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Artist of the mon­th: pho­to­gra­pher Chris­toph Liebentritt

Vienna-based, Lower-Austria raised Christoph Liebentritt is specialized in photo reportages and portrait photography - both film and digital.

He is a pas­sio­na­te tra­vel­ler, has an obvious love for the visu­al, and, not so obvious, has a degree in Social Stu­dies but has a deeper inte­rest in cap­tu­ring the natu­re of peop­le all over the world. Frame of Mind has taken a moment to speak to Chris­toph about the dri­ving for­ce behind his free­lan­ce pho­to­gra­phy, take a read:

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What first got you inte­res­ted in pho­to­gra­phy, what lead to you beco­m­ing a pho­to­gra­pher?
I could now wri­te a lot about my love for the visu­al, about the attempt to catch peop­le and moments or about the crea­ti­ve pro­cess or simi­lar things. The truth of the mat­ter is that pho­to­gra­phy ent­e­red my life as a hob­by and gra­du­al­ly grew into some­thing very signi­fi­cant. Now I work quint­essen­ti­al­ly as a pho­to­gra­pher full time. A rather prag­ma­tic approach in which my degree in Social Stu­dies beca­me irrelevant.

Being spe­cia­li­zed in por­trait pho­to­gra­phy – what makes a per­son inte­res­ting to you?
For me it has not­hing to do with phy­si­cal fea­tures which I could list here. It’s more a spon­ta­ne­ous and intui­ti­ve decisi­on which makes me ask a per­son to do a por­trait. It can be the cowherd in India for whom I jum­ped off my motor­bike and clim­bed into a river­bed as well as the bar­man from next-door.

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When and whe­re do you feel the most crea­ti­ve and inspi­red?
With my own inde­pen­dent pro­jects and a high degree of free­dom whe­re I can do as I wish. I love working with peop­le I real­ly get on well with, peop­le I can trust when it comes to style and opi­ni­on. On a crea­ti­ve level, this for me is a won­der­ful and fruit­ful exchange.

You’re also pas­sio­na­te about tra­ve­ling – what is one place you are dying to visit?
Alt­hough I have been around a bit the­re are still qui­te a few coun­tries on my list. The next desti­na­ti­ons will be Japan and Aus­tra­lia as it loo­ks. Sub-Saha­ran Afri­ca I would like to tra­vel more extensively.

What is the most spec­ta­cu­lar place you have ever done a shoo­ting at? Any fun­ny sto­ries about that expe­ri­ence?
High up at the very peak of the Groß­ve­ne­di­ger moun­tain after a two day climb with a roped group high abo­ve the gla­cier – down to the very deep end of the sta­ge pit of the Sta­te Ope­ra in Vien­na. The ran­ge is thank­ful­ly rather wide.

If you could do a pho­to­shoot with anyo­ne any­whe­re, who and whe­re would that be?
A good ques­ti­on I’ve got no quick ans­wer to. It is always dan­ge­rous to take pic­tures of peop­le who­se work you admi­re. Some­ti­mes you thus des­troy an image you crea­ted in your mind. It hap­pen­ed to me while shoo­ting a musi­ci­an at the Burg­thea­ter in Vienna…

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