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Crea­ti­ve cou­ples: get to know the young foun­ders Meli­sa and Danny

Melisa and Danny are a couple you like to hang out with. A couple that is fun, relaxed, likeable – and super focused.

They are not your regu­lar cou­p­le but a real power for­ce when it comes to their own crea­ti­ve busi­nes­ses. Yes, plu­ral. They’ve met during their stu­dies, moved to Ber­lin, and foun­ded the Tur­kish-Ger­man maga­zi­ne Renk’ as well as their visu­al agen­cy Bue­ro Far­be’. Now ano­t­her long-term pro­ject is com­ing up: they expect a new, tiny team mate…Befo­re the Christ­mas trou­ble has hit hard they enjoy­ed the calm with a nice din­ner – take a look insi­de their cozy flat and find out how working with a part­ner can function.

To get to know you bet­ter: When and how did the two of you meet?
We first met at uni­ver­si­ty, more than five years ago by now. The­re were a few smal­ler encoun­ters, but, rough­ly clus­te­red, did Meli­sa know about me that I was working as an under­gra­dua­te assi­stant ana­ly­zing and archi­ving books, and I knew about Meli­sa that she – as a tutor – lik­ed bos­sing around poor fresh­men with a mega­pho­ne. Even­tual­ly I saw her rol­ling a ciga­ret­te out­side, at this point I alrea­dy noti­ced her, so I threw my ruler and book into the cor­ner to keep com­pa­ny with her. I think I com­pli­men­ted her then gla­ring red hair, super creative…

What was the first thing you noti­ced about the other per­son?
In 2011/2012 we had a pho­to­gra­phy cour­se tog­e­ther and ever­y­bo­dy was sup­po­sed to bring pho­tos they lik­ed and exp­lain why. Dan­ny brought a bunch of aes­the­tic black and white pho­to­graphs that defi­ni­te­ly got my attention.

D: The loud voice and her chee­ky nature.

What is his or her most out­stan­ding fea­ture to you today?
As we work tog­e­ther it’s important to dif­fe­ren­tia­te bet­ween our busi­ness and our pri­va­te life. In our job Danny’s best fea­ture is that he’s incredi­b­ly good in doing pho­ne calls. It might sound com­ple­te­ly irrele­vant but it’s not at all, espe­cial­ly becau­se I’m super bad at it! Each and every time I’m sur­pri­sed by how like­ab­le he sounds on the pho­ne. Plus: he’s a real­ly good desi­gner. As soon as he got a plan he’s able to visua­li­ze ama­zing things in the shor­test amount of time. In pri­va­te I’d say he’s a true affi­cio­na­do. If I can’t stop working he would pro­vi­de an all round care­free packa­ge to sound the bell for the end of the working day: Net­flix, deli­cious food, taking a bath, or some­thing com­ple­te­ly else!

D: I’m a cha­rac­ter that even­tual­ly tends to spin in cir­cles, espe­cial­ly with my own thoughts. In the­se situa­tions Meli­sa is like a stick in the spo­kes – with her I keep the overview.

How do you find a balan­ce bet­ween work and rela­ti­ons­hip?
I’d say I’m good in sepa­ra­ting work and rela­ti­ons­hip strict­ly. I never take things per­so­nal ins­tead I’m just hap­py to be working with him. It’s an incredi­ble fee­ling to reach work goals not only with a busi­ness part­ner but with your part­ner in life. It’s kind of like a dou­ble rush of happiness.

D: Many friends ask us this ques­ti­ons. And it’s true, some­ti­mes it’s temp­t­ing to reflect a call with a cli­ent or to hold a board mee­ting in bed, in the midd­le of the night, befo­re fal­ling asleep. Howe­ver, going to the gro­ce­ry store, coo­king, play­ing back­gam­mon, and tra­vel­ling are good oppor­tu­nities to switch your thoughts to some­thing com­ple­te­ly different.

What came first: The per­so­nal con­nec­tion or the con­nec­tion on a crea­ti­ve level?
Defi­ni­te­ly the per­so­nal – and it took and still takes a lot of work and effort to adapt to the other’s pro­fes­sio­nal and crea­ti­ve level. Some­ti­mes it works gre­at, but the­re are some days when it just doesn’t work at all.

How much is the other per­son part of your own work and crea­ti­vi­ty?
Let’s keep it the other way around. At the moment I wouldn’t know what or who isn’t part of it.

What is one place espe­cial­ly inte­gral to your rela­ti­ons­hip? Why does it hold so much mea­ning?
I honest­ly had to reflect this ques­ti­on for qui­te a long time, but final­ly came to the decisi­on that it’s not pla­ces play­ing an inte­gral role in our rela­ti­ons­hip – ins­tead of whe­re’ it’s more about with you’. We’re one of tho­se cou­ples that faces ques­tio­ning loo­ks when peop­le hear how much time we spend tog­e­ther, whe­ther at work or in private.

Which place makes you feel the most inspi­red?
Some­ti­mes it’s the Fern­seh­turm. Back in the days I used to find it fasci­na­ting, it’s huge and a sym­bol for Ber­lin. Today, when I find the time to view it, then it always reminds me of my then fasci­na­ti­on and exci­te­ment, of a time when I had no plan of what to do in life or in the city. Now, five years later, I can say I real­ly arri­ved, we get many jobs, and we’re expec­ting a baby. Some­ti­mes I see the Fern­seh­turm and think about the achie­ve­ments we made on our path and I’m hap­py that that tele­vi­si­on tower just beca­me a part of our ever­y­day life.

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You’re about to beco­me par­ents – how do you expect your life, your work, your rela­ti­ons­hip to evol­ve?
We’re real­ly loo­king for­ward and are super exci­ted. We pla­cid­ly take the things as they come. I doubt that it’s pos­si­ble to have the per­fect mas­ter plan with a baby. I’m sure it all turns out very dif­fer­ent­ly – with or without a mas­ter plan prepared.

D: We plan to approach it just like we hand­le all our other pro­jects: good pre­pa­ra­ti­on is necessa­ry, but the actu­al making is more important than overthin­king everything.

With the col­der sea­son approa­ching, what would your per­fect win­ter day as a cou­p­le look like?
The per­fect win­ter day defi­ni­te­ly starts with slee­ping in. A long walk with fresh snow is necessa­ry as well. Enjoy­ing the cold win­ter air, catching some rays of sunshi­ne, the grin­ding noi­se of the snow under your shoes – beau­ti­ful. On a per­fect win­ter day we’d also proud­ly own a fire­place. While stret­ching our feet towards the fire we would watch Ground­hog Day’ on TV and sip a small gin & tonic with lavender.

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