s the crea­m­iest white sli­ce you will ever have.

Blog 1608 Romeos


After you’ve enjoy­ed some of the best piz­za New York City has to offer, con­ti­nue on Gree­ne Ave­nue for one more block and you will see the store­front of Su’Juk. This litt­le place is a gem. In a city fil­led with some of the best shop­ping in the world, this small store still pro­vi­des some­thing spe­cial. Su’Juk is half clothing/​lifestyle store and half beau­ty salon. You can get your hair­cut, colo­red, and more and then enjoy vin­ta­ge tre­a­su­res and clot­hing desi­gned by Brook­lyn locals. Some of my favo­ri­te pie­ces came from this store and whenever I buy some­thing the­re, I know it’s some­thing uni­que, some­thing I feel that only I can get. I bought a pair of 90’s vin­ta­ge Pra­da plat­forms for $90 that have beco­me a sum­mer stap­le. I also bought hair pro­ducts I haven’t seen sold any­whe­re else – that make my curls tight, frizz free and smell lovely no mat­ter the time of year.

Blog 1608 Sujuk

And here you can find all the hot spots:

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Pho­to­gra­phy and words by Sarah Mendelsohn

City map by Vic­to­ria Maly

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